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This mod adds craftable & upgradable backpacks & pouches.

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  • German
Due to real life commitments, Stndmunki and I can't support this mod and have stopped development indefinitely. 
I just got back to gaming recently after not playing video games for 2 years, but I'm going to use my limited free time to play only. Thank you guys for the support & understanding.
Gosh I should've put up this message sooner.

Please read the new description and change log

Current version: 1.4b
by Alde & Myles
Made in FO4Edit

No longer needs Armorsmith Extended (still highly recommended however!)

If updating from 1.3, you must UNEQUIP YOUR BACKPACK FIRST AND SAVE THE GAME IN A NEW SLOT before updating.
Otherwise you will find Carry weight Capacity bug.


With credit to me & Stndmunki, you are free to:

1. Use my assets in your mod and release it on Nexus, Bethesda.net, your tumblr/other social medias, or your own site. 
2. Make a compatibility/other patch for it and release it on Nexus, Bethesda.net, your tumblr/other social medias, or your own site
3. Translate it to your language and release it on Nexus, Bethesda.net, your tumblr/other social medias, your own site, or Nexus-like site in your country

You can PM me a link so I can check it out. Or just message me on Discord as I'm really bad at checking PMs, (my username is Aldebaran90) 

DO NOT upload my mods to apps/sites like ModDrop.
DO NOT put your mods that have my assets on apps/sites like ModDrop.

Check out this german translation by commodore777.

Check out this spanish translation by d4n13lus.

Check out Crafting Workbenches Patch by Azrael_wtf

Check out Armorsmith Extended Patch by Gambit77 (Not required. Makes equipments conform to AE's standards)

Check out Personal Patch Emporium by lunarionsilver (Not required. Makes Eferas' Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag or Backpack craftable at the Backpack Workbench)

Check out The Backpack Patch by th3t3rr1bl30n3 

Check out army retexture by Leyr in misc download

Check out Wasteland Operator by taereus for camo retexture for Traveler's Backpack 

I will add more retexture and patches links when they get updated to a new version.

I’d like to introduce my new awesome collaborator, Stndmunki, who’s been an amazing help at rebuilding and improving Wearable Travel Backpack. Seriously, he’s like a (ravioli eating) machine. We’ve added a few new things and decided to change the mod’s name to “Wearable Backpacks and Pouches”. I’m just glad we found each other *cryyy. I hope those sleepless long hours pay off and you guys like our work :D

Other Backpack/Bag mods for varieties:

Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag or Backpack by Eferas
Field Scribe Backpack by jet4571
FieldPacks Mod by Daimond007
Wearable Camo Backpacks by Voivre & Aldebaran90
Survivalist Go-Bags by tookiejones
Backpacks of the Commonwealth by The Care Taker


  1. Adds 6 craftable and upgradable equipments with independent textures: Traveler’s Backpack, Wanderer’s Backpack, Venturer’s Backpack, Adventurer’s Bandolier, Survivor’s Vest, and Mercenary’s Belt.
  2. Equipments use slot 54, 55, 56, and 57 (selectable when crafting)
  3. Carryweight capacity bonus variants (accessible via any armor workbenches)
  4. Strapless backpacks and removable straps.
  5. FOMOD installer and optional patches.

Currently there are 3 patches:

AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - Ballistic Weave.esp (self explanatory)
AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - NoCrafting Perks.esp (No perk requirements)
AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches -Power Armor Carry Capacity.esp

This is our current workaround for people who complain about Power Armor not stacking the Carry Weight Capacity buff (Backpack’s CC bonus disappears). You can craft Carry Weight Capacity bonus mods for Power Armors (PA) at the Backpack Workbench and upgrade the PA mods at any PA stands. The mods are invisible, equippable as Power Armor part, and can’t be broken. Please understand that this is the only thing that we can do with current tools right now.


All models are taken from vanilla meshes. The straps fromTraveler’s Backpack are missing some parts because the original armor
(Traveling Leather Coat) covers the missing parts with some kind of scarf. By default it's the way it is.Can only be fixed by adding new parts on the model using 3D programs. 
Other equipments were made using alpha (making unnecessary parts transparent). You might find issues with decals & collision, e.g. when getting hurt while wearing Wanderer’s Backpack, blood decals will follow the shape of the original Field Scribe Armor. This is not a bug, this is what you get if you use alpha. The whole Field Scribe mesh is still there, I only made it transparent.
We're not modelers (but learning to be). If you mind this, this is not the mod for you and please move
on :)

In the next update we will have separated meshes.


Stndmunki and I (and several bugtesters) have tested slot 54, 55, 56, and 57 and we didn’t find any conflicts with those slots.


I was so disturbed when I found no wearable backpacks in FO4. I thought after backpack mods for TES, FO3 & FO4, Bethesda would finally add some to FO4. I wanted to cry. I did actually, tears of disappointment and anger. Building settlements makes sense! Scavenging makes more sense than ever! But backpacks? Naaaah.... You have invisible pockets.

