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Add wheel menu to fast use/equip your ingestibles (chems, food, etc...), grenades, mines or anything you want. All menu sections are configurable. Slows time (doesn't pause!) when menu is opened. Forget about opening ugly pipboy just to change grenade or checking what you had previously equipped.

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Italian


1) F4SE (0.6.8 or greater) 
2) DEF_UI (Or Horizon since it includes DEF_UI)
3) Mod Configuration Menu (Otherwise you won't be able to set hotkey to open/close menu)
4) Sorting mod (Or Horizon) (optional, but without it you'll be restricted in various menu categories)

1) Install via mod manager/manually
  1.a) If installing manually copy one of the presets from presets/ directory to Interface/WHEEL_MENU/conf.xml
2) Open MCM, configure hotkey for menu
3) Press hotkey to open/close the menu (Or press d-pad down on gamepad)

Configuring Wheel Menu:
1) See Interface/WHEEL_MENU/conf.xml . This file should be self-explained to modify. To leverage tag patterns, you must have sorting mod installed. Otherwise use category pattern to perform default menu sorting based on item keywords.

Keyboard/mouse navigation:
1) W/S - select prev/next item in the list (removed in 1.3.1, use mouse scroll)
2) E - Use/equip current highlighted item in the list
3) Up/Down keys - select prev/next item in the list
4) Left/Right - select next/previous menu (left counterclockwise, right clockwise)
5) Mouse wheel inside item list - scroll
6) Mouse wheel outside of item list - select next/prev item (similar to quick loot menu) 

Gamepad navigation/controls:
1) D-Pad (left) down - Open Menu
2) B (O) - close menu
3) left stick left/right or d-pad left/right - switch menu
4) left stick up/down or d-pad up/down - select next/prev item
5) A (X) - use/equip item

Included Presets:
1) For vanilla game (Not recommended, use sorting mod/horizon)
2) For VIS-G Item Sorting mod mod
3) For Valdcil's Item Sorting Mod
4) For Horizon overhaul

Non vanilla presets (horizon, valdacil's, etc...) are for English version of game. If your sorting mod translates sorting tags, e.g. (Aid) Stimpak -> (Ayuda) Stimpak or (Помощь) Стимпак (or to whatever name it changes), you must edit conf.xml and change values according your translated names. Possible exception - Horizon preset due to unique symbols only (like (+)) names

Menu is too small/big for you? Set the scaling in the MCM configuration

Common problems:
Q: Mod is being displayed in MCM, i was able to set hotkey, but on keypress nothing happens
A: Common source of this problem - you have wrong/incomplete installation of F4SE. Reinstall F4SE. Data directory from F4SE archive MUST be copied to your game directory, this is not optional. Also make sure you're running game through f4se_loader.exe

Q: Still doesn't work after reinstalling/confirming proper installation of F4SE
A: Make sure you've enabled files invalidation as explained in the first section here

Q: Still doesn't work
A: Few mods by mistake are including F4SE papyrus scripts files (usually packed in BSA, so you won't see any conflicts). If you're using MO2 or vortex try to install F4SE script files through it and move it to the end of the load order so it would win all potentially conflicts. File invalidation from previous step is required
Known Mods what break F4SE
1) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9571 - Live Action Mr. Handy - Lights added to Codsworth and all Handy model Robot eyes

Q: Mod doesn't work
A: Fix your modlist and don't bother me unless you have evidence it doesn't work on vanilla new game with only mod dependencies installed. Words like "doesn't work" are helpless, so save your and my time, please.

Q: Menu appears, but always empty
A: You either installed wrong preset or using non english version of game/sorting mod (see above)

Q: I want to switch the weapons from the menu!
A: Weapons are not displayed by default in the menu for all presets (except vanilla) due to various problems and technical limitations. However you can enable basic support, add to Interface/WHEEL_MENU/conf.xml:
<menu icon="w_rifle" name="Weapons" type="right">
    <pattern kind="category" value="RangedWeapons" />
    <pattern kind="category" value="MeleeWeapons" />

If you enable them, you'll encounter following problems with weapons:
1) Only basic weapon names will be displayed, ignoring sorting name (and icon) and without taking account the installed weapon mods
2) If you have 2 or more instances of the same weapon, but with different installed weapon mods, they'll be still displayed as one weapon entry in the menu
2.1) Equipping such weapon will equip randomly weapon from the available weapon instances.

1) Left and right menu sections are independent of each other. For example you can have 5 left sections and only 2 right sections.
2) The number of sections is not restricted, but i wouldn't add more than 5-6 per pane due to icon clipping.
3) Menu is best optimized for white UI color (r/g/b: 255/255/255) and i recommend to use it, but should work with any game color. If text is not very readable in your preferred color, try to increase menu scaling.

TODO (in order of priority):
1) Improve navigation:
     1.1) allow to "stick" current menu so accidental mouse move won't close it (done, 1.2.1)
     1.2) implement hotkeys for switching over menus/items (done, 1.3.0)
2) Implement item/list container scrolling (done, 1.3.0)
3) Controller support (requires both 1 & 2 to be done first) (beta, 1.4.0)
4) Port to Skyrim SE
5) Add description window with item description/effects/damage to the currently hovered/selected item

Source code located at https://github.com/asvetliakov/Fallout4WheelMenu