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ME2Recalibrated (ME2Re) is an overhaul for Mass Effect 2 that fixes bugs and broken lore, rectifies poorly implemented content, restores cut material, and in a few small cases, adds new content to the game.

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24 Feb 2021 -

ME2Recalibrated (ME2Re) is an overhaul for Mass Effect 2 that fixes bugs and broken lore, rectifies poorly implemented content, restores cut material, and in a few small cases, adds new content to the game. To be clear, ALL content has been fully modded into ME2. There are no Gibbed hacks here, no discrepancies in quest status between the journal, galaxy map, etc. Vanilla, just better.

The initial v1.0 release of ME2Re is large. A complete list of changes is located in the Release Notes and I encourage all new users to read this document. Doing so will prevent misunderstandings about what the mod does and doesn’t do, and in certain cases briefly explains specific development decisions.

This list is a VERY brief summary of the Release Notes:

  • Early Illium — Crescent Nebula and Tasale system are available after Freedom’s Progress
  • Expanded Recruitment — Thane and Samara are recruitable after Freedom’s Progress
  • Gated DLC — Overlord now opens after Horizon; Arrival is played post-suicide mission as a bridge to ME3
  • Main Missions — Bugfixes and improvements to the Suicide Mission, Collector Ship, recruitments for Mordin/Garrus/Grunt/Samara/Jack, and loyalty missions for Thane/Miranda/Tali
  • Side Missions — Bugfixes and improvements for Packages for Ish, False Positives/Found Forged IDs, and Conrad Verner (v1.1+).
  • Dialogue — Bugfixes and improvements for Jacob, Grunt, Chakwas, Liara, Tuchanka Overcaptain, and the Sophist advert on the Citadel. Restored cut content for the volus ship salesman and the C-Sec Security checkpoint on the Citadel.
  • Bug/Lore Fixes — For a variety of non-mission content. This includes emails, galaxy map content, codices (fixes and restorations), level edits, subtitle owners, assorted TLK references, Shadow Broker dossiers, SB model ship award, and Anderson. Anderson has many issues in ME2.
  • Saviour — Shepard's LI will now help them onto the Normandy at the final jump during the Suicide Mission. This will occur under two conditions: the LI is in Shepard's squad and survived the reaper fight OR the LI is already on the Normandy and Shepard's entire squad died at the Reaper fight. In any other situation the game will follow vanilla behavior.
  • FemShep Can Dance — FemShep now dances in Afterlife and Eternity more similar to ME1; BroShep continues to do the “Shepard Shuffle”.
  • Luna Returns — Luna is again on the galaxy map. Description ported from ME1 with additions as needed to match ME2 conventions.
  • A Real Breakup — The cabin photo of the ME1 LI can now be permanently removed, as long as you haven’t locked in a new romance. If not removed, then it will use the vanilla convention upon locking in an ME2 romance.
  • Intimidate Zaeed — Zaeed’s loyalty can now be earned via a new dialogue path and intimidate check when saving the refinery workers. Renegons and paragades, rejoice!
  • Consistent Liara — Liara’s facial appearance will no longer change during ME2. LOTSB now uses the same texture as the base game (and will be replaced by any texture that replaces the base game’s). All her face properties (like eye color) have been transferred to LOTSB content AND compatible GUI textures have been built in, as well. If you prefer Liara to have an appearance closer to ME3, then check out Giftfish’s Textures for ME2. And no, I will not backport her blue ME3 eyes into ME2. The Recalibrated series is about lore consistency and always gives preference to precedence. Regardless of your personal preference, ME3 is the aberration in this situation, not ME1/ME2 (and LOTSB/Arrival are essentially a prologue to ME3). Please don't ask; future posts will be deleted.
  • Amended Alternate Appearances — Optional sunglass/visor removals for Jack, Thane, and Grunt, when using their Alternate Appearance DLC. Includes squad select GUI textures. These appearances are PCC files, not texture replacers; they use vanilla meshes and textures. Miri is not included in this pack; see information in the download.
  • Better Launcher — Optional new launcher artwork and music provided.
  • Anderson Overhaul (v1.1+) — A backport of Anderson's ME3 face and scalp textures combined with edits to his stuntactor to create an appearance as close to ME3 as possible (yes, he still has potato-face, which is a mesh issue). Matching codex images, including those for Udina which were a visual counterpart to Anderson's.
  • GUI Textures (v1.1+) — Optional GUI textures included in v1.0 have now been built into the mod.
  • Aquarium Overhaul (v1.1+) — A minor overhaul with more to come in the future. Bumped up the amount of seaweeds in the tank, relocated the bubbles, and adjusted all fish store names and descriptions. Strongly recommend using with my new textures in Giftfish’s Textures for ME2.


