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Balances all Weapons for patch 1.10. Weaker weapons saw a higher increase to base damage VS stronger weapons. Meant to combat "bullet spongy" enemies and make the game more enjoyable, especially at higher levels when enemies become bullet sponges.

Permissions and credits
Balanced Weapons 1.05
For Patch 1.10 
Please update Frosty Mod Manager to 1.0.2b
7/11 - Update 1.05 released!

What does this mod do?

 In MEA,  enemies continue increasing in health and damage each time you level up, to scale to your difficulty. The damage the enemies deal is not the issue, it's the health they gain. Even if you have no more stats to increase, enemies will continue to gain more health each time you level up, until they are extremely bullet spongy. Playing on Hardcore difficulty,  Enemies start to feel quite bullet spongy as soon as level 30.

Enter Balanced Weapons:

Balanced Guns 
:  Does what it sounds like, It  balances guns by  increasing all  guns (including pre order and dlc) base damage  to make it so all guns are viable . Every gun saw an increase in damage in some way, especially weaker guns, which saw a higher increase in damage than stronger guns.  Took a  long time to balance and get right. I did not change the way the gun work. Things like Rate of fire, burst fire delay, mag size stayed the same to keep the original feel of the guns. Only one gun was changed this way and  It was the Carnifex.  Its Rate of fire was increased from 100 to 130 from weapon levels 5 through 9 and to 150 at weapon level 10. 

Balanced Melee
 : Increases all Melee weapons base damage by  roughly 40% As with Balanced Guns, weaker melee weapons saw a higher increase in base damage. You can use both mods at the same time or use one or the other. Balanced Melee has its own mod page, link below, but If you want the whole balanced weapons package, you would want to download both mods. 

How does this mod work?

Balanced Guns  mod increases damage of all Guns in the game from ranks 1 through 10, but more so from levels 5 to 10 to compensate the dramatic increase in health of enemies at later levels to fight how bullet spongy enemies get. 

Example of how weapons are scaled :

  • Avenger weapon levels 1 through 4 saw an increase in damage by 30%

  • Avenger weapon levels 5 through 10 saw an increase in damage by 40% which is then increased in a progressively higher amount per weapon level, starting with weapon level 5.(eg level 5 Avenger saw a 40% increase in damage, level 6 Avenger a 42% increase in damage, level 7, 44%, etc.)

Almost all weapons (95%) were balanced this way to avoid bullet sponge enemies at later levels (and earlier levels too) and to  give you the sense that your character is still powerful at ALL levels, even after you stop leveling up skills. It was  important for me to find a balance without crossing the line into overpowered territory.

Won't the game be too easy? 

Balanced Guns/Melee Does not make the game "too easy" unless you already thought the game was too easy at hardcore or Insanity. 

I've put at least 15 hours of work into this gun balancing mod, that includes playtesting and tweaking values. I recommend playing on Hardcore difficulty for the best experience. If you feel like your squad is not doing much damage, I also recommend you use my Better Squad mod which also balances all squad members so they do not die as much and do more damage depending on their character. I made careful tweaks to each mod to ensure nothing is too overpowered, but I guess that could be subjective.

Haven't I seen this mod somewhere?

Yes. It was an optional file in my mod Better Squad. I received quite a few PMs asking me to release it as a standalone mod so here we are. There is one other mod on the nexus like this one but that mod increases the stats of guns too much and in my opinion, makes them too OP. It also changes a lot of other stats besides damage such as rate of fire, mag size, accuracy etc. I wanted to keep the feel of the guns the same.  

Can this mod affect Multiplayer?

Honestly, I am not sure, but just to be safe, uncheck the box in Frosty Mod Manager next to the Balanced Weapons mod when you decide to play some MP. 

Install Instructions

You need Frosty Tool Suite (Specifically Frosty Mod Manager from the toolsuite) to install this mod. Extract the rar archive with the .fbmod and the .archive file to whatever folder you like. Now load up Frosty Mod Manager and click on the "Import Mod" button. Select the Balanced Weapons1_05.fbmod file and then enable it  in the mod manager window. You can now launch the game with the "launch" button in Frosty mod manager to apply the mod.  Launching the game with Frosty mod manager must be done each time you wish to use any fbmod mods. Make sure that both the .archive and the .fbmod are in the same folder when you import the mod.


If you experience freezing freezing, or crashing, or can't get the mod to work, try these things in the order mentioned;

  • Update your frosty mod manager with new files. Download the latest version of frosty mod manager, (1.0.2b as of 7/12) take the files from the archive, extract them to your current mod manager folder and overwrite when it asks. You can try making a new folder with the new mod manager files and only loading the balanced weapons mod and see if works that way.
  • Try a previous version (only 1.04) of Balanced Weapons
  • Do a repair/reinstall of Mass effect Andromeda through Origin. Most people say this is what fixes their game. After the game repairs/reinstalls, load up the game without any mods and load a character save.Afterwards, exit the game, load up the latest version of Frosty Mod Manager, check to make sure only Balanced Weapons check box is checked, and click the launch button to launch the game.

If none of these fixes helps, let me know and we will go from there. It seems to work for most people, but some people will inevitably, but strangely have issues with the game not loading or freezing/crashing.

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Credits :

Ehamloptiran (GalaxyMan) for the amazing Frosty Tool Suite

WaveBend for the gunstats  file dump