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Intended to be a master mod for texture, colour and stat mods.
Misc Column split into three categories. Adds aesthetics, paint and size categories.
Items moved to where i believe they best reflect new categories
Affects (Leather, Combat, Synth, Raider, Metal) Also affects helms of said sets.
Adds unique armour effects to eac

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Armour Categories, this mod is designed to allow you greater freedom with regards to your armour specifications and looks. As of current there are three ESPs available.

The main ESP file which adds the categories and keywords plus updates the modcols so it is possible for NPC equipment to spawn with the updates.

An optional ESP file which adds several new utility, coating and lining mods to the game for your perusal.

A second optional esp, is designed to work with the smart targeting hud that highlights hostiles and lootable bodies. It is to set non-lootable inventory to 0, to fix after death glow, when body has been cleanly looted. Credits to xatmos for this.

The mod is now fully compatible with armorsmith expanded and his mods are available for helmets. There may be some overlap in mods but i believe over time we'll iron it out to provide a consistent experience. If there are any bugs, please report them, with detailed information on version no., armour type, mod category and mod. Fixes will be made and hotfix versions will be released as soon as the problem has been resolved.

This overrides vanilla files, so mods that affect mentioned armour types may be affected. It is recommended that this should be in the last load order, should you wish to utilize it. This is so, especially for mods affecting vanilla MISC items, keywords of armours.

Also check out my other mod.
Epic Syringer Rifles Cartridges and Grenades plus Chemistry Overhaul.

If other modders have created compatible versions with this mod, in textures, utility or stat changes, let me know and i'll place links here or add you to the editing team, so you can update the compatibility patch set file :) . I'll also endeavour to make compatibility patches with interesting mods that i may know of.

If you are interested in working on this mod, Or if any keyword additions are needed PM me

Compatibility Patched Mods - Full Install Optional File Download.
This mod requires AKCR and Armorsmith Extended, which are both available from Armorsmith Extended mod by Gambit77.
The version this is tested with is AE 3+. To whom which, i would like to give thanks for advice and help with getting this mod running. Co-Managed by Battousai124 here, give him some cheers everyone! 
  • Combat Helmet Illumination 1.2 by Andysan84 (Integrated into NMM Installer FULL INSTALL) - Adds a nifty little lamp on yur combat helmet and tinker's helmet. Andysan84 has indicated he will eventually manage the patch on his mod page end.
  • Craftable Armour Sizes by johndoebowler (Integrated into NMM Installer FULL INSTALL)
  • 2LM Modification, integrated armour and PA by TeaLz compatibility patch. 2LM is stable as of 1.12.
  • Concealed Armors by Nisas. (Automatically selected based on whether utilizing CCA or not)

Compatible Mods
  • Armorsmith Extended 3+ by Gambit77 (Required Masters)
  • Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR - Required Masters)
  • Legendary Modifications by TeaLz. This is not provided, since patching is not necessary.
  • Any other requests for checks?

Compatible Mods via Patches - (Provided with main file - original mod required as marked)
  • Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS) by Valdacil
  • Jetpack Unlimited (requires original mod)
  • ZW F4 Power Armor Overhaul by ZephyrWarrior (requires original mod)
  • Custom Combat Armors V3.41 by EndorMoon (Required as master for AC Utility Addon file)

Most definitely not compatible at current:

  • More Power Armor Mods
  • Any mods that also overwrite vanilla game armor and PA files.

I've taken a look at the mods and have not found any conflicts, as it seems to utilize its own record sets.

If there are any other requests for compatibility, keep posting :)

V1.3 Changes
Main ESP

Add-On ESP
1. NA
2. Now requires Custom Combat Armor by Endormoon, managed by ParasiteX

DLC ESP - Automatron
1. Fixes and cleanwork

DLC ESP - Far Harbor
1. Fixes and Cleanwork

New!! - DLC ESP - Nuka World
1. Adds compatibility to Nuka World Armors and Space Suit

New!! - All DLC ESP
1. Merges the 3 separate DLC addons into one file.

