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Sets the build limit to exactly 3x for each settlement in the game.

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This mod allows you to increase the the build limit budget to "exactly 3x" for every settlement in the game with just a single command. Due to each settlement in the game having a different build limit, I have edited the size values for each one separately so they will be 3x the original limit rather than using the same value/size for all settlements like some other mods do. This should also make sure the build limit bar shows the correct amount. 

I have also included the option to reset the build limit back to the default values.
Enjoy :)

This does NOT increase the build area! It increases the budget for the amount of objects that can be built.

I may add DLC support to this mod, but I have not touched Fallout 4 in a while. There are many other mods on the Nexus that do the same thing :) It still works fine with the base game settlements, it just won't increase the build limit in Far Harbor or Nuka World etc.


Drop "ble3xsize.txt" and "bleresetsize.txt" into the Data folder.

Or use Nexus Mod Manager for easy install.

How to use

Load save game (After leaving Vault 111) and...

To increase size of all settlements by 3x:
  • Simply open the the console and type "bat ble3xsize" - without quotes.

To reset size of all settlements to default:
  • Open the the console and type "bat bleresetsize" - without quotes.


Safe to remove and should cause no issues, as it's only a .txt file containing a collection of console commands that can easily be reverted back to default.

Step 1. Reset size of all settlements to default (Open the the console and type "bat bleresetsize") - without quotes.
Step 2. Remove "ble3xsize.txt" and "bleresetsize.txt" from the Data folder manually or preferably use Nexus Mod Manager to uninstall.


If you have any questions or issues, then please say so in the comments section :)