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Adds a Child of Atom liberator faction for the Sim Settlements expansion Conqueror. Includes quests, custom armor, weapons, building plans, new faces and reworked vanilla dialogue. Embrace the Glow!

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin

Requires Far Harbor DLC and version 4.2.9 or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror

Faction: Atom’s Glory Liberators

Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Decorations: Yes
Soundscape: Yes

Behold the Glory of Atom!

Stand-alone version with the Armor, Clothes and Weapons here.
Stand-alone version of the Power Armor here. Only requires Far Harbor DLC.
Conversion for Fusion Girl generously provided by Cleared Direct.
Xbox version here


  • Main Quest, Side Quest and Radiant Quest that unlocks (so far):
-- Custom War Planner Desk and City Planner Desk
-- Buildable faction totems
-- Faction Flag
-- 2 Commanders
-- 4 Special Units
-- 7 custom Building Plans
  • Reused Vanilla Dialogue for workshop vendors and commanders
  • Child of Atom Building Plan Skins for the 8 Conqueror plots:
-- [CQ] Armory
-- [CQ] Battlefield Scavenger
-- [CQ] Field Hospital
-- [CQ] Funeral Pyre
-- [CQ] Mess Hall
-- [CQ] POW Lockup
-- [CQ] Recruitment Center
-- [CQ] Shooting Range
  • Child of Atom Building Plan Skins for all the 48 original Sim Settlements plots (marked [SS] in the ASAM-sensor, apply the skin through the "Customize plot" option)
  • 60+ custom outfits, armors, weapons and accessories
  • 100+ new faces for your recruits
  • Faction totems with randomized setup, for 750+ variations
  • Bodyslide files with sliders and CBBE Curvy Outfit included as default

Starting up
Go to Jalbert Brothers and investigate what killed the Children of Atom there. A Sim Settlements Holotape and some ASAM-sensors are in one of the capsules, if you’d rather not pick them up at the Museum of Freedom.

Main Quest
The main quest starts at Jalbert Brothers and continues as you liberate settlements across the Commonwealth. You will unlock new special units and buildable items. As of version 1.0.6, the following can be unlocked
Number of settlements in the control of Atom’s Glory: 1– buildable faction flags, 2 – unlocks custom Armory and Atom's glory paint job for the t45 and metal armor, 3 – unlocks Special Unit Demagogues, 4 – unlocks buildable Faction Totems, 5 – unlocks Special Unit Evangelists, 6 – unlocks buildable CoA Banners and Lanterns, 7 - unlocks Special Units Atom's Glory Banes (Power Armor).

Side Quests
You can unlock custom faction building plans and commanders to help theme your faction through side quests. As of version 1.0.6, there are two quests;
Feed the Troops
Starts and proceeds through notes received from the War Planner Desk, remember to check in every few days. The items you are tasked to gather can be used to recruit more soldiers. Unlocks three custom farms – Glowing Fungus, Brain Fungus and Crab Hunter. Unlocks a custom Commander geared to lead a Rations producing vassal. Her name is Rockatansky.

and Spiritual Crossroads
Available through the Notes on the War Planner Desk after you have two settlements (outposts or vassals) in the control of Atom's Glory. Unlocks
  • the Baron Nucléaire, geared to command an assault leading outpost
  • the BoneMumblers – new special unit with a new paralyzing spell
  • three custom Conqueror plots – a Training Yard, a Cemetery, and a Mess Hall.

Radiant Quest
Available through the Notes on the War Planner Desk after Feed the Troops is almost finished. Helps with recruitment resources. As of version 1.0.6, the quest Gather Atom’s Glow:
tasks you with finding Nuclear Stashes hidden in military or industrial locations over the commonwealth. Use them to recruit more soldiers.

