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Changes almost all SP firearms, trying to better balance them while also bringing milky way weapons closer to their trilogy behaviour.

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I had certain problems with certain ME:A weapons stats and progression. While it is in general way better balanced than ME:3, there are enough odd decisions that break my  expectations of how things should behave in the single player. These are in no particular order:
  • In Vanilla ME:A the balancing is all over the place, some uncommon weapons do more DPS than certain ultra rare ones, and the overall most powerful weapon is probably the rare Hesh shotgun.
  • Furthermore, some weapons increase their damage from rank one to ten by 71%, while others only gain 53%. So weapons do not scale uniformly with
  • rank, shifting their relative effectiveness when compared to others with each rank.
  • The behaviour of certain Milky Way weapons is drastically different from their trilogy one, e.g., the 6-shot Carnifex suddenly has 8 shots in
  • Andromeda, anti shield shotguns gain an anti armour damage bonus, 8- or 6- Pellet weapons shoot 7 pellets, etc.

So I did way too much number crunching in a messy spreadsheet and a little bit of play-testing and came up with a balancing mod that fits a bit better to my own expectations.
I changed aspects of almost all guns available in the SP.
I did however NOT change anything w.r.t. the preorder Pathfinder weapons. The reasons is that I don't have them and can't assess their feel. A quick glance at their stats seemed mostly fine though.

What this (main) mod does:
  • Weapon damage increase from rank 1 to rank 10 is now +70% for all weapons. Most weapons  at rank 10 are now stronger than they were before, even when their rank 1 (what I use as base stat) damage was not buffed.
  • All weapons now receive a 25% + consumable effectiveness damage increase to armour, when using incendiary ammo. If you already use the Ammo Primers and Combos Fixed mod by iakona83, let this mod overwrite it (the rebalance mod must be below the ammo primers mod in the FMM mod list). Otherwise many changes and fixes of this mod will not apply.
  • Removed the anti armour bonus from pellet firing shotguns. Increased alien weapon bonus against shields from 15% to 25%; Set the anti armour bonus for pellet firing guns to 0% (was 25%), instead they gain an 10% anti shield bonus when not affected by the alienweapon bonus. The reason for this is that per ME:2 lore fast firing and multi pellet weapons do more damage to shields.
  • Increased the shotgun barrel-mod damage stats to match those of other weapon types.
  • Removed general 50% hip-fire penalty to sniper-rifle damage
  • Fixed missing scorpion explosion radius when using special ammo and included the Mattock Force Fix
Please note that several changes will also affect MP matches when hosting!
As such it is best to disable the mod (and the optional MP weapons mod) when playing online.

The full list of changes for the main file can be found in the readme, which is also contained in the zip file(s) for the mod(s)

A note on personal tinkering with weapon stats:
The changes of this mod affect (for the most part) only the weapon files and impact files themselves, instead of the unified exeldataimport files.
So you can create weapon mods that alter individual weapons themselves and let that mod overwrite this rebalancing mod (your mod sitting lower in the mod list). You do not have to alter this mod and redo the changes on each update.
The only important thing is, that as of v1.3 the 'floatprovider_currentweapondamage' (which is responsible for weapon damage when using beam or grenade augments) links directly to the weapons 'if'-floatprovider under 'HeldbaseStats'[0]. So when altering weapon damage, leave this if-provider intact and only change the values under true/false.
This holds true also for MP weapons and the Pathfinder DLC weapons.

This mod was planned as a private rebalance mod, the beta was previously made available over uBSN. I am open to further suggestions but don't know how much time i can dedicated into this in the future.
Personally I'm pretty pleased with most weapons as of now, but there are still some that don't quite make sense to me because they are either still way too powerful (mostly shotguns) while others feel a bit too weak despite being exactly right according to my numbers.

Notes about the MP weapons:
If you also use the Groundside Firepower Pack place the Groundside Firepower Pack lower in the Frosty Mod Manager, so it
overwrites the FloatProvider_Weapondamage from this main Rebalancing

Version 1.3d was updated with Frosty