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Overhauls many enemies with more powers, new faction classes, improved power usage, shields/barriers/armor regardless of difficulty and more.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds lore friendly weapons, more powers, improved power usage, shields/barriers/armor regardless of difficulty, corrected blood and other minor additions and changes to most enemies throughout the game, including all DLC.

List of changes

Enemy Power Usage
All enemies which have powers now use them regardless of what you or your squad is doing and try to use their shield powers immediately after they loose their shields/barriers, so try to stun them before they do.

New Enemy Types
  • Blue Suns Elite Heavy
  • Eclipse Salarian and Asari Infiltrator
  • Batarian Sniper
  • Prison Sniper
  • Eclipse Asari Infiltrator
  • Geth Sniper
  • Batarian Vanguard
  • Batarian Commander

New Powers for Enemies
Most enemies with shields or barriers now have a boost power that restores them.

Blue Suns
  • Centurion/Legionnaire - Concussive Shot
  • Commander (including Jentha, Captain Narom and Sergeant Boortis) - Concussive Shot, Inferno Grenade
  • Warden Kuril - Concussive Shot, Disruptor Ammo, Overload
  • Senior Engineer (N7: Stronium Mule) - Concussive Shot, Overload
  • Jedore - Tech Armor
  • Elite Heavy - Disruptor Ammo
  • Asari Sisterhood Initiate - Pull
  • Human Vanguard - Pull
  • Asari Vanguard - Throw
  • Salarian Engineer - Overload
  • Heavy Cloak
  • Commando (including Captains Enyala and Wasea) - Throw, Singularity
  • Operative (including Jaroth, Morl and Captain Vorleon) - Energy Drain, Explosive Drone (replacing standard drone)
  • Chief Roe (Kasumi DLC) - Energy Drain, Explosive Drone (replacing standard drone)
  • Salarian and Asari Infiltrator - Cloak
Shadow Broker Mercs
  • Vanguard - Throw, Reave
  • Engineer - Engergy Drain
Blood Pack
  • Vanguard (including Garm, Salamul and Kureck) - Shockwave, Incendiary ammo
  • Bounty Hunter and Kalusk - Tech Armor
  • Trooper - Hex shield
  • Hunter - Carnage
  • Geth Destroyer - Carnage
N7: Javelin Missiles Launched
  • Commander - Carnage
  • Sniper - Disruptor Ammo
  • Vanguard - Warp, Throw
  • Sniper - Disruptor Ammo
  • Commander - Warp, Throw
Arrival DLC
  • Elite Prison Guard - Concussive shot
  • Prison Sniper - Disruptor Ammo
Project Personell
  • Elite - Concussive shot
  • Engineer - Overload
  • Gatatog Uvenk - Shockwave, Incendiary Ammo
  • Weyrloc Guld - Singularity, Carnage

New Weapons for Enemies
  • Turian Blue Suns Commander - Wraith Shotgun
  • Blue Suns Elite Heavy - Mantis Sniper Rifle
  • Eclipse Salarian Infiltrator - Viper Sniper Rifle
  • Eclipse Asari Infiltrator - Widow Sniper Rifle
  • Eclipse Heavy - Mantis Sniper Rifle
  • Eclipse Commando (including Captains Enyala and Wasea) - Disciple Shotgun
  • Blood Pack Warriors on Tuchanka - Graal Spike Launcher
  • Geth Sniper - Javelin Sniper Rifle
  • Geth Rocket Trooper - Geth Rocket Launcher (ME3 Model)
  • Geth Hunter - Geth Shotgun
  • Geth Destroyer - Geth Flamethrower (ME3 Model)
  • Geth Prime - Corrected Model to actual Spitfire
  • Batarian Trooper - Chakram Launcher Assault Rifle
  • Batarian Commander - AT-12 Raider
  • Batarian Sniper - Kishock Harpoon Gun Sniper Rifle
  • Batarian Vanguard - AT-12 Raider Shotgun
  • Prison Guard - Chakram Launcher Assault Rifle
  • Elite Prison Guard - Chakram Launcher Assault Rifle
  • Prison Sniper - Kishock Harpoon Gun Sniper Rifle
  • Project Elite - Valkyrie Assault Rifle
  • Project Engineer - Phalanx Pistol
  • Collector Guardian - Collector Assault Rifle Model
  • Weyrloc Clanspeaker - Graal Spike Thrower Shotgun
  • Weyrloc Clanguard - Graal Spike Thrower Shotgun
  • Gatatog warrior - Graal Spike Thrower Shotgun
  • Feral Hunters and Brainwashed Guards - M7 Lancer Assault Rifle, Kassa Locust Submachine Gun
Lore accurate weapons for ambient NPC's in hubs, missions and cutscenes

