Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth - A Complete Realistic Weathers Storms Sounds Lighting and Visual overhaul by L00
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NAC 0.9.0
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*All the pictures from the author's gallery have been made without Enb-Reshade-SweetFX*

Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth (NAC)
is the first weather mod ever released for Fallout 4 and the most advanced and complete weather, lighting and visual overhaul available. 

From the lighting and the climate to the skin tones, almost every aesthetic aspects of the game have been altered in some way
to give the most natural and eye candy visual possible with the Gamebryo's engine.
Its public development lasts since December 2015 and will probably requires several other months before being finished.


  More than 70 different natural and atmospheric weathers templates: including new radstorms with different effects on the player and its surrounding. All of this weathers are based on true-to-life color and lighting and all have different colors, lightings, clouds, post processing and properties.

  Whole climate redone: time of day, weather chances, transitions, volatility and more in order to produce 5000 random weather variations based on the weather presets. The climate, balanced by default, now always lives, slowly evolves and changes, to feel more alive, natural and unpredictable.

  Longer, darker and all unique night times: from bright to pitch black, with or without direct lighting, diffuse lighting, godrays, all depending of the moon occlusion, the atmospheric density and the sky configuration.

  Advanced lighting and features for all weathers: sunlight variation for cloudy weathers, wet effect for some heavy fog situation, god rays depending of the atmopsheric density, fake bounce lighting, diffuse lighting and more. Darkest hour of the Night featured around 5 am, before dawn.

  A.I detection  tweaked according to NAC's changes, and individually for each weather.

  All interior's location lighting redone on case by case: from both lighting template, post processing, fog density, color and distance. All the light sources besides those that can be used in workshop mods have also been reworked to match real life temperature and fall off. (interiors are still w.i.p)
Once each cell will have the right colors and contrast I plan to rework the lighting scenario in some places.

  New and redone effects: particles effects, clouds, sounds, post processing effects, HDR system, godrays, sound tweaks...

  Life-like Night vision goggles and headgears: green or black and white, and functional sunglasses when sun hit too hard. All craftable at the chembench. NVGs can be upgraded to life detection or recon sight from an armor bench.

  ANAC holotape: to call weather, change timescale and to tune your experience whatever you like with the advanced system NACFX.

The ANAC holotape should be automatically added into your inventory at the first launch of the game with NAC installed. However, if you don't get the it then you can also craft it from any chemical bench for free.

  NACFX: is an unique feature that will turn your pipboy into an ingame build ENB for no fps loss. Allowing anyone to easily change the visuals to its taste. NACFX can also be very useful to tune a ReShade or an Enb that you feel miss something or doesn't work well in a particular condition. Colors, gamma, luminosity, sunlight, sky intensity, exposure, blur, motion blur...you can tweak anything you want.

To keep enough room for user's post processing or Enb&ReShade preset makers: the game's visual is "neutral" and lossless by default.
If you don't want to make your own NACFX  I recommend to use the Stand Alone preset to get a quick, clean and natural look for your game.

  VATS, scopes, vats-cinematics, waters and all other little things like skins tons corrected to suits NAC changes.

  FPS lossless and lightweight.

NAC is also available for XB1



*Here is a non-exhaustive list of some mods that are redundant and/or not compatible while using NAC:
NAC 0.9 is now and ESM, which means it'll be loaded before any other mods. I highly recommend you try it first without any of your usual visual mods and then rebuild your visual setup after as 0.9 changes a tons of different things.

I'll redo this description later to explain the compatibility with 0.9. But in short, everything can be added on top of NAC now, even weather mods.
(Only if you don't like what NAC does on particular aspects, but pretty much any mods from this list is truly redundant now)

  True Storms:  NAC already offers new and original Radstorms, new Thunder sounds and thunders lightning, sounds tweaks, different rain textures and   more. USE NAC Hybrid Climate and be sure TrueStorm is loaded after NAC to use both mods.

  Vivid Weathers:  NAC adds more new and uniques weathers included in a fully redone climate system. USE NAC Hybrid Climate and be sure VividWeather is loaded after NAC to use both mods.

  Moribund World:  NAC and its Nuclear season patch offers the same kind of experience and more. USE NAC Hybrid Climate and be sure Moribund World is loaded after NAC to use both mods.

  Fr4nsson's light tweaks:  NAC FULL uses new image spaces for all time of day of all weathers and also changed all the interiors lighting and image spaces. (Only work if NAC Climate is disabled)

  Interior enhanced:  NAC FULL changes all interiors lightning templates and cells. Use NAC - Exteriors Only (NACxo) if you want to use Interior enhanced for interiors.

 ♦ Enhanced Lights & FX:
  NAC FULL changes all interiors lightning templates, light sources, light positions and cells. Use NAC - Exteriors Only (NACxo) if you want to use ELFX for interiors.

  ♦ Darker nights:  NAC offers a wide variety of different night times depending of the moon occlusion, the humidity level and the cloud density. A.I detection has been tweaked according to the changes and more. (Only work if NAC Climate is disabled)

  ♦ True nights: same thing. Not mentioning NAC also adds different time of day into night times. (Only work if NAC Climate is disabled)

  Remove interior fog and dynamic interior fog remover:  NAC FULL uses fog for interior lighting in its own way. NAC has its own dynamic fog removal setting available from the holotape when in interior location.

  Fog out:  NAC changes the fog distance and density depending of each weather. Nac also change the detection on each weather depending of the fog density. Not mentioning Fogout only work for vanilla weathers.(Only work if NAC Climate is disabled)

  Fallout 4 enhanced color correction, Neutral luts (and every other game luts mods):  NAC disables LUTs and work only with raw color and light. Not mentioning that all the image space are new. (Only work if NAC Climate is disabled)

  Heavy rain:  NAC tweaks the rain and its sounds and adds different textures depending of each rain weather.

  ♦ Climate tweaks:  NAC entirely changes the climate system and the Time of Day values.

  LFX:  NAC FULL changes the light sources to get the right temperature and intensity.

  Nuclear weather:  NAC adds its own radstorms.USE NAC Hybrid Climate and be sure Nuclear Weather is loaded after NAC to use both mods.
  Any other weather mods:  for obvious reasons. USE NAC Hybrid Climate and be sure other weather mod is loaded after NAC to use both mods.

  Radiant Clouds and Fog:  NAC uses its own fog system for no fps loss and its own clouds textures (you can try to use RCF textures tho).

  ♦ Console enabler mods for survival:  Console is enabled by default for all difficulties with NAC.

  ♦ Terminal speed mods:  NAC multiplies the speed of terminals by default for ease of use of NACFX

  ♦ Timescale mods:  NAC has various timescale options from the ANAC holotape.

Every plugins altering weather, climate, water, time of day, fog, colors, image space, interiors & exteriors lighting, game LUTs, godrays, particles, visual effects...

  ♦ DYNAVISION is compatible.

Understand that NAC is meant to be an all-in-one weather/lighting mod that is already taking care of all of this things on its own way and more.
You don't need to use them while using NAC and they will break the plug-in if you do.

Remember to

ANAC holotape allows to make safe saves before uninstall NAC.
This will prevent crashes with any loaded saves from NAC to another mod or with vanilla game.

• Credits & Thanks
FO4Edit by Zilav
Bethesda for their games and their Creation Kit.
And everyone who endorses, gives feedback or adds screenshots in the user gallery: ♥