Veteran users of my mods know that I include ample documentation in every download. This documentation will answer 99% of user questions, as long as you read it. Be aware that reading this description is not a substitute for reading the supplied documentation. Key requirements are listed below to help you decide if you want to download the mod:

  • ME2Re requires a new playthrough. Import status (ME1 or not) is irrelevant, but the mod must be present when you first begin the prologue. This is non-negotiable. It needs to set new plot data to work properly and these plots will not be set on an existing playthrough without ME2Re installed. 
  • ME2Re must be installed for the entire playthrough. You may temporarily disable the mod, as long as you do not build its absence into your saves. This is non-negotiable, for the same reason as just outlined above. Updating the mod mid-playthrough should be avoided, unless the documentation in the update states otherwise.
  • ME2Re is made for English localizations, only. It *will not* work for other localizations. If you attempt to use it anyway, I will not answer questions, nor provide technical support. More information about localizations can be found here.
  • ME2Re requires use of Erik JS's DLL Patcher for ME2 DLC. This must be downloaded and installed, separately. Users should follow the author’s instructions; I cannot provide assistance.

Like ME3Recalibrated, ME2Recalibrated is, for the most part, a DLC mod. Due to certain differences between ME2 andME3, it is not a full DLC mod. This means you must install it carefully. I’ll continue to investigate this in the future and attempt to complete the implementation.

See the Install Guide for further instructions. Copies of the Install Guide and Release Notes can be found in your download and on Google Docs.

To uninstall ME2Re, just delete the entire DLC_MOD_ME2Re folder from your ME2 DLC directory. If you have the optional launcher installed, overwrite the modded files with your vanilla backups. As stated above, do not uninstall ME2Re mid-playthrough.

ME2Recalibrated is a large mod that will be prone to compatibility issues as a result. A few comments to help you determine whether to download:

  • ME2Re is compatible with all mods released by myself, and any other mod that doesn't change the same game assets. Users should compare files across their DLC mods to check for themselves. Other DLC mods can override ME2Re if they have higher "mount priority".
  • Translations of ME2Re, when available, are created by other modders, downloaded separately, and are used on top of ME2Re's main files. If a translation exists for your game's localization, it will be linked at the top of this page. If it does not exist, you cannot use the mod.

For more information on my mods and compatibility, read this article on my website and take a look at the sticky posts here on Nexus. A compatibility spreadsheet for all of my mods can be found here. Modders interested in creating patches or translations for my mods should refer to this page.

Bugs.  ME2Recalibrated has undergone a large amount of testing, and no bugs are known at this time. If you run into any problems, first read the sticky posts, then use the information provided here before reporting.

Future Releases.  Mass Effect 2 has a significant number of bugs. The initial release of ME2Re represents everything I could address in about 3 months of development. I do plan on more releases in the future, but they'll  be on deck as I continue to work on ThaneMOD 3.0.

Post-Distribution File Modifications.  I provide technical support for my mods ONLY when my files have not been tampered with by the user. Any and all modifications apply (with the exception of updating the PCConsoleTOC.bin). This includes ill-advised attempts to modify "load order", resolve compatibility, and more. It also includes installation of textures with a tool other than ME3Explorer. If you experience any problems with my mods after altering my files, it's up to you to troubleshoot the problem. I cannot help.

Texture Compilations. If you install any texture overhauls/compilations into your DLC mods, you must ensure they contain ONLY textures. No edits to meshes, materials, or anything else. This is because textures must be installed on top of DLC mods, and any non-texture modifications could cause conflicts with those mods.

ALOT/MEM Users. It is imperative to heed all warnings below when using ALOT/MEM in combination with DLC mods.
  • Do not mix texture installation tools. If you want to install additional textures--including ME2Re's--after installing ALOT, ask ALOT's author how to safely do so. I cannot help.
  • Heed ALOT's documentation. You cannot install any DLC mods or individual files into a game already modded by ALOT. Doing so will result in problems. Consider your game files locked once you install ALOT. Consult ALOT's documentation for further details.
  • Other options.  If you desire more flexibility with your game, such as the freedom to revert one or small groups of files to vanilla state, to update/patch your DLC mods as needed, or to re-install to a fresh copy of a DLC mod, then don't use ALOT/MEM. Your other options are to install textures via ME3Explorer or run them with Texmod. There are online resources to help with both; I cannot help further.

By downloading Better Dreams, you agree to the Terms of Use supplied in your download and posted on Nexus.

ME2Recalibrated is brought to you by Giftfish. This mod is not associated with or endorsed by BioWare Corp., Electronic Arts, Inc., or their affiliates.

Much appreciation to:

  • Barddoc1992, for feedback, discussion, editing, testing, and moral support
  • Circadian, for testing
  • Deager, for technical discussion, feedback, and permission to let me run with a couple of his ideas <3
  • Kinkojiro, for the Conrad Verner fix, technical discussion, feedback, and never-ending inspiration
  • ThaneMOD Forum Community, for feedback and ideas
  • ME3Explorer Toolset Team, creators of the best modding tool for Mass Effect

I've been modding the Mass Effect trilogy since 2013, when I joined the ME3Explorer Toolset Community in an effort to create what became my first mod: ThaneMOD. Users of all my mods are welcome to join my development forum on Proboards. For more information about myself, mods, policies, and more, see my website.

Currently in development - ThaneMOD 3

Other contributions:

This mod is not associated with or endorsed by BioWare Corp., Electronic Arts, Inc., or any of their affiliates. I make no money from this project.