Immersive Mod Description AddOn
1. Added some mods that hadn't been renamed and added description for some mods.

V1.20 Changes
Main ESP
1. NA

Add-On ESP
1. NA

DLC ESP - Automatron
1. Emperor's New Combat Armor (Invisible Armor)

DLC ESP - Far Harbour
1. Emperor's New Combat Armor (Invisible Armor)

DLC ESP - Nuka World
1. Emperor's New Combat Armor (Invisible Armor)
2. Category Additions to Disciple, Operator, Pack Armours
3. Addition of the mark of discipline utility component for disciple armours
4. Special Set Stats
- Disciple - Raider Similar System, All helmets gain +1 perception.
- Pack - Leather Similar System (7.5% per piece protection from explosions)
- Operator - Arms gain agility +1, Legs +10 AP, Torso +2 Endurance
- Spacesuit - Full leather equivalent protection from explosion, +2 endurance, +20 DR and ER.
- Space Helmet - Gets +1 to intelligence and perception, +20 HP, 3% protection from explosions.

Main Changes - Main ESP
MISC Category split into the following categories and existing mods have been moved to relevant categories.
- Inner Lining
- External Coating
- Utility Attachments

Armour looks are no longer linked to materials, they are available through the following categories.
- Paint
- Aesthetic
- Decals (Combat Armour)
- Variants (Optional additional keyword for multiple aesthetic variation setups. Used by custom combat armor legs.)

PA adds a 2nd MISC Category
PA adds a new Coating Category.
All vanilla PA mods have been moved to respective categories.

Adds a blank slate implant system using the scalp slot.

Fixed vanilla bug where one combat armour leg was heavier than the other.
Spawn lists, NPC will get equipment with mods from the three categories split off from MISC.
Size of Armour is craftable.
Muffled Lining for arms are craftable and not just a random spawn.
Black Synth Texture from shadowed synth armour by moraelin.
Fix for raider spawn vanilla bug on material skipping the tier 2 materials on legs.
Fix for synth leg pointers from arms to legs.
Fix to combat armour torso mod lighter build that only granted 2 AP instead of 5

Leather - 5% explosion damage reduction per piece
Metal - Increase 10% explosion damage taken, upgrade to DR, ER based upon part type and size.
Raider - 2nd Utility Slot with vanilla and raider unique utility mods.
Synth - +1 strength per chest piece, leg set, arm set and +10 AP helmets. (Set = 2 pieces)
Combat - +1 Endurance per chest piece, leg set, arm set and +10 HP helmet. (Set = 2 pieces)
Trapper - 6% Faster Attack Speed (Arms), 10% Faster Move Speed (Legs), +1 Endurance (Torso)
Heavy Trapper - 4% Faster Attack Speed (Arms), 6% Faster Move Speed (Legs), +1 Endurance and 20 HP (Torso)
Marine - +2 Strength and +20 HP (Arms), +2 Agility and +20 HP (Legs), +2 Endurance +50 HP and +1 Heal rate (Torso), +2 Perception (Helmet)
Robot - Increase 5% explosion damage taken, upgrade to DR, ER based upon part type and size. Helmet additional bonuses, Assaultron +5% critical hit chance, Eyebot +1 Perception, Sentry +1 Endurance, Mechanist +1 Intelligence.
Disciple - Raider Similar System, All helmets gain +1 perception.
Pack - Leather Similar System (7.5% per piece protection from explosions)
Operator - Arms gain agility +1 each, Legs +10 AP each, Torso +2 Endurance
Spacesuit - Full leather equivalent protection from explosion, +2 endurance, +20 DR and ER.
Space Helmet - Gets +1 to intelligence and perception, +20 HP, 3% protection from explosions.

Affects Leather, Combat, Metal, Raider, Synth, DC Guard armour types, including their helmets where available.
Affects Raider, T-45, T-51, T-60, X-01 Power Armour types.

