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This mod will bring Ash's LE1 appearance to LE3.
1.1 Update:
EGM compatibility
2 new armours for Ash (LE1 and Ajax)

Permissions and credits
Ashley Consistency Project (MELE3)

What it does:

Changes Ash's LE3 head to LE1 one
Changes Ash's LE3 hair and eye colours to resemble LE1 ones
Gives Ash her LE1 hairstyle while she's wearing armour
Gives you 4 oprions to choose from for her casual outfit (both blue and white/red one)
Gives Ash new hospital shirt during her time at Huerta Memorial
Note that Ash will have her LE3 hairstyle and casual outfit unzipped during Citadel DLC party regardless
1.1 Update:
EGM compatibility
2 new armours for Ash (LE1 and Ajax)

Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager 7.

This mod is fully compatible with LE3 Community Patch and require it's Framework for Ash's hospital appearance.
This mod is incompatible with any mods which alters Ashley's appearance such as LE3 Alternative Squadmate Bodies and will override Ashley related bits of those mods.
This mod is fully compatible with Expanded Galaxy Mod (LE) Squadmate Pack. Make sure you install EGM first and note down which option you picked for Ash and pick same option during this mod installation.
This mod is fully compatible with any complexion mod that changes Ash's face textures. On screenshots you can see my Ash's complexion mod (LE3)


Huge thanks to Scottina123 for fixing few bugs in the hospital scene and to NoiraFayn for magic button that speeded up my proccess.
Big thanks to Padme for help with squadmerge files.