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Gives Kaidan a new, high definition face mesh, romance body, and hair. Compatible with all Kaidan face retextures.

Permissions and credits
VERSION 2.1 (May 15, 2022): I completely rebuilt this mod from the ground up to (I hope) finally fix the face melting glitch that some people were having. It also changes Kaidan’s hair color from a dark brown to black, and replaces Kaidan's squad selection image and HUD squad image with images that I rendered to ensure uniformity throughout the game.

This mod gives Kaidan a new, high definition face mesh, romance body, and hair. Compatible with all Kaidan face retextures. Currently only for LE1 and LE2, but an LE3 version is in the works.

  • Includes compatibility patches for Same Gender Romance Mod, Casual Hubs mod, Alliance Uniform Consistency, and Tali Overhaul. Feel free to request patches for other mods. For any bug or issue reports, please be sure to specify which patch combination you’re using. 
  • Please note that for compatibility with Rondeeno’s Same Gender Romance mod, the patch in this mod requires that you have installed the Beacon Activation option in Same Gender Romance, meaning that for a male Shepard, Kaidan will activate the beacon and will be there when Shepard wakes up in the med bay. Unfortunately, because the patch options for this mod are already so bloated, I had to make some decisions to avoid even more bloat. 
  • In a similar vein, if you're also using my Tali Overhaul mod for LE1, you MUST use the HD texture version of that mod. Apologies for the inconvenience, but, again, this mod is already extremely bloated with patches.
  • This mod IS compatible with any mods that edit/replace Kaidan's face texture.

  • Please feel free to use any parts of these files in your own mods or in compatibility patches, all I ask is that you credit me and link to this mod in the description.
  • Feel free to port either all or parts of this mod to other games, including the original trilogy
  • Basically, do whatever you want with these files as long as you drop a link to here in your description

  • None of the amazing mods we have for LE would be possible without Mgamerz's tools.
  • Thank you so much to Audemus for fixing the color grading on my render of Kaidan's squad selection image and generously allowing me to include his edit in this mod. It looks much more natural and fits far better into the game now
  • MergeMod setup for replacing Kaidan's squad images (and the original idea) from Knighthawk's Tali Consistency Mod

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