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It always bothered me how Diamond City, the "Great Green Jewel" of the Commonwealth is filled with an unrealistic amount of trash both in interiors and exteriors. This mod aims to change that.

Permissions and credits
There are three versions: one that modifies only interior locations in Diamond City, one that modifies the exterior and outskirts (the area around where you first meet Piper) and one that only modifies the exterior. It goes without saying you should pick only one of the exterior versions.

There's another mod on the Nexus claiming to do the same thing, but it's not identical. Simply deleting static objects basically breaks precombines, a very important performance optimization process in Fallout 4. In large areas with lots of objects, FPS takes a huge hit without precombines.

Now for the most important part:
I noticed Vortex and LOOT usually don’t sort my mod as they should, which is as low as possible in the load order after any mods placing objects in the locations I modified. If it does that, you must make sure to place it manually with your mod manager so you don’t get visual artifacts. Same thing for patches, make sure they are always loaded after my mod and the mod(s) they patch. Compatibility notes below are valid only for those who did this.

Compatibility section

Compatible with:

Not compatible with:
  • Diamond City Expansion - Not compatible with exterior version. You basically get objects which DC Expansion deleted or placed somewhere else back in their initial vanilla position, so probably not the best idea. Even if a compatibility patch is possible, that would be way above my pay grade and too time consuming to figure out. A version made from scratch would be the only possible alternative for me if it's ever a heavily requested feature.
  • Diamond City Enhanced -  An older mod which places objects without generating precombines. That's an optimization it wouldn't take me too long to add, however the objects it adds often float in the air or trees grow out of concrete now that the trash they were standing on was removed so no patch is possible without adding more stuff to the original mod.
  • Femshepping's Diamond City Edit - Latest version posted by the author crashes Diamond City. Followed the provided install order. Will consider a patch if author ever updates the mod.
  • Diamond City Plus -  Same as DC Expansion, you get objects the mod deleted or moved back in their vanilla position so there is clipping in some locations. Tried making a patch which resulted in lots of visual artifacts.


Interior version:
  • Diamond City Vendor Clutter – Needed only if you selected Dugout Inn AND Mega Surgery Center Basement. Not compatible if you selected only one of the two mentioned, that would require separate version. The other two interiors modified by this mod are fully compatible.
  • Diamond City Outskirts (The Hole REDUX) - Only if you installed the interior version of my mod. Fixes missing door and broken precombines in Security Office. Can be used alongside the exterior patch.
  • Bonus: generated precombines and previs in all the interiors added by the mod. Noticeable performance gains. Download under 'Miscellaneous'. Use with my mod or standalone.
  • Pretty Diamond City Interiors - Besides making it compatible, generated precombines and previs in all the interiors affected by this mod, even in those it didn't conflict with my mod so it should run much better.

Exterior version:
  • DC Vendor Shops Overhauled - The mod adds some trash near the Wall which I can't remove since that would require the author's permission.