(AE Implant) - Initially developed as a means for enabling greater cybernetic augmentation of subjects, the implant system greatest strength is its modularity with implants. Non-modular implants as seen on subject Kellog are a means of ensuring direct control, as the implant is not interchangeable for external systems hardware. The technology has lain dormant since the success of the Synth Gen 3 program.

Allows use of implant mods. utilizes scalp bodypart. (Buildable after synth retention or tradecraft) (Built from AE Bench, under therm combat optics or cybergear in later update)

Implant Classes (V1.15)
Class 1 - Physical Enhancement. Recommended Endurance Level 4.
Class 2 - Memory Augmentation. Recommended Endurance Level 8.
Class 3 - External/Powerful Effects. Recommended Endurance Level 10.

Implants are constructible and usable at all levels. However, using a implant at a level where your physical constitution is not strong enough may result in stress on the body and mind, in some cases it may even lead to death.
Class 1 penalties/bonuses - Endurance below 4 suffers loss of 20 HP. Endurance 6 or above gains 10 HP.
Class 2 penalties/bonuses - Endurance below 8 suffers loss of 40 HP. Endurance below 7 loses 1 perception. Endurance 10 or above gains 10 HP.
Class 3 penalties/bonuses - Endurance below 10 suffers loss of 80 HP. Endurance below 9 loses 2 perception. Endurance below 7 suffers 5 damage per second. Endurance 12 or above gains 10 HP.

Material Tier 5 Additions - Add-On ESP (REQUIRES Custom Combat Armor)
  • Deathclaw Hide (Leather) - Grants additional poison resistance.
  • Depleted Uranium (Metal) - Projects a radiation field.
  • Forged (Raider/Trappers) - Grants additional fire resistance.
  • Smart Fiber (Combat) - Grants additional HP.
  • Adamtanium Composite (Synth) - Reduces limb damage, absorbs % of incoming damage.
  • High Sparrow Path (Marine) - Enhanced health, charisma and fire resist.
  • Confessor Path (Marine) - Enhanced reloading capabilties
  • Enhanced (Nuka World) - Enhanced DR/ER

Utility Additions - Add-On ESP (REQUIRES Custom Combat Armor)
Smart Targeting HUD (AE Eyewear slot) - The smart targeting HUD is the pinnacle of navigation and target acquisition systems by Advanced Systems that has been miniaturized for field use. Initially developed on request by coursers and synths leading scavenging parties to enable better combat performance and minimize time spent in the field scavenging for precious resources.

HIghlights Hostiles and lootable bodies.  -It seems ghouls, supermuties, synths have residual clothing that causes them to still glow after death. optional fix with added esp based off xatmos's mod. (Buildable after quest institutionalized)

Combat AI (AE eyewear slot) - The Combat AI was specifically commissioned for coursers and synths facing down hardened targets. The complex AI system scans enemy armour for weakpoints and enables the user to target critical weakpoints for maximal effect in disabling or killing a target. This system also helps calculate projectile trajectories, greatly enhancing computer targeted hit chance.

Grants 5% increased critical chance and VATS Accuracy. (Buildable after quest institutionalized or tradecraft)

CORTANA (AE eyewear slot) - The culmination of advanced systems work into further miniaturaization of technology. It is now possible for field synths to enjoy the benefits of a targeting and scavenging assisted software package.

Combines Combat AI with Smart Targeting HUD. (Buildable after quest mankind redefined)

ARTEMIS (AE eyewear slot) - Developed specifically for the director of the institute, this prototype AI unit has better capabilities in identifying armour weakpoints. It also includes a defensive probability software package, which helps users in identifying potential hostile projectile overlays and react to incoming fire, maximizing armour defensive systems.

CORTANA, 5% additional boost to critical hits with 5% damage avoidance. (Buildable after nuclear family)

Pain Inhibitor (AE Implant Mod) - A basic implant initially developed for combat operatives such as Kellog which enhances combat performance by minimizing psychological distractions.

