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About this mod

General manufacturing tweaks, scrapping machines for weapons/armor/mods/ammo, new builders, improved conveyors, and conveyor lifts. Too much to list here! If you want to better your manufacturing setups you have to come check out this mod. Also contains support for other mods such as Crafting Framework and Weaponsmith Extended!

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Better Manufacturing!

This mod adds a TON of stuff for manufacturing! New builders, scrapping machines, item extractors, conveyor pieces, lifts, and general improvements to help you setup the ultimate Fallout 4 factory! 

strongly recommend Manufacturing Extended in Tandem with Better Manufacturing. Kenington did an amazing job and added some really cool stuff. Better Manufacturing was designed around anything MISSED by the Contraptions DLC or Manufacturing Extended, NOT as a replacement.

If you like Better Manufacturing please endorse. It will help other people find it too. :)


New Devices


Component Extractor Only Linked 
Breaks down junk from the workshop's inventory, then outputs components onto its conveyor belt. You can specify which components to extract by placing them in its inventory. It can also pull items from workshops linked by supply lines and when toggled only pulls from those linked settlements.

Object Extractor Only Linked 
Pulls items from the workshop. You can specify which items to extract by placing them in its inventory. It can also pull items from workshops linked by supply lines and when toggled only pulls from those linked settlements.

Type Extractor
Adds a brand new type extractor! That's right a "Type" Extractor! Put an object of a certain type in and this baby pulls all objects of that type out of the local workbench onto a conveyor. Pretty cool eh? WARNING MUST READ: This Machine required a very heavy operation involving the Workbench Inventory (One of the reasons it does not link). Because of that the machine actually LOCKS the workbench when powered on and running a SEARCH. If you attempt to access the inventory while it's processing all items will "Appear" to be missing. They are not, the workbench is just locked. You will also be unable to access the building menu during that time. I recommend one per settlement max (trust me, that's all you need). There is a setting in the holotape that will "shut down" the extractor and prevent any more searches until reactivated.

Weapon Disassembler

Removes/scraps mods from a weapon and SCRAPS the weapon to scrap components, I.E. Steel, Screws Ect. Can also scrap explosives!

Armor Disassembler

Removes/scraps mods from armor or power armor and SCRAPS the armor to scrap components, I.E. Steel, Screws Ect.

Mod Scrapper
SCRAPS loose mods to scrap components, I.E. Steel, Screws Ect. 

Ammo Scrapper
SCRAPS ammo down to scrap components. Amount configurable in a connected terminal. Options for 25, 50, 75, and 100. I.E. Steel, Lead Ect. NOT-RECOMMENDED AMMO: Gamma, Flamer Fuel, Fusion Cells

Body Decomposer
Only in manufacturing extended patch! Basically just the butcher and robot disassembler from Manufacturing Extended combined. Also comes in the Large Hopper variety. You know the one with the BIG open top. Nice suggestion Zeroteg


New Builders: 

Full Suit Armor Forge
Builds full suits of armor instead of one piece at a time. Includes all vanilla armor and power armor. The recipes have been increased significantly. A one in all machine that removes the tedious procedure of building armor pieces one at a time.

Chem Building Machines

Two machines that build chems. A Drug Builder and a Chem Utility Builder. Between the two, builds Addictol to X-Cell. Machines and recipes come with appropriate perks.

Ammo Component Builder
Only in the Weaponsmith Extended Patch! Adds new Ammo Component Builder that builds all WSE ammo components and two BM casing kits. The kits are ingestible items that give you weaponsmith bullet casings. When used the ingestible allows you to select a casing from your inventory and  create 1000 casings of the type selected.

General Contraptions Improvements: 

Workshop Menu Organization
Completely reorganized the building menu for Manufacturing objects. Now manufacturing objects are split into further categories making them easier to find and build.

With the new Better Manufacturing Holotape builders have quite a few new features that gives you whole new ways to setup your building. You can adjust the amount of recipes a builder will output, options for 1, 2, 5, and 10 items at once. There is also a new Cycle feature allowing you to change all builders to be on a cycle rather than one selected recipe. They can also be set to a "Power-Off" state that pushes any items out of their inventory and halts building.

