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ME3 Opening Remaster improves the opening cinematic of Mass Effect 3.

Permissions and credits
ME3 Opening Remaster aims to improve the opening cinematic of Mass Effect 3, by bringing back barely known extended cinematic from a glitched ME3 Xbox demo.

1) Download the newest version's 7z file
2) (if you don't have it already) download ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
3) Drag and drop the 7z file into Mod Manager's window
4) Import the mod and then apply it

Don't like ME3MM?
(Why...? Who hurt you?)
1) Download All-In-One exe installer
2) Run it

Want to do things manually?
(Sure... Why not?)
1) Download the newest version's 7z file.
2) extract the folder "DLC_MOD_OpRemaster" from it (disregard the "moddesc.ini" file)
3) place the whole folder in your games files, inside of the "\Origin Games\Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC" folder
4) download and use Auto Toc tool: AutoTOC, or use AutoTOC function of ME3Tweaks Mod Manager

How to Uninstall it:

1) Download the newest version of uninstaller exe.
2) Run it.

Don't want to use my installer?
(Why...? How did I hurt you?)
1) go into your Mass Effect 3 game installation folder
2) go into subfolder "Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC"
3) in it locate and delete the whole "DLC_MOD_OpRemaster" folder
4) download and use Auto Toc tool: AutoTOC

Team and Credits:

Project Lead: Mellin (DeviantArt)

Made with:
Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager by Mgamerz ME3Tweaks
Mass Effect 3 Explorer ME3 Explorer
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System NSIS

QA Testing
-Great Tree Jam

Special Thanks to people who helped me on discord:
ME3Modding Workshop community
ME3Tweaks community