Other Changes
  • Some enemies now have a new layer of armor
  • Turian Troopers have a higher shield strength than Human and Batarian Troopers
  • Various blood color corrections
  • The new Eclipse Salarian Infiltrator replaces some Salarian Troopers in "Dossier: Archangel" and "N7: Captured Mining Facility"
  • Some Eclipse Heavies in the Kasumi DLC only have the ML77 Missile Launcher and only use their shield boost
  • The new Eclipse Asari Infiltrator replaces some Eclipse Heavies in "Dossier: Justicar"
  • Blood Pack Warriors now have Armor and Shields but those on Tuchanka are without Shields as it wouldn't fit their brute strength mentality and traditions
  • The new Geth Snipers replace some Geth Troopers with camouflage armor on N7 missions
  • Most enemies now have shields/barriers/armor that are added on higher difficulties, on all difficulties (Except for Mechs on the Lazarus Station)
  • The Gunship in "Dossier: Justicar" has shields now
  • Feral Hunters and Brainwashed Guards in "Jacob: The Gift Of Greatness"  have no shields except for Engineers and they don't drop ammo when killed; There's some still around but you need to be more conservative with it now
  • Prisoners and the Technician in "Dossier: The Convict" have no shields anymore
  • Batarian War Beasts in the Arrival DLC and Varren from the basegame have no armor anymore

For more immersive and harder gameplay, I recommend enabling rechargeable shields for enemies with these steps:

Make sure you followed the instructions on the Wiki or the game will not launch!

This mod has to be installed BEFORE any texture mods such as ALOT, MEUTIM or other texture files!

Required DLC
  • Kasumi: Stolen Memory
  • Zaeed: The Price Of Revenge
  • Overlord
  • Arrival
  • Lair Of The Shadow Broker
  • Firewalke

People who bought the game on Steam can get all the DLC here

Installation via Mod Manager
  • Download "ME2 Advanced enemy factions. V1.2 Mod manager support"
  • Drag and Drop the Archive into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and press Import
  • Select the mod in the Mod Manager and press Install Mod
  • Select Optional Files and press Install

Manually Updating from 1.1 to 1.2 (Mod Manager Version is already Updated)
  • Download "Patch 1.1 to 1.2"
  • Locate your Mass Effect 2 Game Directory
  • Go to .../BIOGame/DLC
  • Extract the contents of the 1.1 to 1.2 Patch into CookedPC inside "DLC_EXP_AdvancedEnemies"

Optional Files
Reduced Shieldboosting: Enemies use their Shield/Barrier powers less frequent

No Cloaked Enemy Callouts: Removes the callouts that your squadmates make whenever an enemy uses cloak

No Cloaked Enemy Callouts may not be compatible with other mods that modify henchmen behavior!

These files are included in the Mod Manager version for selection when installing

Manual Installation
  • Locate your Mass Effect 2 Game Directory
  • Go to .../BIOGame/DLC/DLC_EXP_AdvancedEnemies/
  • Extract the contents of the Optional Files into "CookedPC"
  • Overwrite all files when asked

Other great ME2 mods
  • Modern Weapon Pack - Adds new weapons for you and your squad to even the odds against the improved enemies
  • Expanded Shepard Armory - Adds new armors and casual outfits as well as helmetless variants of the full body armor sets
  • A Lot of Textures and MEUTIM2 - Two HD Texture Packs designed to be used together and come with Improved Static Lighting, AI-Upscaled Pre-Rendered Cutscenes in 1080p or 4K at 60 FPS along with Loading Screens which are faster and improved Models for certain characters


Uninstallation via Mod Manager
  • Press Manage Target in Mod Manager
  • Select Mass Effect 2 in the upper bar
  • Locate the mod in the Installed DLC Mods List and press Delete

These steps only delete the Mod from the game, not from the Mod Manager. To do that, just right-click it in the Mod Manager and Delete it from the Mod Library.

Manual Uninstallation
  • Locate your Mass Effect 2 Game Directory
  • Go to .../BIOGame/DLC/
  • Delete "DLC_EXP_AdvancedEnemies" from the DLC Folder


Herobrine24 for redesigning the Mod Page and more

Gabe8 for making the Mod Page and Mod Manager Banners

ME3Tweaks Team for creating and maintaining the Modding Toolset and Manager

BioWare and EA for creating Mass Effect 2