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The full 32:9 experience. Fixes all bugs/problems of 32:9 resolutions and is fully compatible to FallUI, DEF_UI, Horizon, HUDFramework, etc.
Tested resolutions: 3840x1080 and 5120x1440.

Permissions and credits

Similar to my other aspect ratio fixing mod Ultra Wide Interface (21x9), this one is specialized on fixing all bugs/problems of 32:9 aspect ratios. In addition to fixing the problems it is compatible to almost any other interface mod and it has many options to pick from.

It fixes so many things, here are only the main changes:
  • Power Armor: HUD Size and position fixed, visible glass visor wide fixed, raindrops on the whole wide visible, options for transparency, visor visibility, HUD color and full wide or centered HUD.
  • Container/Barter Menu: Size and position fixed
  • Examine Items Menu: Size and position fixed
  • Favorites Menu: Size and bracket alignment fixed and has an option for left, centered or right position. 
  • HUD Menu: Size and positions fixed (many mod patches included). Option to use a centered/wide vanilla layout included
  • Level Up Menu: Size fixed
  • Loading Menu: Size and positions fixed
  • Lockpicking: Size and position fixed (text is now visible and the lockpicking feels correctly)
  • Looks Menu: Size and positions fixed (Patch for the LooksMenu mod included)
  • Message Boxes/Prompts: Size and positions fixed
  • Dialogue Wheel/Companion Command Wheel: Size and position fixed (alternative use of XDI - Extended Dialogue Interface included)
  • Scopes (See Through): Size and positions fixed. Black borders have been fixed. Alternative option for transparency. 
  • Sit/Wait/Sleep Menu: Size and position fixed. Fullscreen blackscreen while sleeping.
  • SPECIAL Menu: Size and position fixed
  • VATS: Size and positions fixed
  • Vertibird: Size and position fixed
  • Workshop: Size and positions fixed, larger selection area, smaller info windows, repositioned info screens
  • Workshop (Caravan): Size and position fixed, size of preview objects fixed in order to be able to see them, mismatched background is fixed or invisible (option)
  • Notes/Books: Size of notes/books fixed in order to read them without bleeding eyes
  • 3D Previews of items (inventory/workbench): Size fixed
  • Background shadow: Positioning and sizing is fixed. Option to make it invisible (transparency)
  • Main Menu Repositioned text, mods pages, creation club pages, the black screen loading is now fullscreen

This mod is compatible with almost any other mod, because you can select during installation, which parts you want to use. On top of that, there are many compatibility patches build in. 

Compatibility patches for the following mods are currently included:

You can do the following things (setting your correct resolution and mod activation) either by following this instructions or via a tool like BethINI. Just be sure that you set the correct mod manager path, when using Mod Organizer 2 (MO2), because it has its own copies of the INI files.

1. Change the games resolution to 32:9
Set a 32:9 resolution for Fallout 4 (for example 5120x1440). Do this by starting the game's official launcher and click on "Options". Set the correct aspect ratio and resolution.
If you can't find your resolution there, you'll have to edit the Fallout4Prefs.ini file manually. Please look inside the spoiler tag.

For Mod Organizer 2 (MO2):
Start MO2, go to the "Tools" menu, go to "Tool Plugins", and click on "INI Editor". Then click on "Fallout4Prefs.ini".

Anyone else:
Go to the "Documents\My Games\Fallout4\" folder and open the "Fallout4Prefs.ini" file with any text editor.

Change the numbers of the following two values after the "=" to match your resolution. Note that H is most likely before W:
iSize H=1440
iSize W=5120

iSize H=1080
iSize W=3840

Save the options, start the game for once and then continue with the following installation steps.

2. Installation of this mod
Best way is to install it via a Mod Manager (MO2 is recommended), because there you can choose your correct options in the FOMOD installer. But you can install it manually if you want to, it's just a bit complex to do it that way and I can't guarantee that it will work afterwards.
... via a Mod Manager
Please download one of the main files with the button "MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD" and set this mod in the load order after all other interface mods that you are using, because the 32:9 fixes have to overwrite compatible mods. It automatically ignores incompatible mods that you select during installation with a mod manager (FOMOD installer included). Overwrite all existing files during installation and you are ready to go.