+10 damage and energy resistance.

Sensor integration (AE Implant Mod) - Heightened sensitivity in hearing, eyesight and tactile touch. This implant unit greatly improves a user's performance in tasks such as lockpicking.

+1 Perception, 40% lockpicking sweetspot increase. (Requires Combat AI / CORTANA)

Stimulant Package (AE Implant Mod) - Simulating an adrenaline rush over controlled doses with no side effects, the implant unit increases the user's strength through better muscle response and training.

+1 Strength, 10% melee damage increase.
 (Requires Combat AI / CORTANA)

Hacker's Database (AE Implant Mod) - An advanced logic database and hacking unit, ensures that the user can hack even the toughest IT security infrastructure to access valuable data.

+1 Intelligence and hacking guesses. (Requires Combat AI / CORTANA)(Buildable after completing nick valentine's quest)

Nerve Enhancement (AE Implant Mod) - The transfer of an artificial personality to a synthetic body was thought impossible due to differences in the neural network system. Better understanding of Curie's transfer has led to the capability of enhancing subject response times through the optimization of neural structures and pathways.

+1 Agility, 10% critical hit chance increase. (Requires Combat AI / CORTANA)(Buidable after Curie's quest)

Hormonal Regulator (AE Implant Mod) - Hormones can be a 2 edged sword. Having something to always give you that ultimate smooth talker charm is only possible from what was acquired in understanding the interaction between drugs, hormones and its effect on the human body. Why? hello there charming!

+1 Charisma, 40% persuasion success increase. (Requires Combat AI / CORTANA)(Buildable after Cait's quest)

Smooth Operator (AE Implant Mod) - Tinker Tom and Dr Amari have developed a new implant system that would give you significant benefits as an operator of the railroad. An upgraded computing system with miniaturized parts and biological failsafes, makes it possible to develop this advanced implant.

40% persuasion success increase, 40% lockpicking sweetspot increase, 2 hacking guesses, +10% critical hits. Adds 20HP. (Requires Combat AI / CORTANA)(Buildable after nuclear option railroad quest)

I Know Kung Fu
(AE Implant Mod Class 2) - Grants Iron Fist 5. (Buildable after Dangerous Minds)

Street Fighting 101 (AE Implant Mod Class 2) - Grants Big Leagues 5. (Buildable after Dangerous Minds)

Offensive Tactics (AE Implant Mod Class 2) - Grants Commando 5. (Buildable after Dangerous Minds)

Rifle Mechanics
(AE Implant Mod Class 2) - Grants Rifleman 5. (Buildable after Dangerous Minds)

Have a Plan? (AE Implant Mod Class 2) - Grants Sniper 3. (Buildable after Dangerous Minds)

I Love Big Guns (AE Implant Mod Class 2) - Grants Heavy Gunner 5. (Buildable after Dangerous Minds)

The Slow, The Fast and The Dead (AE Implant Mod Class 2) - Grants Gunslinger 5. (Buildable after Dangerous Minds)

Robot Override (AE Implant Mod Class 3) - Hacks nearby robots, converting them to fight for your cause. (Buildable after Galleria Director Re-opening)

Stealth Matrix Coordinator (AE Headgear Utility) - Looking at chinese technology close-up, has given a better understanding of how their stealth technology works. A combination of radiant energy absorption and low power consumption emitters works in tandem with a distributed computing circuit and controller allowing near perfect invisibility.

Enables invisibility with stealth emitter coatings when sneaking and not moving. When used with Combat AI / CORTANA, allows invisibility while sneaking and moving. (Buildable After : Here There Be Monsters Quest)

BioSigns Monitor (Torso) - A basic health monitor system that was used by the military for critical missions.

Heals 1HP/s below 50%, increases poison resistance and radiation resistance by 20 

Advanced Medic Monitor (Torso) - Utilizing data and information from MedTek, an upgraded health monitor system has been produced.

