Mass Effect Andromeda
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Makes additional weapons, weapon mods, augments, consumables, armour, and casual clothes available in the single player.

Permissions and credits
This mod is the continuation of the (now deprecated) 'ME Andromeda Weapon Pack' by LegendDarkness97, the 'MP Weapons in SP', and 'Researchable Halberd and Pilgrim' mods.

Made with - and requires at least- Frosty v1.0.5.9

Important Notes:

  • This mods is not compatible with the older versions! (Mp weapons in SP, Researchable Halberd /and Pilgrim).
  • Saves made with Cora's shotgun from the previous mod (Researchable Halberd and Pilgrim) are not compatible. You'd need to deconstruct / sell any existing Pilgrim Shotguns before using this mod.
  • Refrain from using any munition consumable together with the munition mods. I tried to prevent it, but it can still be done, screwing up munition and status handling.
  • If you also use the ‘Andromeda Weapons Rebalanced’ -mod, let this one overwrite the Rebalanced mod (place this one lower in the Frosty Mod Manager), otherwise the new weapons will not work with Projectile Augments.
  • Any other mod that alters store or loot drops, or introduces other addition items may be incompatible with this mod!
  • If you intent to uninstall this mod, unequipp, destroy or sell all items added by this mod beforehand! There is an increasing chance that savegames made with the new items cannot be loaded without this mod!
  • If you use this mod together with the Passive Powers Pack, a compatibility patch is required which can be found on the other mod's site.

Thanks to increased capabilities of the Frosty modding tools, the items added in this mod now save and load from save files as intended. This means that saves made with the new items will not load properly without this mod!*
*Preliminary tests indicate that loading a save with unresolvable items simply ignores those items, though I have not tested whether this may corrupt
game or save-state. Further testing also occasionally resulted in saves that could not be loaded, when certain timelines or effects from armours where active.

Due to the scope of this mod, there will be only this one version of it. This includes a rebalancing of all included weapons in the same kind as
the ‘Andromeda Weapons Rebalanced’ -mod does. I will not create separate mods including or excluding
specific items
, and no version with the original weapon stats for the MP

What this mod adds to the game:
  • Previously unavailable and new Weapons:
    • All base versions of the MP Weapons (Sovoa, Shorty, Silhesh, Kishock) (Need to be researched and crafted)
    • Research Project for the Halberd (I.e., the weapon can now be researched and crafted)
    • Cora's Shotgun / M-28 Pilgrim for the player. (Needs to be researched and crafted)
    • Extra / M-7 Lancer variant (new Weapon based on the ingame Avenger and the Lancer from ME1) (Needs to be researched and crafted, details below)
  • New Weapon mods:
    • Elemental weapon mods for Cryo, Disruptor, and Incendiary ammunition. These go into a new mod slot. (Details for how to acquire them are below. Please read that part carefully!)
    • Augmented Targeting Assistance weapon mods (scope slot) for increased headshot damage and accuracy. (These drop and are sold wherever other weapon mods do)
  • New Augments (These drop wherever other common augments drop or a sold):
    • Hydraulic Joints Augment for chest and arm pieces, to increase melee damage by 5%.
    • Grenade Capacity Augment for chest and leg pieces, to increase the max. number of power cells by 1.
    • Power Radius Augment for chest and helmet pieces and (non melee) weapons. These add +5% or +10% to AoE radius, damage and force.
    • Movement Speed Augment for Legs (exclusive augment) for a 30% boost to movement speed while in combat mode and +25% Damage Reduction while evading.
    • Rate of Fire Augment for non-melee weapons to increase RoF by 5%.
  • New Consumables: (Note: These should drop or be sold wherever other consumables are. If you use any other mod that alters those lists, these items will not be available!)
    • Vulnerability VI. Boosts damage to weak points by 25% and accuracy by 3%. Lasts for 90 seconds.
    • First Aid Pack: Restores 50% (+ consumable effectiveness) of Health for Ryder and Squadmates. Revives all fallen Squadmates.
  • Additional Armours:
    • Reactive Armour (The Model Cora and Liam use). Provides bonuses to movement speed, power recharge, shield strength and shield recharge delay. Comes with 3 to 5 Augment slots, depending on level and Cryo Pod Perk.
    • Thermostatic Helmet (The model Cora and Liam use). Provides a bonus to hazard resistance. Also removes 50% of the shield recharge delay when evading.
    • Ark Scout Chest Piece. Increased ammo and grenade supply, as well as stronger shields. It also lets you carry more items. But slows the down the wearer's movement speed and power recharge rate.
    • Ark Scout Helmet (The same model as the AI - Elite Helmet). This helmet provides 5 research points per encounter (when getting hit at least once), based on the enemy faction. Ranks 6 to 10 generate additional 5 research points of whatever type the player has the least of.
  • Additional Casual Outfits (These are all sold in the Nexus Armour shop):
    • Explorer: The default AI jumpsuit. (Note: The female version is the colonist version, as the Ark one appears messed up)
    • Delegate: The Jacket worn by the AI ambassador to the Angara, Jien Garson, and a few others (Note: The female version draws it colour palette from the armour colour selection, to prevent appearing messed up)
    • Pioneering Scientist: The default medic and researcher outfit.
    • Technical Operator: The worker or 'Slum' outfit.

Notes and stats for the new Items:

Notes on the new elemental Ammo weapon mods:
These mods come in two tiers. Tier 1 allows the weapon to use the consumable effect at 50% effectiveness, Tier 2 increases effectiveness to 95% of the consumable. Bonuses to consumables also affects these weapon mods.
So those munition consumable -boosting weapon augments are finally useful, if you also use the bugfix provided by FixesAddendum.
The Elemental weapon mods require a few more steps to get working that I'd like. Due to that I also made them available for direct purchase. But both the mods as well as the research projects are very rare and expensive.
These specific weapon mods as well as their research project bundles can be bought at the weapon merchants on the Nexus and Meridian.
Steps to craft specific elemental weapon mods are in the spoiler:

Flavour Texts for some new Items:

Credits and Special Thanks:
 GalaxyMan2015, Benji, Cade, Derwangler for creating and maintaining the Frosty tool suite.
 Wavebend for providing the piggypacker used in previous incarnations of this mod and help with setting me up.
 Sil for figuring out the name of Cora's shotgun.
 Anotheraza for the mesh swapping tutorials that saved me a lot of time!
 Munchyfly for (unknowingly ;) ) providing ideas and inspiration for this mod.