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This mod adds a bunch of variations for settlement lights. Comes with an installer. Wasteland Workshop and Vault-Tec Workshop are supported but not requiered. Contains a patch for ENB Light Overhaul.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds some variations for your settlement lights. These lights don't use the standard flat and boring light sources Bethesda gave us for our building purposes but make extensive use of Gobo light effects. After I played Automatron and visited the Mechanist's Lair for the first time, I noticed these effects on almost every corner and wanted them in my settlements. Because I didn't find anything like that yet I made my own mod. And here we go.

The download contains an installer where you can select if you use the Wasteland Workshop and/or the Vaul-Tec Workshop, choose a language (currently only English and German available) and if you use ENB Light Overhaul by MaxG3D.

If you have Far Harbor and want something similar to this mod, don't look any further. Colorful Bottle Lanterns from Glitchfinder adds a new level of awesomeness to your Far Harbor settlements. I can not reccomend that cool mod enough!

I wanted to include way more lights but those damn gobo textures are so hard to get aligned without texture seams that I cutted some ideas. If you have any suggestions for some new lights please write a comment and I see if I can implement it.

Where you can find the new lights in workshop mode

Electrical lights are located in the Lights tab like the other vanilla light sources. The street oil lamps can be found under Decorations > Misc. My mod don't add new categories or keywords.


The lights don't use shadows (even if it looks like it) but some power is needed nonetheless. I placed 25 lights in a small area and my GPU utilization went from ~50% up to 69% so they cost some performance if you spam many lights in one place. If you use some lights here and there you shouldn't notice big FPS drops at all.


Just use your favourite mod manager. The installer works with Nexus Mod Manager and should work with Mod Organizer.
If this is your first mod you may want to watch the tutorial from Gopher to get started. If something should still be unclear, just drop a comment and I would be glad to help you out.

To uninstall this mod, simply deactivate/delete it in your mod manager. No special preperations are necessary because no scripts are involved.

Compatibility with other mods

No vanilla forms were changed. In theory, this mod shouldn't conflict with anything.
Like mentioned before, a compatibility patch for ENB Light Overhaul is already included in the installer.

Known issues

I tested all lights ingame but I could have missed a spot where a gobo effect looks like it have a seam. If you find such seams, please provide a picture and submit a bug report.

Please leave a comment if you find anything else that needs to be changed. Thanks in advance!

Recommended mods

ENB Light Overhaul by MaxG3D if you want nice glowing lights in your game
Colorful Bottle Lanterns by Glitchfinder for plenty of lovely Far Harbor bottle lanterns which uses gobos too
Less shitty industrial wall lights by Ablaze666 to get rid of the potato looking wall lights (I know, shameless self-advertisement...)
Fixed Gobo Effects by Ablaze666 to fix and smooth all gobo textures from the base game and all DLCs (...same here...)

Closing words

I bet this boring wall of text or my installer contains a lot of errors (English isn't my first language), be it the orthography or the grammar. If you find anything, please point that out to me and you'll get a Kudos. I really mean that.