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Adds a highly customizable M4 that features models, sounds, animations in 1st and 3rd person and multiple variations to keep your M4 needs satisfied.

My Discord: https://discord.gg/t8xES57jem
My YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaAWXsfslSSJk93-6rKa66Q

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
  • German

2.0 changes many fundamentals of the mod as a whole, this will require a new clean download as a result.
How to install:
Uninstall the previous 1.0 BA2s, if you unpacked the mod make sure you delete all loose assets (Loose assets override BA2s
Download either main file.
Then download either High resolution or Low Resolution textures.

This mod adds a highly customizable M4. Featuring sounds, and animations (1st and 3rd person), including 4 unique reloads for 12 different magazine options. It also includes various blueprints to be found around the Commonwealth with some MasterCraft weapons available to be crafted at the chemistry station.

How to install:
Download either main file.
Then download either High resolution or Low Resolution textures.

How to get:
You can find the XM4 inside the armory in vault 111. You can find the M16 variants inside the museum of freedom at the tapestry section, they will be leaning against a display case.There are 10 unique blueprints scattered across the commonwealth which you can find, I will not spoil the locations however. The Mastercraft Blueprints will be craftable at the chemistry station.

Due to the changes made to Fallout 4 and the Creation Kit in the most recent update, this mod will only work properly in games patched to version 1.10.163+

For Tactical reload:
Download Tactical Reload
Make sure to download the See through scopes compatible patches on the Tactical reloads modpage,
for the Extended Weapons systems make sure it is above Tactical reload in the load order.
Likewise make sure your Fallout 4 is up to date, and a legal copy. 
Use any patch available on the Tactical reload modpage to avoid conflicts and resolve the issue of animations not playing

[Tactical Reload not working is user fault]

All credit and copyright goes to Activision and its respective companies.
Credits to the Infinity Ward teams that bring these games to life: Ben Garnell, Peter Chen, Ben Turner, Mike Velasquez, Jeremy Thurman, Alexandr Khaliman, Ed Fedorei, Nikolay Myhalenko, Aaron Beck, Hyper, Khoa Le, Mark Grigsby Troy Irving. (Long list)
COD tools - Scobula for making all of this possible <3
Tactical Reload - Bwones for making it possible 
AMarkInTheDark for the video
Thank you to everyone that took screenshots for this mod <3

Tools used in my modding process
3DS Max
Outfit Studio
Material Editor