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Modern Weapon Pack adds 18 new weapons for you and your squad, including numerous known from ME3.

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Modern Weapons Pack (MWP) adds 18 new weapons, including 14 that you know from Mass Effect 3, one from ME: Andromeda, and something brand new as well. Full list below.
Mass Effect 2 is just very poor in weaponry terms. Standard game offers only 19 weapons, with all DLCs - 29. ME3 has 63 weapons, 68 if you include seasonal heavies.
MWP aims to increase ME2 variety and provides some game continuity - you see most of these guns in ME3 too, sometimes their improved versions.

22nd May 2021 - 2 new weapons

All weapons from MWP are unlocked in few first assignments of the game - pistols after completing recruitment missions on Omega, and everything else after Horizon. It's because they're balanced to par with better weapons unlocked along with campaign progress.
If you import ME2 character you will get all of these weapons instantly (ie. after completing mission on Freedom's Progress, when you have first occasion to change your loadout).

            Heavy Pistols
  • N7 Eagle — full-auto Phalanx upgrade. Its firepower is similar to standard assault rifle.
  • M-5 Buck — brand new pistol with shotgun ammo. The highest spread in the game doesn't make it effective on distances, but its stun ability definitely compensate it.
  • M-77 Paladin — Carnifex upgrade. It has less countable, but stronger shots.
            Submachine Gun
  • N7 Hurricane — despite its lower accuracy, great damage makes it a standard-issue SMG for many soldiers.
  • Geth Plasma SMG — fully-automatic geth submachine gun. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held. 
  • Collector SMG — rare and deadly self-cooling weapon. While it doesn't have as high heat capacity as an assault rifle, its cooling rates are much faster.
  • M-25 Hornet — a common Cerberus submachine gun shooting in 3-round bursts with sizeable recoil.
            Assault Rifles
  • Cerberus Harrier — full automatic upgrade of the Mattock. It's just classic AR with stronger bullets. However, it holds small amount of ammunition and has significant recoil, so aim wisely!
  • M-89 Halberd — variant of the Mattock. Fewer, but stronger shots makes it better for longer distances.
  • Heavy Collector Rifle — brand new weapon, hybrid of rifle and shotgun. When you press the trigger, it shoots 5 bullets in small angle. Low fire rate, but very high damage.
  • M7 Lancer — a relic from the past. Classic all-around assault rifle that can dissipate heat by its own.
  • Phaeston — Turian assault rifle with great accuracy and stability.
            Sniper Rifles
  • Black Widow — upgrade of the normal Widow. 3 shots instead of one - everything needed for dominance.
  • M-90 Indra — first sniper rifle that fires in true full-automatic mode. A bit smaller scope and insane rate of fire.
  • N7 Valiant — incredible accurate 3-round rifle with nearly no recoil and fast reload.
  • M-11 Wraith — Eviscerator upgrade. Shots are stronger, but you can hold only 2 of them.
  • N7 Crusader — fires a single, pinpoint accuracy slug which looses less power in range compared to normal shotguns.
            Heavy Weapon
  • Collector Cannon — it fires a burst of mortar-like shots and hits everyone in the line of fire.

    Additionally, you can unequip any weapon by choosing Nothing option from the list. There aren't any combat reasons for that, but maybe you want?
This option is limited to Shepard. Squadmates are designed to only have 2 weapons - no less, no more.
Unequipping all weapons is technically possible, but strongly unadvised - you are not really able to progress into the game with no guns at all, and several things might break, like melee button or walk animation not working at all.

MWP is a content mod in DLC format, what means none of basegame's files are overwritten. It's compatible with Coalesced.ini mods, and just like in ME3, any texture mods (such as ALOT) should be installed after it.

MWP is only partially compatible with texture tools from classic ME3Explorer 3.0 - you can't extract or alter any textures of MWP weapons with it, although it should normally overwrite basegame textures stored in MWP files.
It's because ME3Explorer doesn't support custom TFCs for Mass Effect 2 and creating one is required to store textures for new content.
If you, for some reason, want to have full access, use MassEffectModder instead.

Weaponry overhaul mods may or may not work - MWP is made to work on BioWare's weaponry idea. Generally MWP weapons should show, although they won't inherit any tweaks rebalance mods added, and as such might feel out of out place. In case a mod you use merges pistols and submachine guns, some of MWP weapons won't be available.

Any mods designed for ME3's weapons will not work on their equivalents from MWP. ME3 and ME2 file have different structures and no mods are straightly compatiblity across games.

MWP will work in any game language, but it's translated only to English and Polish. For other languages, descriptions of MWP weapons will be displayed in English.
Contact with me, if you want to translate MWP to your language. It's about 1.5k words.

MWP uses TLK strings from 943000 to 943200 and has Mount priority at 999.

For now, there's no known bugs.

If you found some, feel free to report it, so I will take a look.

To use MWP you need basic Mass Effect 2 game (none of BioWare's DLCs are necessary) in any language.
MWP is made to work on at least 30 Frames Per Second (<33ms). If you have less, some muzzle flashes won't display at all and some weapons' rate of fire will be too low.
You can install/uninstall MWP in any moment of your playthrough. Saves made when mod was installed will still work after uninstall. In this case, game won't find my guns, so then Shepard will equip default weapons (Predator, Avenger etc.) instead. Note: Unequipped weapon slots will stay unequipped after uninstalling the mod. You must go to the weapons locker and there select some new weapon.

Starting by version 2.1 (7th Nov '19), both manual and ME3Tweaks Mod Manager install is supported. Whichever you choose is your choice. However, If you're an average user who doesn't have experience with Mass Effect modding, I strongly recommend using the Mod Manager.

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
If you're an average user, the most recommended method of installation is using ME3Tweaks Mod Manager made by Mgamerz.
  • Download the mod from Files tab. Don't unpack the 7z!
  • Drag-and-drop the 7z you've just downloaded to the Mod Manager window
  • Hit Import Mod button from right-lower corner of the window.
  • Select the mod from list on the left side and click Apply Mod
Yup, that's everything. MM will take care of the rest.

Manual install
In case you prefer old-fashioned way or have literally any other reason, manual install is still available.
  • Install Erik JS' DLL Patcher (download link here, install instructions here), if you haven't done it before or you don't have any other DLC mods.
  • Unpack the 7z that you've downloaded from 'Files' tab
  • You need to know where your game is installed. .../Documents/BioWare is NOT a game installation path.
  • Copy DLC_EXP_MdrnWpn folder to .../Mass Effect 2/BioGame/DLC.
    moddesc.ini is included in the archive for compatibility with the Mod Manager install. You can safely ignore it during a manual install.
If you feel like it's too much, please, save your (possibly also mine) time and just use the Mod Manager.

Uninstalling the mod is really simple if you ever need to do so. In case you're a Mod Manager user:
  • Open MM
  • Select Mass Effect 2 dir from Installation Target list
  • Find Modern Weapon Pack on the list and click Delete
If you used manual installation, you need to remove DLC_EXP_MdrnWpn folder from .../Mass Effect 2/BioGame/DLC. Yup, that's all.