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A newer version of the texture mod I made in 2019 for CBBE hands and feet. It includes some dirt textures for feet and some colorizations to hands and feet, as a certain natural flavour to these parts of female skin.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE 14/01/2021 - I managed to create a FOMOD version, for conveniency of installation. This is my first FOMOD creation, so please try to be forgiving. That said, I tested this sweetie with all available options and it seems to be working fine on my end. You can find the file in the Main Files section.


Before anyone starts throwing accusations at me about stealing someone else's work, please be aware that I'm the author of the previous version of the mod, which you can find here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34344 I closed the other account (the profile name was "frigid") some time ago and couldn't access it anymore because I lost the email address which was connected to that account. Therefore, I'm reuploading the newer version of the mod here on this profile.
I'm  not the author of the original body and hands skin textures, the credit goes to Caliente and Ousnius, who made the magnificent Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- mod for the female characters:  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15/?tab=files (Thank you guys for this AMAZING modification).
It's NECESSARY to install their mod first to make my modified textures look correctly on the character's body.

It's a simple modification of the CBBE body textures for those who like playing a barefoot female character. It adds some dirt textures to the soles, the other additions were just created for my personal use and preference: pink skin on hands and feet + dark fingernails / toenails. The redness on the feet is a bit different than in the previous mod, hopefully better. I also added an alternative set of dirt textures for the feet, which makes them more filthy, covered with stains and dirt marks. Textures on the hands are pretty much the same as in the older mod.

What exactly did I do? I just put some additional textures with dirt on the soles, pink skin parts on both hands and feet and dark nails on top of the original CBBE textures and exported as .dds files in BC7 compression. There are two files modified by me: FemaleBody_d.dds and basefemalehands_d.dds (in various options, which are contained in my package). I kept the original CBBE resolution of both files: 4096x4096 px.

ADDITIONALLY in this mod version, I slightly modified specular map files for both hands and feet, to reduce shining effect of the skin on the palms of the hands and on the soles of the feet. I always felt that these parts are too shiny, as if they were always wet, which made no sense to me. If you don't like this addition, please remove "FemaleBody_s.dds" and "basefemalehands_s.dds" files from this location: Fallout 4\Data\textures\actors\character\basehumanfemale and replace them back with the original CBBE files of the same names. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that both specular maps MUST be installed in any case, regardless of their version (mine or original CBBE ones) - such files are a necessary part of pretty much any texture set for the game.
Just as before, I made a subfolder structure inside my package with appropriate names, so it's probably quite easy to find your way around. Please choose only one option for the dirt textures - so as the names below suggest, it's either "dirty soles" or "filthy feet".
Available options in this new package (in separate folders):

01. Feet - Dirty Soles
01a. Feet - Filthy Feet
02. Feet - Dirty Soles + Dark Toenails
02a. Feet - Filthy Feet + Dark Toenails
03. Feet - Dirty Soles + Pink Skin
03a. Feet - Filthy Feet + Pink Skin
04. Feet - Dirty Soles + Pink Skin + Dark Toenails
04a. Feet - Filthy Feet + Pink Skin + Dark Toenails
05. Feet - Pink Skin
06. Feet - Pink Skin + Dark Toenails
07. Feet - Dark Toenails
08. Hands - Pink Skin
09. Hands - Pink Skin + Dark Fingernails
10. Hands - Dark Fingernails
11. Hands and Feet - All Options Together (Dirty Soles)
11a. Hands and Feet - All Options Together (Filthy Feet)

It's pretty much possible to mix the options, if you want, however some of them probably might look a bit weird together. The best choice would be to combine pink skin on the feet with pink skin on the hands, dark toenails with dark fingernails and so on. You can see those options in the image gallery and also in the "PREVIEW IMAGES" folder inside my package. In the image gallery there are in-game screenshots with a posing mod to show some of the options on my character. Please keep in mind, that visual results might vary a bit from my screens - these additions tend to look a bit different depending on the current lighting in-game and chosen ENB / Reshade presets (if you use one).

These additions look best on bright skinned characters. Please see the sticky post on the older mod page: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34344?tab=posts

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- mod from Caliente and Ousnius.


01. Download and install CBBE from Caliente and Ousnius, following their own installation instructions: 
After the installation you'll have a character textures folder structure inside you Fallout 4 Data folder:
Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/.
This is just an information about where exactly my four .dds files go.
02. Download my .zip file and extract its content to your desired location.
03. FOR FEET: put the "Data" folder from one of my folders (01-07) into your Fallout 4 main game folder (where Fallout4.exe is located) and overwrite any files when asked.
04. FOR HANDS: put the "Data" folder from one of my folders (08-10) into your Fallout 4 main game folder (where Fallout4.exe is located) and overwrite any files when asked.
05. If you want both hands and feet pink + dark fingernails and toenails + dirt textures (in other words: all above options together), just put the "Data" folder from the folder 11 (for dirty soles) or 11a (for filthy feet) into your Fallout 4 main game folder (where Fallout4.exe is located) and overwrite any files when asked.

MOD MANAGER (Fomod version):
Activate with the mod manager and go through the installation process - you will have the same options to choose from as with the manual version for both hands and feet (without folders 11 and 11a, because these seemed pointless to me to include in the FOMOD version). Overwrite any files when asked.

Since this mod replaces four textures from CBBE body textures and I'm probably not allowed to upload the original files here, you'll have to reinstall CBBE or just manually replace these four .dds files in this location:
Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/ basefemalehands_d.dds
Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/ basefemalehands_s.dds
Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/ FemaleBody_d.dds
Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/ FemaleBody_s.dds
with the original CBBE files which have exactly the same names.

There shouldn't be any issues with other mods, except the ones that modify female body and hands textures. My mod just replaces four .dds files from the original CBBE files structure.

If you happen to have the skin textures messed up on your body, it's at 99% not my modification's fault, since, like it is said above, it only replaces four files with exactly the same names as the ones from CBBE. The file structure is IDENTICAL to the vanilla / CBBE one. The messed up textures or black shoulder spot on the body are often reported to be caused by CBBE itself conflicting with some game outfits. Also Unique Player mod, while being a very good modification, causes sometimes those skin distortions - maybe because it has a different file structure than vanilla / CBBE. It is good to always check the bug section / sticky posts of each mod that applies some changes to the body meshes / textures and armor / clothing.
First thing to try would be deleting my textures and reinstalling CBBE. If the problem continues, then it's probably the CBBE conflict I mentioned above or other body / armor / clothing mods.

Caliente and Ousnius for their Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- mod and all these talented Authors of the outfit elements and poses my character is using on the screenshots. Thank you for the amazing mods!
Wenderer for FOMOD Creation Tool
Bethesda for Fallout 4.

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