Child of Atom Power Armor
There are three variations of custom Child of Atom Power armor and they come with full set of upgrades: linings, material and misc mods. If you have AWKCR and can’t upgrade the armor pieces, get the patch (either reinstall AWKCR and choose the patch in the fomod of AWKCR, or get the separate patch in the download section of AWKCR). The Atom's Glory armory paint job unlock will now also unlock the new t45 CoA paint job.
Reworked Misc:
Tesla Coils --> Gamma Coils, deals rad damage instead of energy damage to nearby enemies
Tesla Bracers --> Gamma Bracers, adds rad damage instead of energy damage to unarmed attacks
Rad Scrubbers --> Inner Focus, fortifies crits by 10%
Reworked materials:
Military --> Molecular (adds Strength)
Minutemen/Vault --> Orbital (adds Charisma)

I don’t want to play as a Child of Atom, can I use this just to have them live in settlements?
Yes, if you use the War Options in the Conqueror set up wizard you can choose this faction to pre-populate and build settlements. Since the faction pack includes a small, optional quest to start it up, it won’t be an option by default. So you have to manually move it over from the left pane to the right pane. The Atom themed skins included for most of the regular Sim Settlements building plans give the Rise of the Commonwealth city plans a truly Atomic flavor. As they are friendly liberators you can visit and peruse their shops (unless you belong to one of the factions listed as their enemies in the article tab).

Tactical Advice:

Recruiting soldiers

To recruit soldiers, you need to have a place for them to sleep. It can be a city plan, vanilla beds or residential plots. If you play with Soldier Needs on, you also need to meet the requirements for Rations, Wages and Equipment. Start by building up your Main Outpost, you can set the recruits to the worker role and assign them to agricultural and commercial plots which will keep up the inflow and let you recruit more soldiers. This video (at 22 minutes in) shows kinggath setting up his Main Outpost.

Taking Outposts as a Liberator
As a liberator you can make any settlement an outpost, but it’s still easiest if you start up outposts in empty settlements. If it’s a settlement you already own, send the settlers to another settlement before you claim it for your faction. Having citizens/settlers in your outpost will make it hard to keep morale high and the soldier needs met.

Weak recruits
Your recruits are weak initially. Prioritize building an armory to get them better gear and weapons. The other aimed Conqueror plots (Field Hospital, Mess Hall, Training Yard, Cemetery) also help your recruits survive.

Soldiers are bad workers
Until you have some friendly vassals supporting your army with produce, you can help keep the troops satisfied by donating food in the safe at the City Planner’s Desk.

Citizens complaining about Nuka World?
Get the Nuka World patch on the Sim Settlements Conqueror Nexus page.

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MrNeedles has you covered with a Conqueror Children of Atom Faction Pack

Assets used:
Children of Atom - Fanatics Outfits (textures, meshes) by 7StarC
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer (for the CBBE meshes) by Caliente
Eli's Armour Compendium (meshes for goggles on head) by Elianora
Overseer Font
Controller script (etc) from Bethesda Mod School series by Kinggath
Pump fist animation from Conqueror by the Sim Settlements team

Tutorials and help:
All the helpful modders at the Sim Settlements Builder’s Discord, thank you!
Bullyrook, the Sun Tzu of Conqueror Strategy, for help in balancing the commander traits
Big thanks to Rudy (kopfjagger), NDCowdy and eldiabs for play testing and reporting bugs!

Kinggath, advice
Pra, advice
Basics of scripting Bethesda mods from Modding Skyrim - Scripter's Edition
by MattieWagg
Creation kit wiki
Bethesda Mod School series by Kinggath

Outfit Studio Wiki
Outfit Studio Conversion, videos by Brain Poof
Fallout 4 - Create Custom Armor with Outfit Studio by guerrerodelyermo
Outfit Studio static mesh and armor mashup by Jonathan Ostrus
How to Color Material Swap Mods - FO4Edit Tips by Jonathan Ostrus
Authors Jeir and Docteure, insightful comments on Outfit studio conversions and body weighting on the Nexus Forums
how to set up custom melee weapons Se7enraven FO4 Modder's Resources

Quests and Dialogue:
, fantastic video tutorials on how to mod Bethesda games
Dissected mods, to figure out settler recruitment and vendor dialogue; Recruitable Settlers by Socharis and Settlers of the Commonwealth by Kris Takahashi
Tutorial - How to Add Voice Files by Anduniel

These tools were invaluable in the making of this mod:
Outfit Studio by Ousnius
Nifskope by jonwd7 etc
xEdit by Elminster etc
Champollion by li1nx
Voice File Reference Tool 2 by greentea101
.LIP Sync File Generator - Fallout 4 by lazyradly
Unfuzer CPP Edition by greentea101
Skyrim Audio Converter by JohnB
B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor by jonwd7

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