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DirectHit is an engine based damage calculation overhaul. This mod adds real locational damage, known from games like Tarkov or Arma. The damage is calculated against the body part you hit and the armor that covers it. This also covers power armor. Power Armor will negate damage completely until it parts break.

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What does this mod do?

This mod changes how damage is calculated on the engine level of Fallout 4 and turns it into a modern shooter game!
In the vanilla game, every hit is calculated against the combined armor you are wearing. It doesn't matter, if you hit a body part with no armor or a body part which is covered by a big and heavy armor. It always deals the same amount of damage. DirectHit changes that. When you use DirectHit and shoot at a body part, the damage is only calculated against the "natural armor*" and the armor that is equipped on that body part. This mean, shooting at body parts with no armor, will deal more damage, than shooting at body parts covered by metal plates.
Say hello again to VATS** to help you to aim at specific body parts!

Power Armor
Power Armor is iconic to the Fallout universe. A one man army. But it never really felt like that. DirectHit also covers Power Armor, optionally and has to be enabled in the ini file. Similar to my other mod Bastion - A Power Armor Overhaul, DirectHit also includes a very very basic version of it, with less features. Body parts covered by Power Armor, will take no damage, until the parts break. Body parts, that are no longer covered by Power Armor Parts are vulnerable to damage. If you are looking for the full Power Armor experience, make sure to check out Bastion - A Power Armor Overhaul as it is fully compatible with this mod!

*Natural Armor: Damage resistance that is present on the race or npc itself. This also includes effects, that add damage resistances, like chems or food buffs.

**The damage shown is VATS is not correct. It still uses the old calculation method from Bethesda. This can also be seen in the showcase below. But its also good to see the difference it will make with this mod.

Optional Armor Buffs
They are no longer "required" they have been moved to the Misc category. For people who prefer the old method of armor handling. If you wish to use the old method, make sure you set the armor multipliers in the DirectHit ini file to 1.

Recommended Mods

Bastion - A Power Armor Overhaul
Power Armor is now able to absorb and prevent damage. Each armor part will work individually and absorb the damage of the body part it covers. Once the armor parts start to break, you can take damage on the body part that got exposed. Some weapons are also able to penetrate armor and deal damage to the wearer.

Better Locational Damage and Optional Gameplay Overhauls

A realistic damage overhaul with many optional features: Headshots, Bleeding, Pain, Stagger and more.
RobCo Patch available, to automatically patch your whole load order and any mods you use! Better Locational Damage - RobCo Patch

Better Explosives Redux 
Rebalances the damage, radius and force of explosions. Making them more effective & realistic.
Features the revamped Nuka Quantum Grenade. It works similar to a molotov but more effective and new visuals.
Cryo-nades can now deep freeze your target. Pulse grenades are very effective vs robots and can stun Synths. And much more.

Sighted Weapon Accuracy Fix
Aiming you can count on. Say farewell to randomness, achieving reliable shot placement and enhancing your control over aiming accuracy.

Game Configuration Menu 
GCM allows you easily set many game settings without the need of additional ESPs or console commands.
If you are using the Power Armor Negation option, you can use GCM to tweak the durability of your and enemies Power Armor.

Fatigue - Enhanced Combat Realism
Fatigue - ECR removes the the static aim behavior when using guns. Your character stats influence your gun handling and will improve it, the more you invest in it. The weight of your gun, now slowly drains your Action Points, while aiming and handling the recoil. The lower your Action Points fall, the wobble of your weapon will increase.

In general this mod is compatible with all mods out there.
Some F4SE Mods that are not compatible are listed below

The following mods are NOT compatible:
Better Power Armor Redux (Better Power Armor)
Floating Damage (Floating Damage)
Energy Weapon Calculation Fix (Energy Weapon Calculation Fix) - already implemented in DirectHit
Knockout Framework (Knockout Framework (Death Alternative))

Energy Weapon Calculation Fix at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com) 

Those mods use a different hooking mechanic and are not compatible. The mod will not work.

Locational Damage
In this gif, you can see, that a normal shot would do about 10% of max health damage. But when the player shoots, the actual shot does >30% damage. Because the raider has no body armor and thus 0 resistance.

Power Armor
When you wear a power armor, the damage you take is prevented by the power armor. Once the power armor parts break, the body parts, that are no longer covered are vulnerable.

Install the requirements.
Install the mod with your favorite mod manager.

Manual install, drop the F4SE folder into your Fallout 4 Data folder.

You have suggestions or questions? Feel free to post them into the comment section!

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Cooking Overhaul allows you to disable the heal , buff or radiation effects
from food.There is also an separate version, which is a complete
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Better Power Armor - Redux
Your Power Armor will now fully absorb the damage of ballistic and laser weapon types.
Each armor part will work individually and absorb the damage of the body part it covers.
When one power armor part breaks, only this body part that was covered will take damage.
Keep your power armor in a good state and it will protect you.

Dynamic Helmet
Auto equip/unequip helmet when combat starts/end. Quick toggle of the
equipped helmet and/or other facial equipment with a key, which can be
set with MCM.

Configurable Artillery
Configurable Artillery allows you to control several settings of the artillery. In
addition to that, it features an optimised script for faster shooting
artillery. The rate of fire, spread, range and more can be easily
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Third Person First Person Aiming
Allows you to switch from third to first person while aiming and switches you back, when you release the aim button.
Requires F4SE

Better Locational Damage
Most realistic damage overhaul you'll find on the whole nexus. Promised.
Features: Scripted headshots, scripted dismemberment, bleedings, stagger ,stab 
your enemies from behind, Shotgun knockback and more! Balanced melee and
range combat. Settings holotape and MCM available to tweak features to your 
liking or completely disable them!

Give me that bottle
Ever wondered that you drink a beer for example and the bottle is magically
gone? With the new survival mode you could use the bottle to 
get some water! But how to get this bottle!? Give Me That Bottle fixes 
that and gives a bottle in return! This mod adds new water bottles and 
cooking recipes to turn your dirty water into purified water

Better Explosives (Previous version of this and no longer be updated, but still valid)
Better Explosives overhauls explosives in Fallout 4.
The aim of this mod is to make explosives deadly, more fun and make them differ from each other.

Better Explosives Redux 
Better Explosives Redux overhauls explosives in Fallout 4.
The aim of this mod is to make explosives deadly, more fun and make them
differ from each other. This version, is the newest version of the
Better Explosives series, but requires DLCs. If you don't have all DLCs,
please visit the non-redux version.

Game Configuration Menu
GCM allows you easily set many game settings without the need of additional ESPs or console commands. It's awesome.

Survival Configuration Menu
Features a brand new eat and drink system, which relies on weight of the item
instead of the caps value and allows you to control it. In addition to
that, you can tweak many aspects of the survival added features. Like
tweaking disease chance, disabling Adrenaline. Choose how long you can
maximally sleep on the different bet types. And more.

Complex Vendors
Known from Skyrim and other games, many vendors are restricted. You can't
sell everything to anyone. This also prevents the player from piling up
currency. This mod applies several restrictions to several NPCs. For
example, a doctor can only buy and sell chem related items. But there
are still some stores, where you can dump everything.

And more