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Adds 12 specialized Scavenging stations for different categories of junk, and increases the amount of junk found to a reasonable amount to make scavenging stations useful.

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Ever tried using scavenging stations and after a while realize that they don't really do much? Like maybe you check your settlement after a few in game days and you have very little junk even compared to what you started with. Ever run out of specific materials all the time? Maybe you build everything out of wood and you've already scrapped all the trees in the area and you just can't find enough hammers and clipboards to build that new bunkhouse for your settlement. If these are all problems you're facing then today is your lucky day! This mod not only increases the amount of junk your settlers bring in (to a reasonable amount, not anything OP) but it also includes scavenging stations for specialized junk! All the stations can be unlocked by having both the Local Leader 1 perk and the Scrapper 1 perk to be able to make.

Does not modify the vanilla scavenging station.

List of stations
  • Wood Scavenging Station - Scavenges Wood only
  • Steel Scavenging Station - Scavenges Steel only
  • Concrete Scavenging Station - Scavenges Concrete only
  • Metal Scavenging Station - Scavenges Aluminum, Copper, and Lead
  • Liquid Scavenging Station - Scavenges Acid, Oil, and Adhesive
  • Natural Scavenging Station - Scavenges Bone, Fertilizer, and Leather
  • Mechanical Scavenging Station - Scavenges Springs, Gears, and Screws
  • Medical Scavenging Station - Scavenges Plastic, Glass, and Antiseptic
  • Textile Scavenging Station - Scavenges Cloth, Rubber, and Cork
  • Electronics Scavenging Station - Scavenges Crystal, Circuitry, and Fiber Optics
  • Exotics Scavenging Station - Scavenges Silver, Gold, and Nuclear Material

Just download the files and drop the modules you want into your data folder
OR just install through Nexus Mod Manager :)

For a manual install open the zip, and go to the "BASEMOD" folder, and copy the folder named "Scripts" and the ESP "More Scrapping Stations" into your Data folder.

GallumX for formatting, images, and comment moderation.
Wenderer for his fomod creation tool.

This mod should be compatible with everything.

Ammo Conversion - Convert all that useless ammo into the ammo you actually use!

More Productive Settlers - Makes the vanilla scavenging station more productive
Northland Diggers - A lot of what this mod does but also some extra stuff (you may prefer it over our mod and that's fine) 
Rename Anything - Lets you rename stuff for terminal management, including these stations to manage them easier.
Working Settlers - Adds "6 new themed scavenging workstations for settlers: Armorer, Tailor, Chemist, Farmhand, Robot Salvage and Mechanical Salvage." (And it's based on my mod) Go check it out!