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Fixes the Mattocks not applied force when hitting rag-dolled targets.

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Ever felt the Mattock was kind of underwhelming?

If you did, you were right. It does not apply the correct force (or any at all, really) upon fire impacting on rag-dolled enemies!
This little file is a workaround, establishing the intended behaviour. It does not change anything else, only the impact force.

Attention: This mod alters the imp_mattock file. It will be incompatible with any mod that alters the same file, such as Ammo Primers and Combos Fixed!

Credits go to the creators and maintainers of the Frosty Tool Suite, which are also used to apply this fix.
Special Thanks to Wavebend for pointing my head into the right direction.            Several times now

The header picture shows the ME3 Mattock from the equipment screen.
Taken from the Mass Effect Wikia Mattock page