Heals 5HP/s and 5 Rads/s, increases poison resistance and radiation resistance by 20. (Buildable after Mccready's quest)

Nanobot Medical Unit (Torso) - Nanobots used in the Synth manufacturing process have been repurposed to become a mobile repair and heal device.

Heals 10 HP/s and 2AP/s. (Buildable After Mass Fusion Quest)

Auxiliary Energy Co-ordinator (Torso) - Micro-relay technology, makes it now possible to store power and shunt it into a weapon when in use, making any weapon system that is capable of interfacing with it more deadly.

5% Critical hit chance and 10% Critical hit damage increase. 2x effects with Combat AI lineup. Institute Laser Weaponry have an additional 5% critical hit chance. (Buildable after Powering Up Quest)

Plasma Toroidal Containment Unit (Torso) - Micro-relay technology, allows plasma to be stored in a more corrosive and deadly state. Shunting the plasma into a weapon at point of use makes it significantly more deadly.

5% Critical hit chance and 10% Critical hit damage increase. 2x effects with Combat AI lineup. (Buildable after Powering Up Quest)

Weighted Spikes (Arms) - It was only a matter of time before someone developed these bad boys for use. Deadliness is a matter of using every part of your body as a weapon.

Improves melee damage and armor piercing by 10%.

Actuated Arms (Arms) - Powered arms! Everyone loves them

10% faster melee attack speed with both mods. (Requires both arms to have mod)

AI Stabilized Arms (Arms) - AI control of the arms not only makes you more accurate, it also allows you to move faster without injuring yourself.

20% Increase Scope Stability, 20% faster melee attack speed, +1 agility (Requires both arms to have mod and Combat AI / Cortana to work) (Buildable after synth retention)

Actuated Legs (Legs) - Powered legs. Run Forrest run!

5% increase movement speed with both mods (Requires both legs to have mod)

AI Assisted Movement (Legs) - AI controlled legs reduces the effort of running, while allowing you to run significantly faster without hurting yourself.

10% increase movement speed, reduced sprinting AP, +1 Agility (Requires both legs to have mod and Combat AI / Cortana to work) (Buildable after synth retention.

Auxiliary Energy Pack (Limbs) - Storage of more energy for a more powerful discharge. Zaap em bugs!

5% Critical hit chance to laser weaponry. (Requires Auxiliary Energy Co-ordinator)

Auxiliary Energy Burst Capacitor (Limbs) - A capacitor unit that stores less energy but is able to deliver it far faster.

10% Critical hit damage to laser weaponry. (Requires Auxiliary Energy Co-ordinator)

Plasma Sub-Containment Unit (Limbs) - A small containment unit for reserve plasma.

5% Critical hit chance to plasma weaponry. (Requires Plasma Toroidal Containment Unit)

Plasma Ionization Unit (Limbs) - A smaller containment unit but with a built in ioniziation unit making plasma more reactive.

10% Critical hit damage to plasma weaponry. (Requires Plasma Toroidal Containment Unit)

Temperature Control (Common) - Running around the commonwealth is tiring. Well but at least you won't be sweaty doing it.

Improves AP by 10 and AP Regen by 2.

Climate Control (Common) - Run around in the ultimate of comfort!

Improves AP by 20 and AP Regen by 4

Raider Faraday Cage (Raider Common) - Seems someone figure out electricity. While it delivers a mild shock. A fully equipped suit can be quite deadly.

5 shock damage per piece, tesla area effect. (Raider Utility Slot only)

Raider Reactive Plates (Raider Common) - Well when you are mildly suicidal with little thought of how your armour could actually kill you. Slap on some exploding plates and make people near you pay dearly for their mistake.

10% reflect melee damage per piece. (Raider Utility Slot only)

Raider Hakuna Matana (Raider Torso) - The dark gods have spoke, we need blood. With this sacrifice, you are an initiate in the dark god's army. Rejoice for he has granted you power over your enemies!

