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6 new themed scavenging workstations for settlers: Armorer, Tailor, Chemist, Farmhand, Robot Salvage and Mechanical Salvage.

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Working Settlers

Requires More Scavenging Stations by Bbaronx

6 new themed scavenging workstations made to complement vanilla shop and job roles. 

Armorer station: made to work in an armor shop, the assigned settler will collect Ballistic Fiber, Fiberglass and Asbestos. 

Chemist station: An assistant for your settlement surgeon, the Chemist uses Chemistry bench animations and collects Antiseptic, Glass and Plastic

Farmhand station: A broken tub, a (non-functioning) pump, and hoe is all you need to be a Farmhand.  Collects Bone, Leather and Fertilizer.
*brahmin not included

Tailor station: Made for clothing shops. Collects Cloth, Rubber and Cork

Mechanical Salvage: Inspired by Deb at Bunker Hill, this station lets you assign a settler to work on the salvaged junk in your general store. Collects Gears, Springs and Screws

Robotic Salvage: Scavenge old robots for materials to make new ones. Collects Aluminum, Copper and Lead

Stations are Found under Resources>Misc. Most stations require Scrapper 1 and Local Leader 1 Perks, the same as in Bbaronx's mod.


This mod uses scripts by Bbaronx to have settlers scavenge for materials. His mod More Scavenging Stations is required to run this mod. More Scavenging Stations should be placed in the load order above this mod.

Screenshot Credits:

Eli's Armor Compendium for settler fashion
Healthier Brahmin for brahmin