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Just some compatibility patches for Better Locational Damage and a few different mods.

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I have really been enjoying Zzxyzz's Better Locational Damage. I'm loving how it makes gunplay in the wasteland tense and frenetic, leaving little room for mistakes.
Here's a couple patches I've made for my own personal use. None of them are strictly necessary, they mostly just tweak things and enable the best of both worlds (in my humble opinion) from their respective mods.
Patches are provided for the following mods:
For simplicity's sake, I've bundled them all in a single download. Obviously don't activate a patch for a mod you haven't installed.
My load order for these is:
  1. Other mods
  2. Better Locational Damage
  3. My patches.
If you use LOOT you'll want to set up a custom rule to load Better Locational Damage after Equilibrium weapons (LOOT currently loads EW after by default).