Fallout 4
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About this mod

This mod overhauls the more important DC interiors.

Permissions and credits

This mod aims to bring more life to the more important Diamond City interiors like the Dugout Inn, Taphouse...etc.  The mod adds more clutter, shadow casting lights and a few new NPCs here and there. The mod is compatible with any mod that does NOT change the cells listed below. If you experience any problems please leave that in the BUGS section. Feel free to leave your suggestions / ideas in the comments. I might just have the time to make it happen.


- Dugout Inn
- Colonial Taphouse
- Science! Center
- Kellogg's House
- Abbot's House
- All Faiths Chaple
- Public Occurrences
- Security Office
- Polly's House
- Meat Locker
- Schoolhouse
- Fallon's Basement
- Arturo's House
- Diamond City Radio
- Codman Residence
- Mega Surgery Center

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