Warning: Only choose the mods in the FOMOD installer, that you really have installed, or it can lead to game crashes! The installer installs only mod files that need a resolution fix and not the whole mods.

... manually
Make a backup of your interface files and please overwrite any file that is prompted while doing the following steps.

You must tell Fallout 4 that you are using this mod.

1. Open the Windows Explorer (Shortcut: Windows-Key + E)
2. Insert %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Fallout4 in the address bar
3. Edit plugins.txt. If there is no such file, then create it (It's a textfile with the name plugins).
4. Insert the following line as the last line (with the asterisk):

Now you can copy the files you want/need (folder descriptions are below).
1. Download one of the main files with the button "MANUAL DOWNLOAD" and unzip the file.
2. Copy the content of the folder "Shared" to "Fallout 4\Data".
3. Navigate to the folder "Options".
4. Copy either the "Meshes" folder of the folder "BackgroundShadow_Invisible" or "BackgroundShadow_Visible" to "Fallout 4\Data".
5. Copy either the "Interface" folder of the folder "FavoritesMenu_Centered", "FavoritesMenu_Left" or "FavoritesMenu_Right" to "Fallout 4\Data".
6. Copy either the "Interface" folder of the folder "Vignette_Invisible" or "Vignete_Visible" to "Fallout 4\Data".
7. Copy either the content of one of the "Transparency" subfolders of the folder "PA_Centered\Default" or "PA_Wide\Default" to "Fallout 4\Data".

It must look like this. Any other folder combinations you create won't work!
Fallout 4\Data\Interface\
Fallout 4\Data\Meshes\
Fallout 4\Data\Textures\
Fallout 4\Data\Aigni_UltraWide.esp <- This file must be written to plugins.txt (as mentioned at the beginning!)
Fallout 4\Data\Aigni_UltraWide.ini <- Without this file, books, objects in workshops etc. will not be scaled correctly!

You can choose if you want to see a background shadow behind some parts of the interface, which is the vanilla behaviour.

You can define where the favorites will be shown on the screen.

Power armor:
You can choose if the power armor HUD will be full wide or centered, which color the HUD should have and it's transparency.

If you want the default color you have to copy the "Meshes" (and "Textures") folder of "PA_Centered\Default\Transparency_YourChoice" or "PA_Wide\Default\Transparency_YourChoice" to "Fallout 4\Data".

If you want to use one of the power armor HUD colors you have to copy the "Meshes" (and "Textures") folder of "PA_Centered\Colored\Transparency_YourChoice" or "PA_Wide\Colored\Transparency_YourChoice" to "Fallout 4\Data".
For the colored HUD you will also need to copy one of the "Textures" folders from PA_HUD_Color\Transparency_YourChoice\YourColorChoice to "Fallout 4\Data" or your power armour HUD will look terrible.

Here you can choose if you want to have a subtle black shadow on the screen border while in VATS. It's a vanilla feature.

Choosing the right interface mods
Each folder in the Options folder contains the fixes for the vanilla HUD. They all start with the prefix "Default". Please select each appropriate vanilla folder (some have options included as subfolders) and copy the "Interface" folders to "Fallout 4\Data".

One exception: If you are using the vanilla HUD, you will need to copy either the "Interface" folder from "HUD_Centered" or "HUD_Wide" to "Fallout 4\Data". Centered will place all HUD elements in the centre of your screen, while Wide will move the elements to the far side of your screen.

You can choose one of three FavoriteMenus, positioned left, center or right. And if you don't like the power armor darker visor, you can remove it with PA_Visor_Invisible.

Finally leave the "Options" folder and open the folder "Patches". Now you can copy the "Interface" folders of every mod that you are using to "Fallout 4\Data" (some have options included as subfolders). Only exception to this rule is "Sniper Scope Overlay and Reticles Replacement" where you have to copy "ScopeOverlayDOF.esp" to "Fallout 4\Data" when using this mod (in addition to one of the "Interface" folders inside").

You can uninstall this mod but you should be sure that some interface parts could be not the same as before (without reinstalling certain mods for example).