Better (Faster) Hoppers

Vacuum hopper pulls components from stored containers much faster than the standard one.  Can be changed in a linked terminal to select the amount of components pulled each cycle. Large hoppers are also affected by Hopper Terminal settings.

Converging Conveyors
Now with all necessary Converging Conveyors by  hans199! That includes Left/Right C turns, a wire fence to help keep objects on conveyors and converging straight belts. Thank you hans! Please go endorse his mod as well! Full details here.  

"Y" Branch Joining Conveyors

New Conveyor Belt Y Joiners to combine conveyor lines. In vanilla you could split lines and with these you can reconnect them.Two for directions Left and Right, one elevated, one on the floor. 

Conveyor Belt Improvements
Includes the ability to modify the speed and direction of all basic conveyor belts at a linked terminal. However, if you are having bugs my first suggestion is to store and replace the belt and/or connected terminal. I have noticed issues with already placed conveyor belts. 

Upwards Conveyor Belt
Belts that go up! I can't believe this wasn't added in vanilla. Goes well with the speed increase to get stuff up them. A little buggy but they work. 

Downward Lifts & Lift Improvement

Lifts that take items from the top and move them to the bottom effectively taking items down floors. Two for each direction (forward, backward. left and right), one elevated, one on the floor. All lifts are improved and move items much quicker.

Left Facing Sorters & Type Sorter
Left facing sorters for when you want to go, you know, left...... One for each flavor, regular, components, or by type. The type extractor by  steamcanuck, Thank you steamcanuck! Please go endorse his mod as well! Full details here.

New Fat Dynamic with Constructable items 

Completely Optional! The feature can be turned on in the Better Manufacturing holotape. Animal Fat can only be found on Dead Animals and through butchery if you have Manufacturing Extended. Adds new recipes to the Chem station and a new Component Animal Fat. Some new recipes are the Blood Draw Kit, Acid Bottle, Ballistic Fiber Roll, Antiseptic Bottle, Large Oil Can and Leather roll. 
Note: It is possible to turn on fat through console. To do that you need to change two Global Variables. 
To find the Globs its "help fat 3"
To make it active you need to set both values. The fat chance value is in reverse, this is very important! It is chance for none. So 100 is 100% chance there is none and 0 is a 0% chance there is none.
The commands are:
set GLOB_BM_Fat_Active to 1
set GLOB_BM_Fat_Chance_Val to 0

Special Notes:

This mod is inspired by Kentington author of Manufacturing Extended. Special thanks Kenington!

Special thanks to steamcanuck for allowing me to include his mod, Equipment Sorter! Please go endorse his mod as well.

Special thanks to  hans199 for allowing me to include his mod, Converging Conveyors! Please go endorse his mod as well.

Also, video making is not my strong suit. I'd love to add a video showcasing Better Manufacturing and will eventually. If there is someone who is willing to do that I would be extremely grateful. Please message me if you are interested!


Zeroteg - "I have to say great work. This is a must have mod for someone like me building giant factory's. Finally being able to automate the scrapping process is fantastic."

Naltraz - "Hey awesome mod, you're the reason I finally started to use contraption workshop."

WhiskeyRiver2 - "Been using this for a little while, and while I haven't used most of what you've done, I'm still damn impressed."

The Wanderer - "I have to say stuffing the limp dead bodies of a raiding squad into the Butcher after the battle is somehow... really 
rewarding  .  Cleaning up the Commonwealth one body at a time... Thanks for a great mod.

 Struckur - "Thanks for the mod it is great, makes building a factory a lot more enjoyable!"

 outlawwolf - "The amount of work your still doing is amazing and your making manufacturing stuff actually fun and convenient. Thanks a ton man!"


ME: To the nexus community and all my supporters I want to say thank you! The community is astounding! Your feedback, suggestions and general attitude helped shaped Better Manufacturing to the mod it is today. Knowing that my mod is liked and appreciated makes it worth it!  I may reopen this mod with some of the excellent suggestions I have been receiving, so keep it up! 


General Warnings:

Must have F4SE installed. If you are having trouble there are many youtube videos out there to assist you.

