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Diamond City Plus is an overhaul to Diamond city, which adds many new shacks/buildings to the lower stands along with 35+ new NPC’s (i.e. for my interior and exterior locations, along with the market, the farm, etc) and have AI packages or set to default sandbox. There are some shacks added to the upper stadium, which are just fluff for right now.

This was cleaned with FO4edit and manually cleaned. Everything that remains is there for a reason. If you want to clean it again for whatever reason, be my guest but stuff may not work right, or there may be issues with objects/terrains.


I thought skoomaface’s Diamond City overhaul was well done, so I used that mod as a springboard to learn the CK. I spent weeks poking around with his mod in the CK to learn, then spent another couple weeks creating this mod. After I felt comfortable enough, I decided to try my hand at making my own overhaul, please be kind :)

First and foremost, much respect to skoomaface for his mod teaching me about the CK and giving me the tools needed to create mine.


Far Harbor and Nuka World (there will not be a version that doesn’t require both)

Included in this mod:

2 edited stadium meshes

  • I used NifSkope to remove the awful looking 2D “fake stadium chairs” in the entire stadium.  I also removed the 2D fence in the outfield area; I did not remove the fence for the main stadium though.
  • If for some reason you do not want to use them, then just delete the folder, though the 2D sprites look horrible imo and will clip through many added objects

2 new sounds

  • Both sounds are used for markers, which were free sounds. One sample is of a crowd for in the market and the other is for the laundry room I included.


  • Adds many new shacks/buildings to the lower stands along with 35+ NPC’s.
  • Many of the shacks/buildings have interiors some of them are very unique!
  • A few of the shacks/buildings will remain inaccessible or chained
  • All the new NPC’s have AI packages, or set to default sandbox in the newly navmeshed areas I created in the exteriors and interiors, so they just won’t be standing around
  • The navmeshed areas are for the new NPC’s. I found some issues with connecting certain navmeshs outside in the stands areas (i.e. they would not connect because of some kind of “block,” nothing would connect them that I could find). So some of the paths are not connected and your companion will pop in to the next available navmesh, you can also tell them to stay in the market, etc

Known issues:

The “jet junkie” house with two jet junkies in it will take a couple seconds to trigger their AI sitting packages when you first enter that building. If anyone knows how to make them always stay in their seated positions, please let me know in a post or PM.

Right now the crowd sound in the market plays 24/7. I know this is not ideal, but I cannot figure out a way to make it play at certain times, even after testing a few methods.

Big thanks to the following people:

skoomaface as I mentioned above
chucksteel for his valuable input and assistance with many questions I had and for taking a look at the mod beforehand
Nukamage for his awesome tutorials!
fadingsignal for his knowledge with the audio side of the CK!
Hitlerhasonlygotoneball for the crowd sound idea and letting me know how to make a sound descriptor/marker


Q. Will you make a version that doesn’t require Far Harbor and Nuka World?

A. Sorry, I will not

Q. Will this be released for XB1 or PS4?

A. No to PS4, due to the sounds used. XB1, I don’t plan on it at this moment. If anyone sees this on bethnet please let me know ASAP as it was uploaded there without my permission.

Q. Will you complete the locked areas?

A. They are currently all done.

Q. Will this impact FPS?

A. I am running an OC'ed 980 4GB, dips to 40's occasionally in a few areas, but I am also running everything on highest settings and an enb, it's not a huge deal for me though. If you are running a potato, may impact FPS even more

Q. Is this compatible with other overhaul mods?

A. If it edits the back of the stadium (i.e. main/outside stands/fields) then it will conflict. If it also edits the dugout inn it may conflict with my new NPC's that are scheduled to go there and the added idles I placed in there for them.