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Fallout 4-76 transforms the Commonwealth into an open world with all areas unlocked and no human NPCs for a quest free land of scavenging opportunity. Repopulate with whatever actors you need to create your own narrative for another survive, scavenge and rebuild experience.

Permissions and credits
Fallout 4-76 transforms the Commonwealth into an open world with all areas unlocked and no human NPCs for a quest free land of scavenging opportunity. Repopulate with whatever actors you need to create your own narrative for another survive, scavenge and rebuild experience.

This legacy page is for old savegames and modlists that depend on OpenWorld version 040.

Commonwealth of Decay is the latest OpenWorld iteration,
it can be used in basic OpenWorld mode without any of the new decay systems.

This solution started waaaaaay back in June 2018 as a Fallout 76 simulator that removes all human NPCs, adds irritating griefers (aka players) and nukes to explore the new game mechanics that Bethesda announced at E3. It has evolved into an open world or blank canvas for your imagination in which to build dynamic systems that deliver unpredictable experiences . When you have done every quest and NPC dialogue to death, but still want to spend time in the fa-bu-lus Fallout 4 world … rebuild or trash the Commonwealth with your own conditions.
Almost heaven, Fallout 4
Elevated freeways, Charles River
Ghouls are old there, older than the trees
Younger than the freeways, glowing like the seas.

Install this solution at any time in any game as it does absolutely nothing to your game until you use the [ Fallout 4-76 Open World Holotape ] given after V111 exit (or craft at chemlab) to select:

[>>> ENABLE Fallout 4-76 Open World ]

Baseline Configuration

(1) All placed or persistent human, ghoul and synth NPC references in the Commonwealth exterior are removed within 3 minutes* of enabling the OpenWorld and replaced with actor spawn markers.

(*) this can take up to 10 minutes to process with all factions unlocked and 500 settlers on a potato.

Then as the player runs around the world, all human, ghoul and synth actors that are triggered to spawn are dynamically removed as they load (and replaced with actor spawn markers) to deliver a nearZeroNPC™ experience.

(2) All base game user facing quests are shutdown.

(3) Base game random encounters are disabled with new spawn points added;

    180 RE Random Encounter
    50 POI Point of Interest 
    220 BOSS Containers

(4) Most quest or key locked doors and elevators in the Commonwealth and internal spaces are unlocked or opened so you can access all areas without quests or NPC key holders. The Player is automatically granted ownership of any workshops when activated. Fast Travel (including Survival) to and from Institute, RailRoad, NukaWorld and Far Harbor enabled (if DLCs installed).

You can start a new game outside Vault 111 and go nearly anywhere in the Commonwealth without having to chitchat with anyone. Anything that is still closed or locked can be bypassed with Open Anything.

Dynamic Configuration Options (change as much as you like in a game)


Choose the replacements to populate the spawn markers in a real time radius around the player during movement to ensure they level. Options for:

> Replacement actor [ *None, Feral, Synth, Raider, Custom, Random ] random includes the custom list if available
> Replace dead actors [ *Off | On ] the set dressing actors which start dead.
> Spawn chance [ 20% to *100% ]
> Gameday respawn [ Disabled to 16 game days ]
> Spawn near workshops [ *Off | On ]
> Spawn at random encounter RE markers [ Off | *On ] e.g. you want to use Random Encounter Manger
> Spawn at POI/BOSS markers [ Off | *On ]
Random replacement actors may or may not attack each other for extra amusement and ambiance depending on their base faction relations.

If you are on an Xbox or potato PC that struggles downtown, avoid Custom/Random actors and disable the RE and POI marker spawns. BOSS markers are mostly in interiors.


[ enable | *disable ] an irregular team spawn to stalk the player anywhere (interiors,  settlements … they don’t care). If you dont like being followed, no problem don’t enable them, or disable when you have had enough.

> Griefer Actor  [ *Feral, Synth, Mixed, Custom, Random ] random includes the custom list if available
> Realtime spawn frequency [ Disabled to 60 minutes ]

Random griefer actors will should not attack each other to focus their grief on the player. 


[ enable | *disable ] occasional nukes to be launched at you (by griefers, a mad AI or your imagination) with 3 stage warnings [ Codes Released ] [ Target Selected ] [ Nukes Inbound ] for plenty of get-away time. Nukes leave dirty radiation areas, loot and some hostile actors which clean up on the respawn setting. They will never be launched at settlement or workshop locations. If you don’t like nukes being launched at you, no problem don’t enable them, or disable when you have had enough.