Causes 5 bleed damage in combat, gains 10 AP regen and 50% melee damage bonus. (Raider Utility Slot only)

Raider Chthulu's Radiance (Raider Torso) - You have proven your devotion and skill to the dark arts. Now submit your will to the dark one and he shall grant you power beyond your wildest dreams!

100% boost to non-energy weapons including melee. 20 DR and ER gain. Lose 2 intelligence, perception, charisma. (Raider Utility Slot Only)(Buildable after The Devil's Due)

Disciple's Mark of Discipline (Disciple Limbs) - A lightened armour frame with tougher materials for the elite of the disciples.

40% lighter armour frame. Grants 10 damage and energy resistance

Targeting Radar (PA Helmet Attachment) - A BOS recon tracking system.

Applies Recon Effect to hostiles. +2 luck. 
(Buildable after Show No Mercy Quest)

Power Armour Management System (PA Helmet Attachment) - An advanced software management system used to increase the efficiency of power armour functions.

+100 carry weight, +2 Endurance, 20% reduced battery drain. (Buildable after Outside the Wire quest)

Explosives Database (PA Helmet Attachment) - Who says reading isn't helpful. looks like you've built up a significant software and information database that gives you more bang for the buck litterally.

Grants Demolition Expert 4 and a slight reduction in explosives damage taken. (Buildable after Public Knowledge)

Knowledge Database (PA Helmet Attachment) - Quoting shakespeare, petry and other obscure knowledge can put you in good stead amongst your more intellectually minded peers or perhaps even make you a socialite at all the dinner parties that you've crashed.

Grants 2 Intelligence and Charisma. Also gains 5% XP Boost. (Buildable after Public Knowledge)

Tracer Sensor Array (PA Helmet Attachment) - An upgraded sensor array unit for use with upcoming integrated software and command patrol units. Tracks previous fire and gives updated targeting telemetry on known weapon statistics to improve the accuracy and likelihood of hitting enemy critical weakpoints.

Grants 2 Perception and Concentrated Fire 3. (Buildable after The Lost Patrol) (Software Integration requires OGMIOS)

OGMIOS (PA Helmet IO) - BOS PA equivalent of CORTANA (Buildable after Blind Betrayal Quest)

AI Controlled Arms (PA Arms Modification) - BOS PA equivalent of AI Stabilized Arms. (Buildable after Blind Betrayal quest)

High Torque Servos (PA Arms Modification) - Grants 10% armour piercing to melee attacks. increases carry weight by 50. Worsens battery drain by 5%. AI control of servos available when used with OGMIOS. (Buildable after The Big Dig)

Integrated Power Conduit (PA Arms Modification) - Transfers power to fist attachment. Increases carry weight by 25. Worsens battery drain by 10%. AI control of servos available when used with OGMIOS. (Buildable after The Last Voyage of the USS Constitution)

Tungsten Spiked Hydraulic Impact Actuator (PA Fist Attachment) - Grants 10% armour piercing to melee attacks. Increases melee damage by 15. (Buildable after The Big Dig)

Pulse Discharge Arc System (PA Fist Attachment) - Adds 100 shock damage to melee attacks. Requires Integrated power Conduits. (Buildable after The Last Voyage of the USS Constitution)

AI Controlled Legs (PA Legs Servo) - BOS PA equivalent of AI Assisted Movement (Buildable after Blind Betrayal quest)

Shock Calibrated Leg Servos (PA Legs Servo) - Advanced leg servos that have been upgraded to tolerate extreme shocks, without destroying the hydraulic and mechanic parts. This endows power armour with capabilities for use in close quarter combat that were previously not possible.

