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Patches Dazzerfong's MK14 Redux to work in VR with proper grip positioning and without crashing. Also provides optional patches for Zzyxzz's Better Locational Damage and to use the MK14 as a combat rifle replacer.

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Dazzerfong's Mk14 Redux is an amazing piece of work, far better than any of the guns Bethesda gave us. It works great in pancake but has two big issues in VR. First off in VR, it appears that you grip the gun by its stock. This is just down to Bethesda's halfbaked implementation of VR. Fortunately, Bethesda's creaky old engine provides the means to fix it (see here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/29890). The second problem is the VR is not good at dealing with complex textures. The scopes and flashlight in dazzerfongs mod have a reflective texture on the lenses that look great in pancake but cause an immediate CTD in VR. To fix that, I just removed the reflective meshes and and you can now cycle through all of the weapon mods without crashing. I also went ahead and removed the immersive "see through" scopes since they don't function in VR.

I run with a bunch of mods that change the gameplay since I disagree with a lot of the decisions that Bethesda made. Since I went ahead and did most of the work for my install, I'm providing a couple of different options:

Option A: This just patches the base mod as described above.

Option B: This adds MK14 as a replacer for the Combat Rifle. This is based cyanide4suicide's Modern Weapon Replacer, though I take it in a slightly different direction. Cyanide4suicide tries to replace the Combat Rifle by pasting the MK14 over it. The issue is that the two weapons have very different component structures. This leads to the Combat Rifles showing up as Mk14's that MK14 mods don't attach properly to and also fires a .45 instead of a .308. I fix this by altering the leveled lists. I changed the Combat Rifle leveled list to only point at Mk14 and add .308 rnds to NPC inventories. In theory, this should prevent the stock Combat Rifle from appearing in game. In case that theory is wrong, I left cyanide4suicide's change in place. I just changed it from shooting .45 to .308 as its base ammo type. If it does show, you just upgrade the receiver at a workbench to make everything work right.

Option C: This is Option A just tweaked to fit in with Zzyxzz's Better Locational Damage.

Option D: This is Option B tweaked to fit with Zzyxzz's Better Locational Damage.

Finale note: These esp's were created using the current version of the Creation Kit. For them to work in VR, you will need the VR version of F4SE and this fix (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42497?tab=description)