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This DLC add Creative Machinima's 3D model of Tali Zorah to Mass Effect 3.

Permissions and credits
A Getorex & Creative Machinima's mod

Tali Remastered
(For the legendary edition version clic [Here])

Tali : "If you like this free DLC, endorse me please !:)"

Tali Remastered for Mass Effect 2 can be downloaded here
Tali Remastered for Mass Effect 1 can be downloaded here


 Autors/ Contributors :

- Creative Machinima (Tali Remastered Designer/Rigger/Skinner)
- Getorex (Tali Full Face mod's original conceptor)
- Sumirehaikuxna from DeviantArts (Tali full face mod's textures creator).

- KKJiro (Expanded Galaxy Mod's conceptor) for solving a bug, and his detailed support for cleaning some advanced settings on this DLC.
- Mellin (from ALOV & the ME3 modding community) for improving portability of Tali Remastered for every user's  by making an all-in-one easy installer and ensuring ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager support.
- Thanks to Mellin, Audemus, Mgamerz (from ALOV & the ME3 modding/Discord community).

1- Description :

This DLC is a skin replacement for Tali Zorah, it also add a new photo corresponding to my model in Shepard's cabin and new icons' menu.

Please note that Tali Remastered does not provide new content such as quests or new dialogues.

Info : If you want to initiate a romance with Tali in Mass Effect 3, you need to have a Mass effect 2 Savegame with which you already started a romance with her.

I strongly advise to play ME2 before continuing the romance with Tali in ME3, however my save file has been added in the miscellaneous section, for
those who
have lost their ME2 files or really want to quickly have an active romance with Tali in ME3.

Every languages are supported with the basic international version of ME3.
The new version 1.1  also natively works with the Russian Deluxe Edition.

Addition of the 1.1 (03/26/2021) :
- Convert another ME3 costume for Tali Remastered
- Also Fix texture issues that caused the character to be highlighted in some environments.
- Change all of Tali's previews in the character selector menu.
- Clean the TFC file on the Standard and ME2-Like Version.

Recognized by the Russian version of Mass Effect


2- Installation :

- Manual installation :

install :
-> First, you must install two DLL files to unlock DLC autorization
(If you don't already have it).
Download folder
(Follow the instructions located in the Read me) and extract binkw23.dll and binkw32.dll in your Mass Effect 3 Win32 folder located in  : ...\MassEffect 3\Binaries\Win32

(Theses 2 files are requiered to prevent DLC loading error when you install mods.)

-> Next, open Tali_Remastered_DLC and extract DLC_CON_TaliMaster folder to the mass effect 3 DLC folder located in: ...\Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC
Be sure to put the right folder at the right place.
: Download and manually apply the [Tali_RemasteredME2Like-Patch_V1.1] if you want to use the ME2-like appearance of Tali.

 - ModManager users :

Download [Tali_Remastered_ModManager_V1.1] all in one installer.
During the installation process you will have a choice to use the standard or ME2Like version.


With the release of Tali Remastered for ME2, I took time to adapt my ME2 model to my ME3 DLC for those who would like to keep the ME2 variant of Tali.
In addition to the model, icons, selection menus and the flashback video have been fully reworked to correspond to this change.
Only the post ending video called End03_S_RanQGA_NoMask (the video of Tali's future, without mask ) stays the same for both variants of the DLC.
So, two models variants of Tali are available for ME3 :
1) The "standard version" of Tali Remastered
2) And the "ME2-like optional update" of Tali Remastered
- "Okay, now.. I hesitate to choose between one or the other, so, which version should I choose ?"

1) - If you want to see Tali's face distinctly during your adventure.
     - If you like to see your crew making progress and changing after each episodes of
the serie (as Ashley, Liara, Jack' skins...).
     - If you like to hear that James Vega finds Tali so shiny ;)

Use the standard version.
2) - If you do not really adhere to the proposed design of the standard version.
     - If you tend to prefer staying on a more classic appearance for your characters after each

---> Apply  "ME2-like patch" (which is the ME2 appearance of Tali
Remastered for ME3).

3- Compatibilities:

- Do not use Tali Remastered DLC with Tali Full face mod.

- A Lot Of Textures mod is compatible with this DLC, it's recommended to install all your mods before ALOT.

- ALOV's team upscaled
the rendering of Tali Remastered's videos , you can download ALOV here.
Don't forget to take the Third Party Mod package to recover the improved version of my sequences.

- Tali Remastered V1.01(and above)  is compatible with EGM (Expanded Galaxy Mod), however, EGM changes the organization of shepard's cabin.
So, if you use this mod, you'll need a small patch to apply the Tali Remastered's cabin picture in EGM's data.

Go to the EGM optional download section here :
And install the "EGM Custom Extras Pack" to recover my picture.