> Nuke launch realtime frequency [ *Disabled to 60 minutes ]

[ enable | disable ] radiant missions to rescue extinction event survivors from random locations around the Commonwealth.

> Frequency [ *Disabled | Constant | Random ] random is 30 to 90 real time minutes.
> Survivor Health [ *Protected | Recovers | Needs healing | Mortal ]

If rescue quests are enabled and the player does not own a WorkshopParent registered settlement workshop, Sanctuary is automatically set owned to provide a recruitment target. Whilst the target workshop is usually nearest to the player when the quest starts, if any (registered) workshop is activated with a survivor following, they will use that as the destination. The survivor becomes a full workshop settler on completion.


[ *enables | disables ] 7 new trade counter replacements for consumers who have to shop for stuff, rather than traditional scavenging and crafting. They should all offer 24 hour service and stock legendary items ‘cos if you must shop, then do it properly. DocBots can be found at Drumlin Diner and in Diamond City.


> Headshots to kill [ enable | *disable ] for replacements and griefers, no other actors.  This can be time sensitive during busy combat so don’t enable if you have other script intensive Workshop/Combat solutions running. Actors that wont die are a clue. 

> Actor death tags [ *enables | disables ] collectable tags if you enjoy that sort of thing.

> Hostile Warnings [ *disabled | text notification | text and mapmarker ] for Griefers and nukes.

> Protect companions [ None | *All current | All current & all base game ] will apply the SKK_476NoDisable keyword to relevant companions before the conversion starts so they are not removed from the world. It only knows bout mod aded actors that are  currently marked as followers. It does not make quest locked base game companions available tho, use Unlock All Companions to do that properly.

Other Features


If vertibird travel is not already enabled, after every survivor rescue there is a chance that a vertibird pilot survivor will turn up and ask for help. If you say (No) they will never return, (Later) defers them to another rescue, there is no time limit to complete (Yes). If you give up searching for landed vertibirds (quitter) and didn’t ask the pilot to mark them on your map, you can always return and ask again.


if you are too lazy to do the survivor missions, or want to customise boring vanilla settlers, build a 4-76 Settler Recruitment Radio [ Workshop Resources > Miscellaneous ] which can instantly spawn a 476 protected settler, or recruits one per game day up to the number of beds in that settlement. Your game Timescale setting will affect the real time this takes. You can also use the following 4-76 protected settler recrutment services: Combat Settlers spawn button, Workshop Ownership Utilities population manager, Multiracial Workshop Actors recruitment radio & beacon.


Most of the base game vendor unique ("aspiration") items are recreated in the corresdponding robot vendor sales inventory.

Many base game unique items like Ashmaker, Deliverer, Le Fusil are placed in their base game locations.

476 Adds several of its own unique legendary items to the world, the player is given a note with obtuse clues.

Considerations & FAQ

(0) Use this SKK476OpenWorld.esp v040 only if you have existing save-games, mods, packs or configurations that specifically depend on this. Otherwise it would be better to use the more up-to-date SKK476OpenWorld.esp from Commmonwealth of Decay as that is likely to be the maintained platform going forward. All of the decay game systems can be disabled for the normal OpenWorld experience.

(1) When the world is first converted with replacements active, they are not populated in the active cells around the player for safety. As you start wandering around the world they will appear over a minimum distance, but entering an uncleared interior space can get hectic. If you change the replacement actor setting after the conversion, it only takes effect on movement when cells load and unload the actors in a 10K radius around the player.

(2) If spawn chance is less than 100% and a marker fails the spawn chance test when it loads, it is not checked again until it loads after the [ Gameday respawn ] time elapses.

(3) THIS REMOVES EXISTING BASE GAME HUMAN SETTLERS (not DLC01 robots).  You will need to rescue or recruit new 4-76 compatible actors for your settlements, or use Combat Settlers mod which can protect all existing settlers before the 4-76 conversion. 

(4) If you want to protect any other actors, use the PC console to select a survivor and enter [ AddKeyword SKK_476NoDisable ]. Spawning mods will need to implement the keyword on actors, or in script to avoid their product being automatically disabled (and replaced). The article Fallout 4-76 protect NPC actors from removal provides players and mod authors with all the info.