Grants Pain Train 1 or 2. Increases carry weight by 50. OGMIOS enables AI Control and Pain Train 3 with both legs equipped with mod. (Buildable after The Big Dig quest)

KERS Attachment (PA Legs Attachment) - Grants Blitz 1 or 2 and Explosive Vents 1 or 2. (Buildable after Blind Betrayal quest)

Spaced Armour (PA Torso Attachment) - Good old spaced armour. A design leftover from the great wars that works today.

Adds 50 damage resistance and carry weight. Reduces explosive damage taken. (Buildable after Old Guns quest)

Combat Medical Protocols. (PA Torso Attachment) - Combines Medic Pump with Emergency Protocols. When used with OGMIOS, grants 5 HP/s heal rate (Buildable after A New Dawn Quest)

Sacrificial Fire Shield (PA Torso Frame Slot) - Grants 100 DR, ER, FR, CR, PR, RR(All resistances). Creates fire cloak that damages nearby hostiles in combat and has a 50% chance to cause target to flee. (Buildable after Pickman's Gift)

Arcjet Propulsion Systems Jetpack
 (PA Torso Frame Slot) - Well you nearly toasted Danse to death the first time around but hey guess what? The research on jet propulsion has allowed us to build a much leaner and better jetpack unit. The new reactor does however generate a lot of power. The excess is dumped out of the suit forming a miniature electrical field.

Unlimited Jetpacking with a 5 damage tesla field. (Buildable after A New Dawn Quest)

PhotoRad Coating (PA Coating) - Grants action point recharge in sunlight and in radiation (Buildable after Cambridge Polymer labs)

Note: Courser uniforms have an in-built AI and energy co-ordinator unit.

Lining Additions - Add-On ESP
Vault-Tec Series of Liners (Common Liner) - From the very group that brought you the vault and its vault suits, we are proud to present the vault-tec armour series of liners, previously only available with vault suits but now available everywhere.

Energy Liners (ER = Energy Resistance, Rad = Radiation Resistance)

  • Insulated - 5 ER
  • Treated - 5 ER, 5 Rad
  • Resistant - 10 ER, 5 Rad
  • Protective - 10 ER, 10 Rad
  • Shielding - 15 ER, 15 RAD

Ballistic Liners (DR = Damage Resistance, SR = Shock Resistance)

  • Flak - 5 DR
  • Spall - 10 DR, 5 SR
  • Layered Weave - 15 DR, 5 SR
  • Carbon Fiber - 20 DR, 5 SR
  • Boron Carbide Weave - 25 DR, 5 SR
Auxiliary Liners
  • Sleek Muffled lining (Legs Only) - 5% increase in sneak move speed and 10% noise reduction.
  • Comfort Muffling (Arms Only) - 10% reduction in noise and power attack AP.

Coating Additions - Add-On ESP
Professor Scara's Survival Coats (Common Coatings) - Despite Professor Scara's short lessons about the commonwealth, it seems that the group is working steadily on helping survivors and settlers best adapt to conditions around Diamond city. They have created some nifty little coatings using locally sourced ingredients, check them out!

Energy Coatings
  • Silver Coating - 10 ER
  • Gold Coating - 20 ER

Ballistic Coatings
  • Mirelurk Chitin Coat - 10 DR
  • Radscorpion Chitin Coat - 20 DR

Auxiliary Coatings
  • Sensor Spoof Coating - 5% better hide in shadows
  • Stealth Emitter Coating (Common except helmet.) - 10% better hide in shadows. When used with stealth matrix coordinator allows invisibility with chest, arms, legs coated. (Buildable After : Here There Be Monsters Quest)

Planned Additions V1.4 (Main ESP)
  • None for now

If there are any requests for specific slot keywords, please PM.

Planned Additions (Add-On ESP) - Additions will come in stages.
  • New Implant Tier 3 - Blood Purifier
  • Modified Components - Temperature Control + Medic Kits
  • Enhancement to some armour stats. (Operator + Synth). Will need to playtest this a bit more.
  • Additional Components - Disciple and possibly main setup.

  • None for now

  • None for now

  • None for now

New ESPs
  • None for now