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This is an extended version of the amazing Barefoot Footstep mod. It adds barefoot sounds to metal, carpet and vault floor materials, as well as modifies stone / concrete and sand ones. This mod also adds barefoot sneaking sounds to all of the above. Credit goes to the user GrozaTerroristow, who is the author of the famous original mod.

Permissions and credits
Thank you for adding my small addition to Hot Mods! :)

There's a bit of reading below, but this is just to keep this mod as informative as possible. You don't need to read everything to make it work (except Updating and Compatibility/Incompatibility sections). Just install the .esp file + one of the sound packages and play!

This is an extended version of the famous Barefoot Footstep mod. It adds barefoot sounds to metal, carpet and vault floor materials, as well as modifies stone / concrete and sand ones. This mod also adds barefoot sneaking sounds to all of the above. Credit goes to user GrozaTerroristow - his original mod served as a base for all my additions.

15.01.2021 Small optional addition - I've added a snow replacement for dirt, gravel, grass and sand surfaces - for people who play with winter overhaul mods. You can also try Project Reality Footsteps (Snow Edition) mod for a full snow footsteps experience. Please see my Sticky Post for more details.

Update 1.4 : added footsteps for vault floors, changed the installation files structure - the ESP file and the Sound Packages are now separated. IMPORTANT: YOU NEED BOTH THE ESP FILE AND ONE OF THE SOUND PACKAGES for the mod to work! If you download and install only the ESP (without a SOUND PACKAGE), then:
- in case of installing the mod for the first time - you won't hear any of the footsteps provided by this mod.
- in case of updating the old version of the mod - you won't hear footsteps in vaults and there will be no sound while running on stone / concrete.

The footstep sets include:
- stone / concrete / rock (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - some sets were already covered by the original mod, which directed to the default barefoot footstep sets present in Bethesda game assets (although originally not present in vanilla Fallout 4) - I replaced the default sounds with new ones, hopefully a bit more immersive.
- wood (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - most of these were also in the original mod; I left them untouched, but added sneaking sounds and the jump down function.
- metal (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - a barefoot sound set for all metal surfaces.
- carpet (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - a barefoot sound set for carpets and rugs (also for beds, matresses, armchairs and coaches).
- vault floor (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - a barefoot sound set for vault floor surfaces (tile vinyl material).
- sand / mud (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - partly based on the vanilla sand footsteps, but mixed with other samples and recreated to resemble a bit softer barefoot footsteps.
- dirt (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - just vanilla footsteps (only slightly modified in some cases), but defined here as barefoot for consistency.
- gravel (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - just vanilla footsteps, but defined here as barefoot for consistency.
- grass (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - just vanilla footsteps, but defined here as barefoot for consistency.

In case of dirt, gravel and grass - these were included mainly because if I didn't do it, any mod that enhances boot sounds would overwrite the vanilla sound assets and as a result you would probably hear even harder and louder boot footsteps, while being barefoot. I hope it makes sense.

Some additional notes:
I am not a professional modder, nor a talented sound editor. I tried my best to achieve this result by searching for sounds, playing with them and fiddling with multiple FO4Edit records. Critical insights, constructive thoughts and friendly suggestions are welcome ofcourse, but please respect this bit of work and try not to behave in a hateful way, if you don't like this mod. Thank you.
Since some of these sounds might not be of best quality, I'm open for any suggestions or help in finding better ones out there.
In theory, this system can be expanded a bit more - for example there is glass category in FO4Edit, but I couldn't find it in the game (turned out that these transparent floors in the Institute are made of metal, not glass). All major surfaces are covered by this mod though.

The files structure:
Unlike the original Barefoot Footstep mod, this one doesn't rely only on the default game assets (which are stored in the game's .BA archives). There is the .esp file and packages with new sounds which are necessary for the mod to work (CHOOSE ONLY ONE PACKAGE AT A TIME).

None really, but if you like these barefoot sound features, you should go to GrozaTerroristow Barefoot Footstep mod's page and download his mod anyway, just to give him an endorse for his great work.

- Manual:
Just download the .esp file and one sound package and extract the contents to your Fallout 4 main folder (where the .exe is) and activate the .esp in your mod manager.
- Nexus Mod Manager:
Install the .esp file and one sound package just like any other mod. Recommended method.
- Other mod managers:
I'm sorry, I never used Vortex or Mod Organizer, so I can't provide any instructions for these programs.

- Manual:
Just deactivate the .esp file in your mod manager or delete it in your Data folder. Sound files provided within the packages are specifically made for this mod, which means that they can stay where they are in case you don't remove them - these won't conflict with anything. If, however, you like to have a very clean install folder of your game, without any leftovers after deinstalled mods, you should look for folders: /Carpet/ , /Dirt/ , /Grass/ , /Gravel/ , /MetalA/ , /Sand/ , /StoneSolid/ , /TileVinyl/ and /Wood/ in this location: Data/Sound/Fx/FST/Player/ and inside them delete all .xwm files which have this name structure: FST_Player_Barefoot_[material name]_[movement type]_1st_[file number].xwm , so for example FST_Player_Barefoot_Carpet_Sneak_1st_01.xwm or FST_Player_Barefoot_MetalA_JumpDown_1st_01.xwm .
- Nexus Mod Manager: 
Recommended method, if you installed the files with this program. Just deinstall the mod how you do with other mods, the program should do everything for you automatically (by deleteing the .esp and removing all sound files from the Data folder).
- Other mod managers:
If you use them, then you probably know much better than me what to do ;)

You can safely update the mod mid-game by just overwriting the old files, BUT from 1.4 version forward you will need both the .esp file and one of the sound packages in the main files section. If you install only the .esp, you won't hear any footsteps on some surfaces.