(5) If you want to use custom actors for replacements and/or griefers, the easy method is to save SKK_476UserAddedActorList as an xEdit over-ride file and add Non-Player Character (Actor) NPC_ records to it. Learn more in the article Fallout 4-76 console configuration and actor lists 040 to 049 LEGACY.

(6) DLCs – whilst this mod makes Mechanist, Nukaworld and Far Harbor world spaces accessible if installed, it does not neatly shut down all of the DLC quests and open doors as it does for the base game, to avoid DLC dependencies. Use a combination of SKK Vertibird World Travel and SKK Open Anything  toget there and make stuff accessible.

(7) This changes zero existing content, makes no hard edits to the world so clearly breaks no precombines. There are no static placed adds, its all dynamically scripted. The only change in making some objects persistent (so Story Manager and scripts can find them) is the cell PreVis serial. This is only noticed in GeneralAtomicsFactory01 if running DLC01 Automatron, use the optional  SKK476DLC01Patch file to fix the interior PreVis conflict.

(8) If you find any access doors key locked, blocked or inaccessible, use SKK Open Anything and post/PM the DLC/Worldspace and 8 digit object ID (open the console and click on the item) to include it if missed. They are easy updates to publish for the Commonwealth, difficult for DLC worldspaces.

(9) If you are desperate to know all the differences between 038 and 040 you will have to figure that out for yourself. It's nearly everything on this page and the actorpick/marker/spawn logic is explained in the article Fallout 4-76 console configuration and actor lists 040 to 049 LEGACY. Read it again.
(10) If you need to run the previous generation in an existing save, version 038 for PC is still available on skkmods.com

(11) If you are now running Fallout4.exe 1.10.980 update or later with the bundled CC content use Start Creation Club when YOU want to prevent those quests from starting.

Known Issues

(1) Loading an EXIT SAVE with an active rescue quest can (10% of the time) corrupt that quest so it just stops, you will be notified to restart it with the holotape. FULL SAVES do not have this problem which is why you really need a survival solution.

PC manual download installation

Copy SKK476OpenWorld.esp, SKK476OpenWorld – Main.BA2 and SKK476OpenWorld – Textures.BA2 to your …\Fallout 4\Data directory, edit Plugins. or enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever.

Compatibility & disable

The mod makes ZERO changes to any base game scripts, items, actors, stats so should be safe to use with overhauls that do hack items, actors and stats around (not scripts, never ever use hacked scripts).

The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs. It’s 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and wrapper scripts. As it performs major surgery to actors and quests the running world, unlike most elegantly engineered SKK mods it is a one way conversion and CAN NOT BE DISABLED OR REMOVED FROM A SAVEGAME.

As this is published after November 2019 it requires Fallout4.exe (or later) or equivalent workarounds.

(a) This mod is 100% compatible with any and all SKK mods unless an SKK mod states specific issues, so READ FULL MOD DESCRIPTIONS.

(b) This automatically removes any actor with [ Keyword: ActorTypeNPC ] (which is all humans) if you add those actors by any method known to man or god (mod, xedit, console ...) they will be removed unless the safe keyword to stop removal is added by reading this article Protect NPC actors from removal.  

Fallout 4-76 Configuration Articles

Fallout 4-76 Console configuration and actor lists 040 to 049 LEGACY
Fallout 4-76 Protect NPC actors from removal
Fallout 4-76 Import custom actors LEGACY 

Associated mods developed from or for this solution

Open Anything to bypass any locked door, terminal, container, elevator or animation.
PlayerUndead death recovery to keep on living.
Vertibird World Travel to travel between worldspaces without the quests.
Dynamic Loot Reduction switch loot to what you want the wasteland to offer.
Unlock all Companions protects and makes available any/all base game companions.
Nuclear Winter Mobility Mutations parkour the Commonwealth without a jetpack.

Human actor spawning mods known to be compatible

Missions Committee
Combat Stalkers
Instant Battleground
Multiracial Workshop Actors 
Random Encounter Manager 
Red Rocket Scavver faction 
Settlement Attack System


RedRocketTV for new texture assets.
HadToRegister for voice.
MrsSKK for placeholder voice that was never replaced.
deadbeeftffn for REF_ATTACH_NODE.
PlayerUndead for 123321 testing testing testing.

If you have read the comprehensive solution description and articles but still need support,
use the SKK Mods Discord channel https://discord.gg/tgKNT77DC8