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Allows Paint, Decal and Camo editing of Combat, Synth Armor and Vault Suits at any armor workbench. 52 Paints with 4 mix variants, 175 Decals and 14 camo patterns. Over 2800 possible combinations!

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • English

Custom Combat Armor
Now with Synth Armor support!
Currently being managed by ParasiteX.
This is a STANDALONE mod that allows you to CUSTOMIZE any Combat, Synth Armor and Vault Suit IN THE GAME!
Tired of the drab green paint job with a boring looking star? Now you can change it! And that armor is yours and yours alone. You will NEVER see an enemy NPC wearing designer armor. Only those you deem worthy will be granted the honor.

Make changes from in the game!

Simply use a normal armor crafting table in game and change the paint and chest decals on your combat armor. This mod currently contains over 2800 possible combinations! 50 paints with 4 mix variants, 175 decals and 14 camo patterns! Mix and match any paint,decal and pattern. Use different colored paints on different pieces of armor! Dress up your settlers and followers! Works on light, medium and heavy armor! Upgrade your armor with Camo patterns! Use Carbon Fiber Fanciness! Change the look of your Leg armor with shortened leg options! Or just make the armor completely invisible!

Main Features

  • 52 paint colors, each with 4 different mix variants to give camos different pattern mixes
  • 175 Decals!
  • 14 patterns. Which include Carbon Fiber, Camo, Digital, Splatter, Tiger, Chrome and Clean combinations!
  • Change the visual size of Combat or Synth Armor, without reducing the stats.
  • Short Leg Variants. Option to change the leg armor to only cover the lower leg.
  • Combat Armor Arm Variants. Change the look! Like removing the shoulder or elbow pads.
  • Combat Armor Arm Decals!
  • Option to remove the bottle from Combat Armor.
  • Invisible Armor Options.
  • HelmetHair. Converts Combat and Synth Helmets into an armored wig, which you can dye with different hair colors.
  • Upgrade or downgrade Armor size between Light, Medium and Heavy variants.
  • Commonwealth Faction Armors. Optional standalone plugin that allows Gunners, Raiders and Brotherhood of Steel to spawn with their own custom paint jobs.
  • Scarf Mask. Fully paintable. And looks great with most clothing. Especially on the Silver Shroud Outfit! Crafted at Armorsmith Workbench.
  • Vault Suit Gloves! Fully paintable. Craft them at the Armorsmith Workbench
  • Be a General in Style with paintable armor on the Minuteman General's Armor!

Includes compatibility patches for:
Armorsmith Extended
Craftable Armor Size
Azar's Ponytail Hairstyles HelmetHairSupport
We Are The Minutemen
Dog Combat Armours
Brotherhood of Steel Kit

Valdacil's Item Sorting
Synth Overhaul

Mods integrated into Custom Combat Armors:
Combat Helmet Illumination
Combat Leg Armor Variation

CBBE compatible meshes can be found in Malibu's Custom Combat Armor CBBE Conversion

For Portuguese players, there is a translation patch made by Papai46, located HERE (very outdated..)
For Russian, check out the translation patch made by SlayeRFCSM, HERE (also outdated....)

Brokefoot has released some texture replacements for this mod. They look pretty sweet. Check them out at Custom Combat Paint and Decal Replacers. (Very outdated.....)

This mod would not have been possible without the textures and efforts created by some very talented modders. Thanks goes out to
 AgentbreaAkalorBigtalonJimmyazzraelPercephereBrokefootParasiteX, Reponic and RAMMLOG.

Working Helmet lights provided by Andysan84.

This mod was created in FO4edit. 

For full change log, check the Readme or change log section of the mod page.

Future Plans
  • More Paint Options
  • Expansion to Leather, Metal, Raider and Marine armor if there is interest (will take considerable effort to implement, so don't expect anytime soon)

This mod was featured in this video.

How to enable modding
  • Navigate to your Fallout 4 Folder at the following location "Documents/My Games/Fallout 4"
  • Within this folder you'll find a number of .ini files.
  • Open (or create, if missing) Fallout4Custom.ini with your favorite text editor (i use Notepad++).
  • Add the following lines to your Fallout4Custom.ini
  • Save and close Fallout4Custom.ini