Bugs / Issues:
1. Few places, like wooden guard towers in settlements, or some concrete parts in Diamond City (i.e. stairs in front of Dogout Inn / Security, audience areas of the stadium and exit to the Fens), don't trigger a footstep sound, when you walk on them. Plain silence. No idea why, because stair impact sets and concrete material are covered by this mod. Suggestions are welcome.
2. Another small issue is that sometimes while walking in third person view footsteps become silent just for a few steps and then get back to normal. EDIT: After some testing I noticed that this seems to be a problem with the game itself. Both the player (in 3rd person) and npcs loose their footstep sounds from time to time, even when wearing vanilla clothing with shoes and without barefoot footstep mod installed.
IMPORTANT NOTE regarding these two issues: I did some testing without any footstep mods installed and wearing standard Fallout 4 clothing: both problems seem to be within the game, I suppose someone at Bethesda wasn't careful enough...

This mod hasn't been tested very thoroughly yet, so if you find any bugs related to its features, report in the bugs section. Please bear in mind though that I really don't know much about modding and have ZERO coding or scripting knowledge. I might simply not be able to help, sorry. With that said, I need to point out, that this mod doesn't really change much except adding some new sound records that are strictly related to the barefoot state of the Player character (empty body slot in other words). It shouldn't cause conflicts with anything.

Project Reality Footsteps - you can safely play it with my mod, because both modifictations do different things and have different records in FO4Edit (pretty much as in case of the original Barefoot Footstep mod). You just won't hear the footstep sounds provided by this mod (maybe except water sounds), if your character is naked or wearing a barefoot (and patched!) clothing piece.
Other sound mods - unless they deal with the barefoot footstep set records, should be compatible.

Barefoot Footstep - at the core both mods do the same thing, so they would conflict with each other. However, if you are unhappy with my mod and would like to go back to the other one, it's as simple as deleting / deactivating mine and reinstalling / reactivating the old Barefoot Footstep. No scripts / interface etc. included, so no problems mid-game.
(CaN) Crimes against Nature - this mod appears to be incompatible. I tried to make a patch, but it still doesn't work.

1. Some patches for clothing mods without shoes will be needed ofcourse, but the process is the same as in case of the other Barefoot Footstep mod. Either you make a suggestion for a standalone patch / make one yourself and publish or send me to publish on my mod page / or suggest the author of the clothing mod to make a patch. However, clothing mods that already have patches related to the Barefoot Footstep mod on their respective pages, should work fine. In most cases it's just a matter of adding a footstep sound set to some clothing parts of a mod - my mod uses the same main footstep set record in FO4Edit, so no changes here. Instructions on how to patch a clothing mod yourself, are provided in an image in my image gallery.
2. There are some necessary patches for Unique Player related mods in my Optional Files section.

Small update for 1.4 | 15.01.2021 - uploaded a snow replacement for dirt, gravel, grass and sand surfaces - to be used with winter overhaul mods; it can be found in the Optional Files section; please see the Sticky Post for details.
Small update for 1.4 | 06.11.2020 - uploaded an ESP patched for AnimeRace Nanakochan mod. The file was created by user champions123
Small update for 1.4 | 05.11.2020 - 1) uploaded an ESL flagged version of the main ESP 2) uploaded a package with ESP files patched for Unique Player and Followers REDUX mod to Optional Files section - MANUAL INSTALL ONLY.
Version 1.4 | 31/05/2020 - 1) changed the installation structure: now the .esp file is separated from the sound packages - for conveniency of reinstalling the sounds; 2) added an alternative version of walking and running footsteps for stone/concrete; 3) added footstep set for vault floor surface (tile vinyl material); 4) made walking and running footstep sets on stone/concrete slightly different from each other - running ones are a bit shorter.
Version 1.3 | 22/05/2020 - 1) added the barefoot footstep set to npc characters (if any of them are barefoot - followers too - you should hear the same barefoot sounds as the player character); 2) added a slight random change in tone between footsteps - it makes the whole experience a bit more natural, I think; 3) made Update 1.3 versions for Unique Player related mods (in the Optional Files section). All changes from Update 1.2 included (vault floor fix, metal stairs fix, carpet footsteps for cloth materials).
Version 1.2 | 19/05/2020 - optional .esp file with support for Fusion Girl Unique Player mod. Just a replacement of the main .esp file.
Version 1.2 | 18/05/2020 - optional .esp files with support for Unique Player, Unique Followers or both mods together. Just a replacement of the main .esp file
Version 1.2 | 18/05/2020 - small update - vault floor footstep fix + metal stairs fix + carpet footstep set added to cloth materials
Version 1.1 | 18/05/2020 - small update - vault floor footstep fix - obsolete
Version 1.0 | 17/05/2020 - initial release

GrozaTerroristow for the great Barefoot Footstep - I wouldn't be able to do anything without his mod.
ElminsterAU for FO4Edit.
Bethesda for Fallout 4.
HULKHOD3N for Project Reality Footsteps - thanks to his mod I had a chance to look at how you create some sound records in F04Edit.
arecaidianfox for XWM to WAV Conversion - I wouldn't be able to implement the sounds without this great tool.
Bethesda for Fallout 4.

Recommended mods:
These clothing mods already work fine with my mod:
Barefoot Wetsuit
Katie's wardrobe - Casual Combat Outfit
Katie's wardrobe - Militia Duster
FCO - Fully Customizable Outfits RELOADED
Dlx Clothes Pack
and probably a couple more, which I don't know of.

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