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Get items from ESMs/ESPs/ESLs in-game, no more console, FormID and ALT+TAB.

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Is an unoriginal mod IN-GAME ESP Explorer from the author a1a3a6a9, and works from the author Havredave with mod DavesMods - In Game ESP Explorer. This version has been improved by me to work with MСM and requires it installed. 

I don't mind using my work to improve the mod and will even open the source code, as the author of the original mod did before me. I don't support old versions of mods for old F4SE.
Source: github

I recommend the FallUI mod, a compatibility patch is also required to take from them.


  • Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable (x64)
  • Choose the mod version depending on the F4SE version (At the end of the mod version, the numbers are a direct reference to the F4SE version)
  • Extract archive to root game directory Fallout 4
  • Run the game
  • Set active plugin ESPExplorerFO4.esp (As below as possible in the modlist)
  • Done

Update DavesMods - In Game ESP Explorer


- Fallout 4 (ver., ver. 1.10.980.0, ver. 1.10.984.0)
- F4SE (ver. 6.21 or newer)
MСM (Not critical, just for setting up the mod)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable (x64)


For compatibility with FallUI, this mod must be installed, then download FallUI and replace all files. FallUI replaces one .swf file this mod. In the folder "Interface.compatibility" to FallUI mod, take file MessageBoxMenu.compatESPExplorer.swf and move to "Data/Interface".

Or use the FOMOD installation FallUI and follow the instructions.


The mod is not compatible with mods replacing the interface, with the file MessageBoxMenu.swf


Q: I get a message saying <!!!OpenESPList!!!>, help me.
A: You installed this mod, then installed FallUI, but ignored the installation of the compatibility patch, FallUI is responsible for opening the list of mods, not this mod. This mod must be installed before FallUI in Vortex. The FOMOD may indicate a patch with DavesMods - In Game ESP Explorer. It doesn't matter, the interface is identical.

Q: Hi, any chance for VR compatibility now that we have a basic MCM VR?
A: None!

Q: The hotkey does not work in the new game, what to do?
A: Technically, the hotkey is F10 again. At the same time, the MСM will persistently convince the opposite, set the hotkey again via MСM so that the new game understands which hotkey to work.


File .esp should be enabled of the game and be as low as possible, but not necessarily.


a1a3a6a9, original
Havredave, maintenance