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This graphical mod aims to upgrade all prerendered bik cutscenes, that by definition no texture mod can fix.

Permissions and credits
A Lot Of Videos (ALOV)

This mod aims to fix all of the low resolution, prerendered, video-based cutscenes and loading screens all across the Mass Effect Trilogy.

What does this mod do?
ALOV is a project inspired by A Lot of Textures (ALOT) by CreeperLava, that upscales all of the prerendered cutscenes in the Mass Effect Trilogy, that cannot be fixed or upgraded with texture/content mods, to 1080p/4K (and in some cases 60fps)

Mass Effect games have 2 types of visuals displayed in them:
  1. Real-time rendered visuals, which consist of things like 3D models, textures, menus, etc.
  2. Cutscenes and loading screens that are just video files - scenes similar to point 1, but rendered out before and then just played out.
In the case of the first, many mods improve them, from texture overhaul mods like ALOT, to story overhaul mods like EGM. But since these prerendered cutscenes are just videos files - no texture, model, or other graphics mod can help them.

The only way to make them better is to fully substitute them for newer and better-prerendered videos. Ones that have higher resolution and higher bitrate, so more details are shown to the player. This was achieved using Gigapixel AI to upscale each video frame by frame.

The ALOV project has been featured on Eurogamer, IGN, DSOGaming, Overclock3D, DFTG and TheGamer.

Our work in numbers:
The original vanilla ME3 installation + DLC features 339 prerendered .BIK videos, weighing together 5.19 GB:

These original BIKs had a resolution of 720p with an average bitrate of 1.4 Mbit/s
The same ones upgraded to 1080p have a bit rate of about 3.4 Mbit/s and in the 4K variant, it is about 9 Mbit/s.

ALOV for ME3 1.3 Contents:

The optional upgrades available via mod manager installation (not available via ALOT installation) contains additional upgrades that are less "vanilla" than the ones in the main mod but are by default unselected.
If you want a 100% vanilla experience don't use optional upgrades, but for a vanilla friendly vision including fixes, upgrades etc, check out optionals.
The exact list of changes included it optional upgrades is available on ALOV's status spreadsheet (see Other mods' patches/upgrades status section), but the main changes include speeding up certain biks to achieve 60fps without interpolation, and using ingame shots from ME3 and other games as substitutes for some low quality prerendered cutscenes.

ALOV makes almost no changes to any game files in ME3. The only changes are only made to video files, which are loaded separately. That combined with a really low mount (which dictates the priority to load the files over ones with the same name) for the main game's upgrades portion results in really stable behavior with other mods. However, there are a few important things to note:

1. As of v1.2, ALOV is compatible with the ALOT installer. This means that on a technical level, ALOV may now be installed alongside ALOT (only by using ALOT installer). This includes all of its elements, main game upgrade, 3rd party upgrades, and all updates and hotfixes, but only in the 1080p variant (4k variant still has to be installed via mod manager).

2. Because of the way that ME3 mods are implemented, any content mod that ALSO changes any of the videos from the game will overwrite the improvements done by ALOV. This will result in simply worse-looking cinematics, but no bugs will arise from this. (As of v1.2 most third-party mod videos have now been upscaled and included with ALOV - more information can be found in the section below).

3. When you install ALOV, it will detect what other mods you have installed and automatically upgrade their videos. For this reason, you should install ALOV ME3 right before or during ALOT installation.

So to be clear, the correct order of installation is as follows:
  1. DLC based mods (such as EGM, ME3Recalibrated, BackOff etc) and their patches
  2. ALOV (with mod manager - as the last content mod - either 1080p or 4K version)
  3. ALOT (+ ALOV with ALOT installer - only 1080p version)
  4. Any other texture mods.

Third Party Mod Upgrades Status:
(This is not a compatibility list - all mods will work with ALOV regardless of upgrades)

4K Resolution Disclaimer:
While installing the 4K version might be tempting, you should know beforehand that it is very taxing on your CPU.
The 4K versions might be very stuttery on low, mid and mid-high CPUs, and also the 1080p version looks actually really good at the 2K and 4K screens (not as good as 4K version, but still way better) so I would suggest that if you are using a lower to mid-tier build, you use 1080p version instead of 4K one.

CPUs confirmed to be ok with 4K biks: Intel i7-7700k, i7-6700K, Ryzen 5 2600X
This suggests that the 4K biks should be ok on CPUs with at least 4 cores and 8 threads, with over 3GHz of CPU's clock.
(If you see that 4K videos work for you with another CPU - let us know)

Installation Instructions
Downloading the mod:
1) Torrent: 
Each torrent is folder based, meaning you can choose to only download 1080p version, only the 4k version, or any combination.
If you don't have a torrenting program I suggest you use Transmission.
(Unlike most of the mainstream torrenters like BitTorrent, or uTorrent, this one doesn't collect your personal data)

2) Nextcloud:
This is our own private cloud storage we use for inside work on ALOV and for external distributing.
You can download only one package for your desired resolution from it (if you fear for residual files that are created when downloading only part of the whole torrent)

3) Direct Nexus download:
Thanks to big help from the Nexus Mod's community managers we were able to upload the full 1080p package to the Nexus page without splitting it into parts.

However, the 4K package is (to use the technical term) a BIG CHUNGUS, so it still needed to be split.
We suggest you use torrent or nextcloud to download it.
If you really don't want to:

How to Install main mod:

ME3 Mod Manager and/or ME3Tweaks Mod Manager:
  1. Download the newest version's 7z file
  2. (if you don't have it already) download Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager
  3. Drag and drop the 7z file onto the mod manager's window
  4. Import the mod and then apply it
(Mod Manager will automatically install upgrades for only installed official DLCs and 3rd party mods in order to save disk space)

ALOT installer:
  1. Download the newest version's 1080p package 7z file (4K package will not be accepted by ALOT installer - for it use Mod Manager)
  2. (if you don't have it already) download Mass Effect ALOT installer
  3. Drag and drop the 7z file onto ALOT's window
  4. Install ALOT
(ALOT installer will automatically install upgrades for only installed official DLCs and 3rd party mods in order to save disk space)

How to Uninstall main mod:

ME3 Mod Manager (up to 5.1)
  1. Open "restore" tab
  2. Select "Custom DLC Manager"
  3. Click "Delete DLC" next to this mod's files

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager (6.0 and up)
  1. Click the "Target info" button next to the target location.
  2. Click "Delete" next to this mod's files

Make sure you don't uninstall it after you install any texture mods, like ALOT, because it WILL break your game.

Team and Credits:

Project Leads:
Mellin (DeviantArt or YouTube)

AI upscaling, rendering and binking runners (real MVPs):
  • AnomalyDetected
  • Audemus
  • Autoola
  • bosp
  • HHL (special thanks for sanity checks)
  • Kholdstare622
  • kikimaru024
  • Kinkojiro
  • Noble Auditore
  • rdykgo
  • SerMighty

The original idea for using AI to fix prerendered videos: Sara531

Made with:
ME3Tweaks Mod Manager by Mgamerz
Mass Effect 3 Explorer ME3 Explorer
Topaz Labs' Gigapixel AI
RAD tools

QA Testing and Additional Support:

Special Thanks to people who helped me on discord:
ME Modding Workshop community
ME Modding community
ALOT community
ME3Tweaks community