Wasteland Venturers Sim Settlements AddOn Pack by Myrmarachne and Tinuvia
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Added: 12/05/2017 - 08:53PM
Updated: 22/09/2017 - 06:23AM

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Requires Version 2.1.1 or Greater of Sim Settlements
No DLCs needed

Contents - 30 unique and detailed models

Homes: 14
Shops: 8
Farms: 5
Recreational: 2
Martial 1x1: 1
VIP Stories: 1
Flags: 4

Building Features

Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes

14 unique homes – a place for mama (NEW!), another home in a derelict car (NEW!), a fisherman’s hut (NEW!), a huge ass tower with a player bed (NEW! Can be performance heavy so can only be built by you, with the ASAM sensor), a war rig, a hidden hideout, a rugged home for tired feet, a mariner's cabin, a home in a diner, a hunter's den, a tree house, a herbalist's shack, a shabby home underneath a car and a makeshift tinkerers house.

FARMS (NEW functionality!):
The Wild Forest, Meadow and Pond Farms now come in two versions - Regular and Happy:
- The Regular version can be built by your settlers and give the same amount of food as vanilla Sim Settlements plots.
- The Happy version can only be built by you with the ASAM sensor, give less food but a happiness boost to your settlement and plants in your workshop workbench. (see Read Me for plant details).

The Universal Library silt bean coffee farm and the Babylon Roof top garden now have No-ground versions that can only be built by you, with the ASAM sensor. The settlers can still build the old ground and wood foundation versions.

A coffee shop bookery and a Midsummer Pole for the celebrational needs of your settlers.

A turret tower with spotlights at level 2 (must be connected with power cable) and a machinegun turret at level 3.

four flags for your settlement to choose at the City Desk Planner.

A waste-not-want-not medic, a colorful clothier, a salty sailor's bar and two general stores - one scrappy, one tinkery. Icecream and power armor repair squeezed into the same crummy tin schack, because why not? An APC weapon shop and finally: a breezy rum bar, "The rum hole", for a quick escape in the balmy nights to a place where palmfronds kiss your sweaty face and rum gushes down your eager maw, instead of radiated water and that insistent dog breath that follows you around in the real world of the wastes.

Big thanks!

To Uituit for taking screenshots of our models and to JtBryant96 for getting them up on the Wiki at SimSettlements.com - here you can see all the buildinglevels if you want to check how big they get.

Building plan names

Fisherman’s Hut by Tinuvia
Cab Home by Myrmarachne
Mama’s Place Myrmarachne
Caretaker’s Tower by Tinuvia (Can only be built by the player)
Uituit's War Rig by Myrmarachne
Hidden Hideout by Myrmarachne
Diner Home by Myrmarachne
Mariner's Cabin by Tinuvia
Hunter's Den by Tinuvia
Rug Revelry by Tinuvia
TreeTent by Tinuvia
Herbalist's Haven by Tinuvia
Crusty Mechanic Shack by Myrmarachne
El Duderinos Wreckshack by Myrmarachne
Universal Library Coffee by Tinuvia (Ground and No-ground)
Babylon Roof Garden by Tinuvia (Ground and No-ground)
Wild Meadow Farm by Tinuvia (Happy and Regular)
Wild Forest Farm by Tinuvia (Happy and Regular)
Wild Pond Farm by Tinuvia (Happy and Regular)
Bitter Bean Bookery by Tinuvia
Midsummer Pole by Myrmarachne
Turret Tower by Myrmarachne
Thrifty Surgeon by Tinuvia
Catchy Patch Clothier by Tinuvia
Radio Shack by Myrmarachne (general store)
Scrapper's Delight General Store by Tinuvia
IcecreamAndPowerarmorRepair by Myrmarachne
Warchild's Weapons by Tinuvia
The Sailor's Tale by Tinuvia
The Rum Hole by Tinuvia

Hot files! Wohooo! We love you all!

Now also on XB1


Kinggath for Sim Settlements!
Bethesda, the stealers of life, for Fallout4
Alf Lannerbäck, for the martial poster illustration
Elianora, for the Armor workbench without the fire barrel
Eskanonen, for literal lettering genius Scrappy Signs
Ethreon, for the mindfertilizing planters in Plant Me and colorful shacks in Port Royal
femshepping and retrobabe for luscious rug textures
Gil Elvgren, for The Lovely Librarian
Mytigio, for scripting help with pre-banning plots – download his add-on Industrial City if you haven’t
NovaCoru, for enlightening tips, from Homemaker
Ruined World for the magazine and newspaper illustrations from Industrial Revolution – check out his add-on Ruined Homes and Gardens
Se7enraven, for shuffling cardsharpery Se7enraven FO4 Modder's Resources

Custom textures by Myrmarachne