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Tired of looking at empty stalls? Tried similar mods but didn't quite satisfy your tastes? Well time to try another one! This mod adds much needed clutter to all the main Diamond City vendor areas.

Permissions and credits

This is the list of vendors where I included clutter to their respective area.

  • Diamond City Surplus - Myrna
  • Commonwealth Weaponry - Arturo
  • Swatters - Moe
  • Chem-I-Care - Solomon
  • Infirmary - Doctor Sun
  • Super Salon - Kathy & John
  • Power Noodles - Takahashi
  • Choice Chops - Polly
  • Klean Watur - Sheng


  • Fallon's Basement - Becky. Modified navmesh. Disabled havok on mannequins. Rebuilt precombines/previs. Comes with the mannequin display right outside the store. See screenshots for details.
  • Mega Surgery Center Basement - Doctor Sun. Covered the void gap. Removed trash debris. Changed lighting. Rebuilt precombines/previs. Disabled havok on mannequins. Modified navmesh. See screenshots for details.
  • Colonial Taphouse - Cooke or Pembroke. Changed the flooring and furniture. Changed lighting. Rebuilt precombines/previs. Modified navmesh. Included is the makeshift roof over the patio area right outside the Taphouse. See screenshots for details.
  • Dugout Inn - Bobrov Brothers. Complete revamp of the area where changes include layout, lighting, idle animations, and clutter. Newly navmeshed. Rebuilt precombines/previs. Covered void gap next to the entrance. Comes with the simple roof and clutter outside of the inn. See screenshots for details.
Key Notes:     
  • All placed items are owned by their respective owners.

  • Most placed items havok settle.

  • Most placed items are moveable.

  • All items are set to not respawn if taken.

Important Additional Information:

  • I do not touch or modify any existing precombine vanilla object. Exceptions are the locations in the optional section.

  • You may or may not feel a performance hit.

  • The only requirement is an up to date base Fallout 4.


  • The Bleachers - A Diamond City Story is compatible.
  • Dugout Inn: Settlers of the Commonwealth and Xanders Aid - DLC are both compatible.
  • Surgery Basement: Tales of the Commonwealth is compatible.

Load Order:

Place it before any other mods that edit the Diamond City area.

Note: If you installed any of my optional vendor locations, then all mods that edit the same cell must come before my mod in load order.

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