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A new Plasma Pistol based on the one in concept art of Hancock.

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--Version 1.1 and Xbox release, see Updates--

A new Plasma Pistol based on the one in concept art of Hancock. Uses the Alien Blaster animations and Plasma Cartridge ammunition.

Lore Blurb:
After taking Adams Air Force Base in 2277 the Brotherhood of Steel found itself in possession of large quantities of Enclave plasma weapons. These were quickly integrated into their armories and passed on to scribes for study and improvement. Due to its excellent weight to power ratio the Enclave Plasma Pistol was found to be a top candidate for long range patrols, especially those operating without power armor. However, it quickly became apparent that the weapon's fragile construction could not handle repeated combat engagements without an opportunity to refit.

Brotherhood scribes set out to solve the problem by encasing most of the mechanics of the pistol in a sturdy shell. In the process, they found that the power of the weapon could be increased by allowing a larger shot. Engineers increased the size of the compressor, allowing more plasma to escape per shot. It made for devastating effect, at the cost of efficiency and range. To ensure that the weapon could retain its original functionality they developed a secondary compressor attachment, giving soldiers the option of an efficient primary arm or a powerful backup. And thus, the Advanced Plasma Pistol was born.

In its early days, until Arthur Maxson's takeover, the weapon was issued almost exclusively to long range patrols who were sent up and down the east coast. At some point during his restructuring it was decided to simply integrate the weapon into the standard pool of weapons, alongside an expanded number of attachment options. Today it is found primarily among Brotherhood ranks, but a few have leaked into the wasteland.

How Hancock got his hands on one remains a mystery, but he hasn't had ammo for ages...


May 2, 2021
-Version 1.1 release: fixes a balance issue with VATS on the Sharpshooter Grip.
-Xbox release

April 23, 2021
-Initial Release

-A standard array of receivers, same as the Plasma Gun
-4 Barrel Types, 8 total
-3 Grips
-5 Sights
-2k Textures
-Added to most of the same LLs as the vanilla Plasma Gun, with script (Brotherhood soldiers, the Brotherhood shop, and Gunner bosses)
-One unique version with a special effect.
-Alternate version that makes the vanilla Plasma Gun spawn as a Rifle only, and disables its pistol grips.

Balance for the APP is primarily focused around magazine size, trigger delay, and projectile speed. There is no automatic barrel or flamer, as this was intended as a Gunslinger focused weapon.


Level List Injection Script: a_blind_man
Everything Else: jkruse05

There should be no compatibility issues for the Standard version. The Replacement one may conflict with mods that make changes to the Plasma Gun or its pistol grip parts.

Known Issues:
-Minor Clipping during reload animation. Probably won't notice unless you look for it.
-Collision is just a big box for some reason, haven't been able to fix it, but it isn't game breaking. If anyone has a solution please let me know.
-The new projectile that is used with the Accelerator barrels often appears to originate above the barrel. I've seen this issue before with my Electrolasers mod. It seems to be inherent to some projectile meshes, not unique to this mod. Fortunately it does not seem to obscure your view any more than a normal muzzle flash.
-The mesh for this one is, admittedly, a little messy, but shouldn't create any issues.

Xbox (Standard version only)

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