This is a simple mod that adds wearable backpacks to the game, "Travel Backpack" with carry weight bonus variants, and strapless versions of them. If anything, it's crudely made. I'm no professional modder, I could do armor mash-ups in Skyrim, but this is new. And this acts only as a temporary consolation, until an amazing modeler/modder in shining rainbow armor riding a multi-colored unicorn makes completely custom made backpacks *whistles.

I'm saving my joyful tears for that moment. And of course for pizza.




UPDATING FROM 1.2, 1.2b, or 1.3

1. Unequip your backpack and save the game.

2. Quit your gamey game, eat and drink water please, stand upand walk
some for 5 minutes. Call/Kiss you significant other and let them know that they're more interesting than the game, and you justhave to do one more quest. (WHITE LIEEEEES ARE FINEEEE. SOMETIMES.). I knowit's a great game, but your body and your SO need your love too. And maybe your cats. And dogs. And dragon.
3. Uninstall 1.2, 1.2b, or 1.3 and patches used, using yourfavey fave manager.
    If you want touninstall it manually:
        - DeleteALDBackpack folder from Data/meshes/clothes/
        - DeleteALDBackpack folder from Data/textures/clothes/
        - DeleteALDBackpack folder from Data/materials/clothes/
        - Delete ALDTravel Backpack.esp from Data folder

4. Install Wearable Backpacks & Pouches using your fave manager. If you want to install manually, extract the archive to your Data folder, and enable the esp.

5. Install version 1.4b using your fave manager. If you want to install manually, extract the archive to your Data folder.
6. Fire up the game and pray to Godd(zilla) Howard it'llwork. It it doesn't, cry, call your parents and then do your laundry or something until miracle comes. I can't help  prevent theapocalypse guys/girls.

UPDATING FROM 1.0 or 1.1

I honestly don't understand why you still have this version lol

Do a clean save and install version 1.4. (I don't think it's needed, but just to be safe)

Detailed steps for people who don't know how to do a clean save:

1. Unequip your backpack, save game in a new slot, it's better than overwriting an existing one, quit the game.

2. COMPLETELY UNINSTALL Wearable Travel Backpack - 1.1 (or 1.0).

    If you don't use a mod manager, delete the following stuff:

        - "ALDBackpack" folder in data/meshes/clothes/
        - Raider03Backpack_d.dds, Raider03Backpack_n.dds, Raider03Backpack_s.dds from "Raider03" folder in data/textures/armor/Raider03
        - ALD Travel Backpack.esp in your data folder
        - Any patches made by other modders.

3. Fire up the game, load the last save, there will be a warning saying some content is missing, choose yes.

4. Save game again in a new slot, then quit the game.

5. Install "Wearable Backpacks & Pouches"manually (Extract the archive to your Data folder) or using your fave mod manager.

6. Install version 1.4b using your fave manager. If you want to install manually, extract the archive to your Data folder.

7. Install new patches if available. Don't install old patches.


  1. Craft “Backpack Workbench” using the workshop menu.
  2. Craft the equipments using Backpack Workbench..
  3. Upgrade equipments using any Armor Workbench.
p.s. Console command (help backpack/bandolier/vest/belt 4) only works for basic equipments (the craftable equipments), you still need to upgrade them using any armor workbench for new features and CC bonus.


The equipments use slot 54, 55, 56, and 57. You can choosewhat slot you want. We've found no conflicts so far, but I guess you should
understand that it’s possible that there are things that may still conflict.


  • Underarmor/Clothes (there are still some that conflict)
  • bandana/surgical mask
  • gasmask
  • glasses
  • hat
  • left arm piece
  • right arm piece
  • left leg piece
  • right leg piece
  • chest piece
  • wedding ring

I hope you find it useful :)

TL;dr: Backpack yeaah

Thank you so much GodWaffle for the video :)

Thank you  so much dchette  for the video :)

Thank you so much Chayification for the video :)

Thank you so much CriticalRascal for the video:) 

Thank you so much Vatiwah for the video :)

Thank you so much Tryannicon for the video :)

Thank you so much izon87604 for the video :)

Thank you so much ZAYNORI for the video :)

Thank you so much TheWhiteCollarPlayers for the video ;)

Thanks to Bethesda for providing at least one separate backpack mesh.
Thanks Reddit guy, Jayfabs for testing.
Thanks to everybody who has worked hard to retexture the backpack, you have to know that your work is very much appreciated :)
Thanks to Azrael_wtf for creating a patch for Crafting Workbenches.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to Slevin92 for bugtesting and giving suggestions, also for the slot research :)
Thanks to Voivre for bugtesting.
Thanks to lylesloudmouth for bugtesting and suggestions.
Thanks to Varrgas for bugtesting.
Thanks to BlandSauce for helping with mod list ordering.


Material Editor