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About this mod

This mod attempts to add a massive battle to take down Harbinger.

Featuring about 6 minutes of brand new video with full voice acting

Permissions and credits
A ton of people have asked me if this is compatible with MEHEM 0.5. The answer is I don't know. I lost my save game files, so if a kind soul can send me a savegame just before the beam run, I would try this myself. Meanwhile, I'm not replaying ME3 to test this, sorry :(

Meanwhile, to TRY YOURSELF compatibility with MEHEM 0.5:
1) please download manual installation of Harbinger addin, unzip,
2) install MEHEM 0.5
3) just overwrite your ME3 files with them.
4) Then go Beam Run, and let me know what happens(PLEASE!).

I've lost an entire evening to make my installer back with no way to test it, as I lose my saves. Sorry guys, I can't do anymore at the moment.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This mod uses NSIS based windows installer that I personally programmed a ton of time ago. They are all exe files. Feel free to virus scan them, they are obviously not infected. These files backup and replace some or your ME3 files. Enjoy!

What is this mod?
Mehem Harbinger add in is a full, voiced vod that intends to add closure to Harbinger.

What i need?
A full- installed Mass Effect 3 copy with Mehem 0.4 version installed. I'll try to release a 0.5 version, but as Mehem 0.4 and 0.5 are similar as far as I know, you won't notice too many changes using any of those.

What it does?
It adds a full voiced video that (finally!) reflects your war assets during the game. Some parts may vary depending on what choices you made.

What can I expect?
To see all the races -and i mean, all- you picked up during the game to help you in the video scenes. This is a starship battle video, totally ingame, where some annonymous heroes show us to face Harbinger, and try to take it down.

Where I would see it?
Right after the citadel opens. It begins with the explanation of why Harby goes away instead of killing Shepard. It notices that the crucible is near,and takes off.

Can I play it?
Nope, is only a video. But it is cool and adds you more closure.

Are you going to release more?
No, this was released on 2012/2013, i don't think i still have all the source codes for UDK. I'm just updating the installer and uploading it to nexus. The voices are going to stay and, unless I have the time, there won't be subtitles.

Can I add them? ;)
Sure, if you want to improve this mod, give me a shout and we can upload your version, obviously credited on Nexus.

How to install?
1) Clean installation with all official DLCs.
2) Install Mehem 0.4
3) Run integrity checker to ensure you have the correct files.
The checker will check redundance codes of the files to ensure integrity. Good values for 1.0 are:

4) Install version 1.0
Tell where your game is, like:
 "H:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\MassEffect3_MEHEM"
Select of course, the root folder

The installer will inform you about how it is going. For example:

Delete file: H:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\MassEffect3_MEHEM\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole\BIOGame_ESN.tlk
Rename: BIOGame_ESN.tlk.tmp->H:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\MassEffect3_MEHEM\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole\BIOGame_ESN.tlk
Delete file: C:\Users\TTE~1.IRO\AppData\Local\Temp\nsg33AD.tmp\BIOGame_ESN.tlk.tmp.patchFile
Patching H:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\MassEffect3_MEHEM\BIOGame\DLC\DLC_CON_END\CookedPCConsole\Default.sfar
Extract: C:\Users\TTE~1.IRO\AppData\Local\Temp\nsg33AD.tmp\Default.sfar.tmp.patchFile... 100%

If any problem rises, the installer will warn you and go back to your clean MEHEM 0.4 installation

5) If your files do not match because you have a different version, try to install version 1.1
6) If any of these worked, contact me with your values, i can compile a newer patch as I think i have all the mandatory files to build it.

Please note that I don't ensure any compatibility beyond MEHEM 0.4. Perhaps I have the time to give it a test, and perhaps not. What I CAN do is to upload the raw files if you require them. After all, my "installer" is a "copypaster with security copy to not screw your installation"

Can I uninstall?
If nothing was added after this mod, there is an uninstaller. If you added something  else, please uninstall the other mods, then uninstall MEHEM-Harbinger, then reinstall your other mods.