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About this mod

Moves the Statistics of Armor Sets and Pieces to the top of their Descriptions and adds stats to all weapons.

Permissions and credits

What this mod does
Main Features
  • Moves the Stats of each piece and set of armor above their descriptions, in the personalization locker and stores, therefore eliminating the need to always scroll down to see them.
  • Adds Stats to every single weapon's description in the weapons locker and research terminal.
  • Corrects mentions of Anti-Material to Anti-Materiel. (English only)

Additional Features
  • Fixes a text limit in the personalization locker's description box which prevented those that play in German, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, French or Italian to see the stats of the Blood Dragon Armor.
  • Fixes incorrect naming of Heavy Damping Gauntlets as Stabilization Gauntlets at the store "Ratch's Wares" when viewing the store menu, purchasing the item and being notified of the purchase, as well as the image used for it.
  • Changed purchase notification descriptions of Asymmetric Defense Layer, Life Support Webbing, Heavy Damping Gauntlets and Death Mask from just the name of that armor piece to "Received X. Delivery to your cabin pending." so that they are in line with all other purchase notifications for armors.

Difference between Weapon Stats Mod and this mod's weapon stats
While Weapon Stats mod is a texture based mod that replaces the weapon icons in the weapons locker with version that feature a stats bar below, this mod incorporates the stats into the descriptions of each weapon and adds the recoil statistic.

You can use both mods at the same time if you wish. Just remember that this mod has to be installed first (and before any other texture mods) and Weapon Stats Mod has to be installed afterwards (or after other texture mods if using those).

This mod fully works with all official localizations of Mass Effect 2.

Armors from the base game and DLC are all fully translated.
Armors by Expanded Shepard Armory are only available in English as of now.

Weapons from the base game and DLC are all fully translated, except for Czech and Hungarian.
Weapons by Modern Weapon Pack only have their statistics translated for all languages except Czech and Hungarian.

If you are a native speaker of one of the officially supported languages for ME2 and want to contribute your translations to my or other peoples mods, please contact me.

This mod is FULLY COMPATIBLE with the following mods:

This mod's Optional Content is NOT COMPATIBLE with the following mods:
(These mods are however fully compatible with the base content of this mod so long as you don't install the optional stuff.)
Description Fix

Refer to the section "Making a Compatibility Patch for other mods that modify the same files " in the Article "How to fix the text limit in the Personalization Locker " to make your own, private compatibility patch.

Store Fixes
  • Project Variety ME2 (Fix included by default)
  • Any other mod that modifies BioD_CitHub_420LowerSouth or BioD_KroHub_100MainHub

This mod is NOT COMPATIBLE with the following mods:

This mod must be installed before any texture mods such as ALOT or MEUITM2!
  • Drag and Drop the downloaded archive into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  • Press Apply (To store it in Mod Manager)
  • Select the Mod in the mod list
  • Press Apply
  • Select Compatibility Options and Extras
  • Press Install

Uninstalling the Mod from the game
  • Press Manage Target in Mod Manager
  • Select Mass Effect 2
  • Press Delete next to "Easy Armor Stats"

Uninstalling the Mod from Mod Manager
  • Right-click the mod in the Mod Manager's Mod list
  • Press "Delete Mod from Mod Library"

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My Original Trilogy Modding Guide

Technical Details for Mod Developers
Reserved TLK Strings: 92000000 - 92000024
Mount ID: 1000
DLC Module: 24024

JackelZXA - Idea for the Mod, submitted to the Mass Effect Modding Community Discord's #mod-ideas channel
Strife The Historian - Creating the Description Text Limit Fix and helping me apply it
zara - Creating the Mod Page Thumbnail
iWutta - Providing Czech Translations
Marcus22Khaar - Permitting me to fully incorporate the content from Expanded Shepard Armory and informing me about the incorrect image being used for the Heavy Damping Gauntlets in Ratch's Wares and the purchase notification
Tajfun403 - Permitting me to fully incorporate the content from Modern Weapon Pack 
theludd - Creating the original Weapon Stats Mod
Sinistro91 - Permitting me to include their text from Italian Translation of Expanded Galaxy Mod and providing further translations
ConfidenTi - Permitting me to include their text from Polish Translation of Expanded Galaxy Mod and providing further translations
mari5787 - Permitting me to include their text from Russian Translation of Expanded Galaxy Mod and providing further translations
ShepardRyderSR2 - Permitting me to include their text from French Translation of Expanded Galaxy Mod and providing further translations
Mass Effect Fandom Wiki and its contributors - Cataloguing stats of all weapons and armors
ME3Tweaks - Developing Mod Manager and ME3Explorer