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ITEM is an ending mod which embraces the Indoctrination Theory, modifying dialogue and sequences during the final moments of the game, starting after Shepard enters the beam to the Citadel. This mod aims to build upon the theory and give a satisfyingly conclusion with as few loose ends as possible.

Permissions and credits
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Because Legendary Edition is coded differently from the Original Trilogy, ITEM isn't compatible with it and can't be ported over. The mod would have to be recreated from scratch, which won't be the case since I'm not interested in buying Legendary.

How ITEM handles the endings of the game:


Installation instructions:
1. Download this mod.
2. Open ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.
3. Drag the 7z file into Mod Manager.
4. Import the mod.
5. Apply the mod.

You must have the Extended Cut and Leviathan DLC installed.

You must have no other ending mods installed.

The following mods are not compatible:

Final Confrontation Overhaul Mod

Extended Final Anderson Conversation

Citadel Epilogue Mod

Special thanks goes to the users at the Mass Effect Modding Workshop discord for the advice and help, including:

- Tydeous for the Reapers over the decision chamber.

- The ALOV team for providing the upscaled videos.

- Mellin for editing the memorial plate text.

- Catachrism for his MEUITM textures in the Saren Synthesis vision.