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Adds CCCE Curvy body slide conversions for Craftable Customizable Combat Armor version 3.0 and above.

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CBBE Curvy CCA Conversion!

The Skinny: 
This Mod adds a CBBE Curvy conversion for Endormoon's  Custom Combat Armor v3.0+ (previously known as Craftable Custom Combat Armor or CCCA) mod that is now managed by ParasiteX. 

What this mod does: 

I created this own mod for my personal use but I am sharing it here.   CCA is a wonderful mod that really adds quite a bit to the game's combat armor.  But alas its not natively made for Calientes Beautiful Body Enhacement.  So I fixed that.   I personally use CBBE Curvy, so this mod is  made for the CBBE Curvy body.   This mod only modifies the mesh files added by CCA, so for proper results one MUST also use the vanilla outfits conversion.  (as of CBBE 1.9 the outfits are included in CBBE).  This mod also requires Body Slide. So go grab it.

I have not tested this mod with the CBBE slim body so I do not know how it will work.  Use at your own risk.   If you use CBBE Vanilla body you shouldn't need this mod at all. 

I personally re-converted the base combat armor torso meshes to give me best results.  In my theory the armor is hard steel/polymer plates and thus does not form "boob armor."  It does not move with one's breasts and thus will not reflect settings for cleavage or nipples or so on.    Thus the sliders are not tooled to conform to the space between breasts nor adjust for nipples (as this made weird bumps in the armor.)   It also is configured that the mesh does not deform to match flat breasts, cleavage settings, or other "movements" of breasts behind the armor plate.   After all this is armored plate not a T-shirt!   They should work wonderfully with the default "Curvy" slider presets, and most custom ones, but if your custom present has huge nipples there might be clipping.  It should work well with most "realistic proportions" slider settings.   I tried my best to work with some of the more extreme sliders like the "silly huge" breasts, peggo belly, or the "Seven Base" sliders to cull clipping, but with such extreme deformations there will be weirdness to deal with.   

If you run a custom slider preset with big nipples, I personally HIGHLY recommend you create a new preset with the nipples "Gone" slider maxed out or otherwise set to make short nipples.  There is some space between the CBBE body's mesh and the front of the armor plate mesh but extreme settings could have your nips clip out of the armor.  The combat armor meshes simply do not have enough polygons to create reasonable nipple bumps so I didn't build the nipple sliders into the meshes.  

How to use this Mod:

Download and install:
  1. Endormoon's  Custom Combat Armor v3.0+
  2. Calientes Beautiful Body Enhacement  (Use the curvy body and install the Vanilla outfit conversions)
  3. Body Slide
This mod will NOT work without the above mods.  

Then, you MUST build the meshes.  This mod WILL NOT install any meshes for the game engine to use until you build the meshes. 

  1. Open up bodyslide (fround in Data\Tools\Bodyslide)
  2. Select your preferred body slider settings in the Preset dropdown.  (make sure you batch built all the Vanilla outfits from CBBE to match or you will have issues with limb armor, general armor, etc. )
  3. Then click the "Batch Build" Button on the bottom.   
  4. Then tick anything that says  "CCCA 3 CBBE Conversion" in the name.  
  5. Click build.
  6. Play and be mad sexy! 

For those that know how to to use group filters, I created a group that includes my conversions for your use. Don't know how to use groups? How to use bodyslide can be found over on the page for bodyslide's mod. Sorry guys I am not gonna teach you to use bodyslide, go learn yourselves.

Having a problem?

Check your mods, load order, etc.   If nothing else get the utility Loot and use it.  

This mod converts the Torsos, and the Short variants of the leg armor.  If you have issues with other armor pieces its the fault of the CBBE Vanilla outfits mod. 

Realize that with Fallout 4's system its simply not possible to avoid all clipping in all situations. If I made the armor to avoid more clipping it would look bulkier and not as good (IMO).   If you are using outfits other than the BOS/Vault suits you will probably encounter some minor problems.

If you find something that for sure this mod's fault, send me a big report. I would rather have bug reports I can close when fixed, and that everybody can see, rather than comments that quickly get buried.

Please include a screen shot of the problem, and what slider settings it relates to.  Remember this mod is not designed to respond to nipple slider settings so your nips will poke out if they are huge.

I will probably ignore you if you don't include a through description of the problem.   "The shoulder clips" doesn't help, be specific, better yet show screenshots, and use Imgur to share them.  I don't want your ad infested image share sites.  

I was a pro QA tester for a while.  Best bug reports use the following format:

Description of the problem

    the Problem

Anything further relevant to the bug/glitch

And attach a screen shot/video of the problem.  Imgur is easy as heck to use, go use it.  

Realize I am a busy person, so it might take some time to push a fix.  Flaming will get you banned, thanks.  

Last, this mod will never ever be xbox compatible.  Bodyslide is impossible to use on consoles, and this mod requires it.  Sorry folks.  

This mod is a conversion of Custom Combat Armor, and its assets are used with permission from ParasiteX.   This mod may not be copied or uploaded anywhere but the nexus.