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A mod that adds a new species of enemy to the Commonwealth called A Nightstriker based loosely off the Nightstalkers of Fallout: New Vegas.

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This mod's NOT dead! Yay!

Update to Nightstrikers (Version 3.1): Now that Borous has finally been fixed to being a good boy I figured it was time for a sound overhaul. Sound changes made

-- Enemy Nightstriker encounter sound has been completely replaced. I felt that the original one was too loud and rather obnoxious. The new one is softer, deeper and (IMHO) more menacing. Yes the hissing, and tail rattling sounds are still present in the sound, just not as "In your face" as they were before.

-- Borous also has a brand new ambient sound (his breathing sound). Discovered that having him travel as a companion that he was really loud and his sound was short, repetitive and really sounded "fake". Replaced it with a much deeper (and much quieter) ambient sound. Also changed Borous to use the same footstep sound files as Dogmeat, as people said that he "walked too loud".

Update to Nightstrikers (version 3.0): 

  • Various bug fixes, most importantly Borous should now stay in the shack basement until found and recruited by the player and will no longer randomly pop up upon fast travel or movement through a load door. Big shout out to modder Gaz for being extremely helpful and fixing some of this mods various inefficiencies.   

Installation of Update (version 3.0):

  • Before Uninstalling version 2.0 take back everything you have in Borous's inventory as you will need to rerecruit him. If you cannot find Borous his ref ID is xx008f8c (the xx is the number Nightstrikers is in your load order) use the moveto player console command NOT player.placeatme as that creates a duplicate.
  • Dismiss Borous to a settlement if he is a companion
  • Move to an interior cell (one that does NOT have Borous in it) and save your game
  • Exit the game and use your preferred Mod Manager to uninstall Nightstrikers
  • Load back into the game and create a clean save
  • Exit the game and install the Nightstrikers Update

If issues arise due your failure to follow the above instructions I cannot help you.

This mod came about as a result of two things: 

  • There seemed (to me at least) to be less variety in the amount of creatures to fight in fallout 4 vs. the previous entries
  • Nightstalkers were my favorite creatures from Fallout New Vegas and I missed them in FO4

What this mod includes/does (short description, see long description for more detail):

  • Introduces a new species of creature to the Commonwealth called Nightstrikers spiritually based on the Nightstalkers of Fallout New Vegas
  • Like their Mojave cousins all variants of Nightstriker deal and are immune to Poison Damage
  • Nightstrikers come in 5 variants, each with its own unique texture and abilities
  • Legendary version of all 5 variants, with its own unique mutation effect
  • 4 New loot items unique to Nightstrikers
  • 3 new crafting recipes (2 cooking, 1 chem)
  • New unmarked location that provides some lore(?) on Nightstriker origins
  • A possible Nightstriker Companion

Requirements IMPORTANT:

 This mod REQUIRES the Far Harbor DLC, it WILL NOT function without it and will likely crash your game. Any requests to remove this requirement will be completely ignored as mod uses assets from that DLC.

Installation Instructions:

Download with NMM or Mod Manger of your choice. If you want to manually install it I assume you already know how to do this.

Uninstallation Instructions:

Use NMM preferably, or open Fallout 4 Data folder, go into Meshes, Textures, Materials, Sound->Voice/FX, Scripts and delete all folders with Nightstriker in the name.

Known bugs or Incompatibilities

None so far
What this mod includes/does (long description):

01. Introduces a new species of creature to the Commonwealth called Nightstrikers spiritually based on the Nightstalkers of Fallout New Vegas (they have their own leveled list and around 15 spawn areas, with at least 2-3 Nightstrikers spawning at each area)

02. Nightstrikers come in 5 variants ,each with its own unique texture and abilities
  • Normal: low damage and low poison damage. Nothing special about them
  • Rabid: medium damage and medium poison damage. Also has a random chance to deal radiation or acid damage on top of the poison damage
  • Albino: medium damage and medium poison damage. Regens health continuously so kill them quick!
  • Glowing: High damage and medium poison damage. Like all glowing enemies in the game deals radiation damage but on top of poison damage.
  • Den Mother: High damage and medium poison damage, largest variant boss-like creature designed to be similar in difficulty to fighting a Deathclaw

03. Legendary version of all variants(includes their individual abilities). Legendary Nightstrikers, like all legendary creatures, mutate and regen full health if you don’t kill them before their health drops to 50%. Legendary Nightstrikers also have a nasty trick up their sneaky, scaly sleeves: when they mutate and regen their health they also CLOAK for the rest of the battle.

04. 4 New loot items unique to Nightstrikers:
  • Nightstriker Eggs
  • Nightstriker Blood
  • Nightstriker Meat
  • Chewed Stealthboy (only found on Legendary Nightstriker variants)

05. 3 New crafting recipes:
  • Nightstriker Omelet (Cooking Recipe)
  • Nightstriker Steak (Cooking Recipe)
  • Nightstriker Squeezin’s (Chem Recipe)

06. New unmarked location (an abandon shack with a basement)
  • Contains a terminal with Lore about how Nightstrikers came to be
  • Contains the Nightstriker Companion (companion is set to essential so he can’t be killed)
  • Hint about where location is:
07. Possible Nightstriker Companion(is a fairly simple companion):
  • IMPORTANT: he can’t wear armor (he’s a wild animal, and the default dog armor would not fit him anyway) I have modified the dog armor to fit him see images, it will be in the next update.
  • Is set to essential like all companions so he can’t be killed
  • Can carry 300 lbs. of weight
  • Does Not have an affinity rating(again, he’s a wild animal)
  • Does not use the same ambient sound as the wild Nightstrikers as it would make listening while sneaking difficult. (Wild Nightstrikers ambient sound is intentionally loud so they can be heard a distance away)

Special thanks to these people for helping fix/test version 3.0 (in no particular order:)
Limitless Bricks

Note from Author: 
As I usually only do re-textures for personal use this mod was a very ambitious project for me. I have tested and retested this mod on both an established game character with a lot of mods loaded and on a fresh vanilla install with a fresh character. I have also had others play test this mod as well. While there were no reported issues so far please report any bugs you encounter and I will work to fix them. 

And finally, a big thanks to people commenting on my work in the Fallout 4 image section for encouraging me to take this mod as far as I have. And to all the people willing to make Youtube tutorials for the CK without which this mod would not be possible.