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A very simple mod which removes a humming ambient sound playing everytime your character dies or gets into ragdoll state.

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The same small modification appears to be included in Immersive Sounds - Compendium (as an optional setting on the final page of the fomod installer), which I recommend. My mod can be treated as just a standalone version, I guess - in case you don't want to install ISC for some reason. Otherwise go ahead and download ISC - it has many great sound features!

This is a very simple mod which mutes this specific humming ambient sound triggering during player's death or in the ragdoll state. I've just replaced the file in this location:  data\sound\fx\mag\cloak\mag_cloak_active_lp.wav with a silent one.
I don't think a video is needed for this one, probably everyone who plays Skyrim knows this particular sound pretty well.

Might be useful for people who play with Uphill-Downhill Project mod and find this humming sound irritating everytime their character falls to the ground. Or just anyone who doesn't like it.

Just install with your preferred mod manager or manually extract to your Skyrim SE folder (where the game's .exe is).

Uninstall through your mod manager (if installed this way), or manually remove the file from this location: data\sound\fx\mag\cloak\mag_cloak_active_lp.wav

Compatibility / Incompatibility:
There shouldn't be any conflicts unless another mod changes the aforementioned file.

Recommended mod to play with this:
Uphill-Downhill Project

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Dwemer Goggles and Scouter
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Ov Thief Armor SSE - CBBE BodySlide - CBBE 3BBB BodySlide
Cirious Business SE CBBE

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