(Info for advanced users : In order to make Tali Remastered compatible with EGM, the new mount priority for this DLC has
been changed from 5555 to 4848 since V1.01.)

- Tali Remastered is compatible with MEHEM. (The Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending Mod).
I think there is no reason to encounter any problems if you want to use it.


- Tali Remastered is not fully compatible, but can work alongside the Tali Romance Mod ! Your
game will not crash.

Here is the list of potential/recognized incompatibilities between Tali remastered and TRM  :

It is possible that some audio dialogs corrected by AVPen in TRM are not managed by Tali Remastered's mouth when they will occur.

You will probably lose the Tali Remastered's cabin picture.

If you want to play Tali Romance Mod in the same time as Tali Remastered, and if you want to keep the Tali Remastered picture:
The easiest way (but NOT compatible with EGM), is to install the "TaliMaster Original Mount Priority file (who was 5555)" after installing Tali Remastered DLC.
You can find the original mount file in "the Miscellaneous files" section of downloadable content on this topic.
For EGM users, install "EGM Custom Extras Pack"

"Can I see the Tali Remastered picture in order to make my choice ?"

--> Yes, but there is no preview file in my nexusmods' gallery, because some people want to keep an element of surprise and discover this photo by themselves.

If you want to watch the Tali Remastered picture, use this spoiler link

Last things, about Tali Remastered and TRM : You assume that your game experience will not be perfectly consistent, because TRM 's character,  will be different from Tali Remastered's skin.

4- Authorization / permissions:

Modding :

You can mod this DLC, however some simple rules should be respected:

If you make minor changes (fix some bug or just change eyes color etc ..) you can not create your own nexus page and dump all my files on it.

If want to mod and share your own modification of Tali Remastered, please contact me and I will add your mod in the downloadable section of this topic.

Your name will be added in the credits on this page as contributor of Tali Remastered.

If you make huge changes, for example you add 5 hours of new quests in ME3 or you build mass effect 4 alone in your room... of course, you should be able to upload your own mod with Tali Remastered included in... but please contact me before.

Stream/ Let's play :

If you are a Streamer and you want to do a let's play with Tali Remastered, you can play without problem, I will just ask you to mention Getorex ,Creative machinima and Sumirehaikuxna in your credits (or somewhere in the description of your videos.)

5- Known issues :

Tali Remastered works in almost all game's circumstances, however there are still some bug / glich

Here is the list :

- Sometime, when you load a savegame during a mission (only in a mission) Tali's arms can be in a strange position at the end of the first loading, so if this happen, just move your character, Tali Zorah will follow you and every arm's bones will immediately return at there right place.

- Face's glitch :
During the dialogue at the embassies and during the dialogue of the mission on earth:
Tali's face encounters some animation problems for a few seconds.
In the "I love you" sequence on Rannoch, bones that control the mouth are not animated in game, so Tali's lips do not move.
- [31/08/2018 SOLVED on V1.01] In the citadel
DLC : During the party, if you move too far from Tali in the apartment, you will notice the face behind the mask will be replaced by a coarser LOD mesh, the problem disappears when you approach her.

6- Artworks :

Tali remastered's wallpeapers are available on my Deviant Art page here :


Everything is totally free and for our own personal, non-commercial use.
If you wish to give a donation to salute my work on these
wallpeapers or my youtube channel : [Link]
I will highly appreciate your done.

7- Mod history:

This mod is based on the Tali full face mod provided by Getorex
Getorex helped me a lot by giving me access to his data, this allowed me to quickly understand how to work effectively on Tali Remastered.
Without his work on Tali Full Face mod, I would have never tried to build Tali Remastered.

Getorex used Blender, for my part, I work mostly on 3DSMAX, so my 3D model of Tali is completely redone from the beginning with the basic model provided by the game:

- Inside the mask, all parts are completely rebuilt, and UVmaps are updated.

- A diadem was modeled because I think Quarians would not let their hair wandering under their masks.

- Tali's eyelashes have been modeled in 3D to counter problem with Aplha transparency layer.

- Tali's chest has been slightly increased (as in the Tali full face mod, because I agree with Getorex change) but the shape of the hip has not been modified.

- A new picture of Tali, that matches with the face of my character is provided by this mod for Shepard's cabin.

- All icons in the game corresponding to Tali are modified by my Tali Remastered's icons.

By the way do not confuse the result of my fan videos on youtube with this mod.
My fan videos are machinim'as works, as such, I used all the drifts of the game and editing movies options to build and clean my fan vids.

If you have already watched my videos, you will notice that you will not find Tali with her mask
broken in this mod because it would generate conflicts with other sequences of the game.


Thank to :

- Bioware
- ME3 explorer Team
- Getorex
- Sumirehaikuxna from DeviantArts
- KKJiro
- Mellin
- Audemus
- Mgamerz
- team moderators

Creative Machinima