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This mod allows you to recruit several vanilla unique NPCs as settlers, makes many named settlers moveable between settlements, and adds new unique NPCs that can be recruited to settlements.

Permissions and credits
Updated 06/06/22 (v 3.0)
  • The mod no longer contains the recruit perk and logic.   RL_Recruit_Framework is now required which provides the recruitment perk and logic.  See that mod's description for details.
  • No content changes were made in this release, only the removal of the recruitment perk.

Important consideration  Please READ :
  • Do not install this version (06/06/2022) into a saved 'in-progress' game where any prior versions (prior to 06/06/2022) of the following mods are installed. The old versions are not compatible with the updated versions nor with the new framework.
  • Animal Rescue
  • Nomads (Wandering Settlers)
  • Recruitable NPC
  • Install only into a new game or into a game where no prior versions of the above mods are installed.

See the articles Known Limitations and Current Issues  before using this mod!

This mod
  • Updates the workshop script properties on the existing 'named' vanilla settlers at the following settlements and allows them to be moved between settlements.  I recommend completing any associated quests before moving named settlers who give quests.
 Abernathy Farm
 Finch Farm
 Warrick Homestead
  • Adds 25 unique named NPCs to be discovered and whom can be recruited as settlers. See the NPC list for names of the unique npcs.
  • Optionally allows the following selected unique NPCs to be recruited as settlers.
Phyllis Daily
Ronnie Shaw
Leonard Moore
Parker Quinn

To allow recruiting the above selected npcs you must enable a hidden option.


  • Given the optional recruitment of Trudy, Patrick.. this mod pairs nicely with Drumlin Diner --- New Settlement ----  and with Doc Drumlin by SKK to provide a new early game settlement complete with a doctor.  Since Doc Drumlin is unique she cannot be recruited directly, but if Drumlin Diner is a settlement, she can be assigned to that or another settlement via the workshop.

Hint: several of the new unique NPCs were added in locations to benefit settler recruitment in the early game

Also check out my 
Animal Rescue  and Moveable Covenant Settlers mods which complement Recruitable NPCs.

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