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Features a brand new eat and drink system, which relies on weight of the item instead of the caps value and allows you to control it.
In addition to that, you can tweak many aspects of the survival added features. Like tweaking disease chance, disabling Adrenaline. Choose how long you can maximally sleep on the different bet types.
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What is Survival Configuration Menu?

SCM is more than just a menu, that allows you to configure several aspects of the survival elements of Fallout 4
It features a brand new eat and drink system, which works now with weight of the item, instead of caps value.

Eat & drink
As said before, this mod features a new system and every food or drink item is now calculated by it's weight. Don't like that? No problem, you can switch between the old and new system.

How much do I need to eat or drink?
Way less than before. It's now much more humanely. The old system was really bad implemented. You had to consume tons of meat, just because it has a low cap value. Hungry? Let's eat a whole Radstag! Oh, I'm still peckish!

A short overview with some vague values. Real values depend on your actual hunger & thirst
Peckish? A small snack with 0.1 weight to 0.3 weight can be enough
Hungry? Then you need more than that, about 0.5 weight to 0.7 weight
Starving? About 1.0 weight to 1.5 weight.
With drinking, it's similar, but a little bit less.

Hunger and thirst
Do you remember the days, when you used two Rad-Aways and went from satiated back to hungry? Well, good news, I've fixed that for you. You can now configure exactly how much hunger or thirst you gain from items.

It's a very good feature. At least for other people but not for me. So I added an option to disable Adrenaline.
Changes to adrenaline are planned, but not yet included.

Carry weight
Survival features a reduced carry weight for the player. Want more carry weight? Disable it!

Your companion gets downed very often and you don't want to waste your Stimpacks on them after each fight? Disable it!
Too much stuff to carry and your companion is also already overloaded? Disable the survival carry weight restriction and overload him with more junk, today!

Control your diseases and don't let them control you! 
You can now modify the chance of catching a disease and/or disable diseases on hit. (Like for example from dogs, molerats, etc.)

There are many actions which add to a disease risk pool. It ranges from 0 to 1.
Getting hit by a molerat, dog or any other animal that is in the disease faction, increases that pool.
Other actions like drinking a Nuka Cola or swimming can also contribute to it. 
When we enter a disease risk event, which means we roll for a disease, we check, if we are under the threshold of 0.25 points. If yes, we are save from a disease. If not, we roll the dice from 0.01 to 1. If we hit in the range of the pool size we will catch a disease. Except, we have some herbal med effects running, in this case they will prevent the application.
The status effect immunodeficiency multiplies the disease points you receive. In addition to that, every time to reach the immunodeficiency state it will add immediately points to that pool.

You can now configure how your fatigue is composed. It consists of 3 values, hunger, thirst and sleep fatigue.
The math behind that looks like that:
( Hunger fatigue * mult + thirst fatigue * mult + sleep fatigue * mult ) /Hunger fatigue + thirst fatigue sleep fatigue  )

How to configure it then? Want to have sleep a much higher impact than drink or food? Increase the sleep value from 3 to 6.

The sleep cycle is 14 hours and it takes two 2 sleep cycles to get tired. After that 1 cycle increases your exhaustion level.
There are two influences, insomnia & fatigue.

Fatigue decreases the cycle time by 50% (0.5) and you need to sleep twice as often.
Insomnia decrease the effective sleep you get. If you sleep for 10 hours, that time is multiplied by 0.5 and you end up with 5 hours of effective sleep.

Set a keyboard button with MCM, to create an auto or hard save.
Enable timed saves to let the game save for you and your progress. Choose the frequency and your desired kind of save.
Hard saves require (Unlimited Survival Mode- https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26163 )

This mod contains several fixes, which are also contained within in the unofficial fallout 4 patch and additional fixes, like a fix for game freezes & crashes when using VATS. (If a developer from Bethesda reads this: For gods sake, fix your game!)