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MEUITM2 Updated Textures, Alternate Character Appearances, and More Visual Goodies for ME2.

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Welcome to:
Mass Effect Updated/Improved Textures Mod for Mass Effect 2) by Catachrism 

Updates For Holidays 2021 Release:
  • ALOT Installer full integration for both MEUITM mode and ALOT mode which features options preselected to work best with ALOT, MEUITM mode is setup assuming ALOT is not installed. (currently available in Beta mode of ALOT installer, soon to be in main mode barring any issues)
  • Normal maps toned down on custom male Shepard faces and added missing tongue textures (correcting vanilla bug)
  • Vanilla style HD textures updated to include ALL squad mates with all DLC variants and their respective helmets.
  • Vanilla HD N7 armor textures male and female Shepard for ALL 5 main variants and helmets
  • HD Cerberus clothing and all other casual clothes options in Shepard's locker male and female.
  • Environment HD textures and fixes including Collector ship, lava, sun, moons, stars, distortion effect fixes, reflections, David Archer and brother photo and more...
  • HD textures for major parts of outdoors in Project Overlord
  • HD David Archer in Project Overlord
  • HD Tela Vasir
  • HD Shadow Broker
  • HD Liara LOTSB and Armor
  • More HD NPC clothings and armors various
  • HD Volus
  • HD Quarians
  • HD Vorcha
  • HD Collectors
  • HD Scions
  • HD End Boss
  • HD Mechs, humanoid, dogs, and tank mechs
  • HD Wrex Armor on throne
  • HD Kolyat
  • HD Feron
  • HD Eyes

This was a huge update as I prepare to complete my vison for what I had planned to do in ME2 OT and venture to 
see what can be ported to LE.

I hope you enjoy :)

Happy Holidays!

Updates For N7 Day 2021:
  • Fixed Miranda Blur option to have the rest of the buckles
  • Integrated the MEUITM2 update files of better ui, installer.ini fix, and HD reflections into the main package.
  • Anderson both improved and more vanilla friendly
  • Garrus Improved MEUITM style version and new HD Vanilla friendly option
  • Wrex Improved MEUITM style version and new HD much improved Vanilla friendly option
  • Ash improved and more Vanilla friendly (fixed black tongue and other seams and minor issues)
  • Kaidan improved and more Vanilla friendly (fixed black tongue and other seams and minor issues) 
  • Turian NPCs new HD Vanilla friendly texture
  • Krogan NPCs faces new HD Vanilla friendly texture
  • Chakwas outfit vanilla friendly HD option 
  • Liara outfit vanilla friendly HD option.
  • N7 Male HR armor option super vanilla friendly

This mod is designed specifically to work with and compliment ALOT. MEUITM2 should be installed after ALOT. It can be installed as a stand alone, but you'd be missing many textures covered by ALOT that are not in MEUITM2 should you choose to not install ALOT first.

This mod is a compilation of new textures for Mass Effect 2. Some remastered textures in vanilla style and for something really new and completely optional, some textures designed to recreate the Blur Studios Commercial versions of iconic Mass Effect Characters. The new textures have been made paying careful attention to vanilla style and restore details never seen in game via official game art and concept guides. This also applies to the Blur Studio Styles by scrutinizing the references that could be gathered. These new textures have been painted directly on model to remove seams wherever possible and try to achieve a professional/official look. Materials, spec maps and normal maps were carefully crafted to preserve and enhance details and depth beyond typical HD texture mods which focus highly on the diffuse and can sometimes neglect these other maps. While working in this manor it gave the opportunity to make mesh corrections and mesh edits to further customize the Mass Effect 2 experience and further improve quality.

The Blur studio variants are best used with the Mesh mods designed for MEUITM2

Mesh Download links:

Blur Jack
Blur Mordin
Blur Grunt
Blur Thane
Blur TIM
Miranda Mesh fixes
Aria Mesh fixes

The mod also adds the option for a few ReShade settings I always wanted in MEUITM. The main 2 being proper chromatic aberration that is applied as it approaches the edges of the screen (should remove those anaglyph complaints on lower resolution setups that people has with original MEUITM) and ambient occlusion that adds a bit of depth. The combo of effects chosen is intended to emulate the Unreal Engine 4 games of today as best as possible while still staying true to the games original art direction.

ReShade keyboard controls:
Toggle menu "home" key
Toggle All effects "*" key on number pad

The optional ReShade included is designed to be used along side the Black crush removal which can be applied via the installer. This small mod removes much of the black crush seen in the unmodded game which can hide details in the new textures. So I use this to restore detail and then Reshade to re-darken close to the original brightness (as the mod/tweak alone can make the game seem a little washed out) tone without the crush, and add a few bells and whistles.

All is optional because some people hate ReShade, some people don't want the black crush fix, some people like both together. Any way you want it...have it.

This mod is designed to work with and compliment ALOT. MEUITM2 should be installed after ALOT.

All textures in MEUITM2 are optional via the installer, you can toggle through the drop down menus the different variants of each mod and the final option to not install the mod. It is designed this way to allow users to easily achieve maximum customization to create you favorite look for your custom Mass Effect experience.

There is more to come...
This mod's scope quickly exploded and I've spent the last four and half months working tirelessly and still could only cover half the Character crew. Expect the rest of the characters to come in future updates. in the meantime utilize the other mods available and use ALOT to cover many textures not in this mod.

Please see the install video for detailed instructions.

Basic install instructions:

1) Start will fresh install/unmodded game and prepare Origin -if that is your version by disabling game auto updates and in-game overlay.
2) Download and apply your Mesh Mods with me3tweaks mod manager if you have/want them (MEUITM2 has a set of mesh fixes it's designed to work with along with custom Blur Studio style meshes)
3) Install ALOT
4) Install MEUITM
5) Enjoy Mass Effect 2

Special Thanks:

ScifisMyJam101 for gathering references feedback screenshots, videos and support during this many months long quest.  Aquadran for writing the amazing MEM installer and then pointing me in the direction of how to customize to the best of my ability allowing me to add all the new optional features.
MGamerz, SirCxyrtyx, and the rest of the ME3Tweaks team for making and maintaining amazing modding tools making mods like this possible.
Audemus, Khaar, and SynixProcessing for various advice and help modding.

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