Must have Automatron, Nuka World, Far Harbor and of course Contraptions DLCs installed! 

As with any mod on the Nexus, I suggest you backup a save before testing any new mod. The usual location is C:\Users\"YourUsername"\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves .


Versions 3.0 - 3.2.1: Minor conflicts with any mods that change, Large Ammo Types, and MISC Object Weapon/Armor mods. If there are any mods that you want a patch for please don't hesitate to ask.

Version Update Warnings:
Fat is off by default and needs to be turned on in the holotape. Fat will NOT disappear if you already have it. This only removes fat from animal drops and hides all constructable items. 

Version 3.0 changes all builder scripts. If you have issues with ANY contraptions machines I suggest you store them into the workshop and replace them.

Mods Worth Mentioning

Check out this Legendary Modification mod, it's excellent!

A great mod for storing all junk that goes nicely with hoppers and containers.

A small mod of mine that improves the Loads Caliber Switchers. Better Loads Switches.

Future Plans:

I am officially done with this mod! If any major issues or bugs pop up I will fix them. Also, suggestions are still welcome! If you have an awesome idea and I like it I may still add to this mod. Cheers! 

If you are looking for a patch for a weapon mod I suggest looking into basic modding yourself. Take a look at this Article I wrote explaining how to add weapons to the scrapper correctly. Everything else should scrap without conflicts unless the Mod Author did not tag them with the vanilla keywords.


Version Notes

All versions below 2.0.4 : I recommend you read through the Version notes in Yellow below. There was a major bug in the disassemblers and scrappers that you need to be aware of. 

Versions 1.5 - 1.9.4: I highly recommend you update to later versions! See version log in Light Blue and message below for more info.

v.3.3- Bug fixes, tweaks, and new features
  • Fixed the WSE patch to change all the misc mods to use the ModCrate nif model not the modbox.nif due to the issues with that nif model blocking conveyor lines
  • Reduced the scrap out for the ammo scrapper. I felt is was too much compared to average build recipe.
  • Added in Hans's Lef Sorter nif model to fix the conveyor issue. Now the sorting conveyor moves in the correct direction Thanks again Hans!
  • Fixed the ammo builder bug in the builder script for too many output items when the builder amount was changed in the holo tape.
  • Changed the Weaponsmith Ammo Component builder to create the actual components making it easier to use. Meaning primers and gunpowder come directly out of the machine ready to be used.
  • Changed the way the Casings kit work to be more useful. Now they will create 1000 of a specific selected case in the inventory
  • Two separate kits. One for shotgun ammo one for standard brass ammo.
  • Adjusted the Casings Ammo Kit recipe to reflect the amount of casings received.
  • Added items to the terminal display to display locked recipes with missing perks requirements. This effectively un-hides locked recipes and allows users to see what perks are missing.
v.3.2.1- Menu Organization Option and new Patch
  • Added in the menu organization as an option in the installer. This will fix any compatibility issues with other manufacturing mods.
  • Also adds another patch for Crafting Framework.
v.3.2- New features, requirement changes, and small tweaks
  • Removed the AWKCR dependency! I was able to accomplish the scrapping with just vanilla keywords on items.
  • Adjusted the Constructable Objects recipes to use 1 less Purified Water.
  • Removed unneeded references from esp.
  • Added new help item in the Holotape for Object Extractor-Only linked to help Users understand exactly what it does.
  • Added a new setting to the Holotape for builders to "Turn-Off" building and output inventory. This is so users can effectively empty the Builders of components and objects.
  • Added a new Setting to the Holotape to "Turn-Off" Component/Object Only-Linked extractors. This goes nicely with the builder "Turn-off" function. WARNING: Does not work with Manufacturing Extended Component/Object Extractors!
  • Merged in Converging Conveyors. Thanks Hans119!
  • Added more organization to the conveyors. After adding in converging conveyors the menu ingame seemed cumbersome. Now there are 4 categories in conveyors. Elevated, floor, Lifts, Misc.
v.3.1- Bug fixes, increased code stability, and some new patches
  •  Completely, fixed the Armor and Disassembler slow down issue. Now the machines will function just like the mod scrapper and ammo recyler outputting many components quickly. 
  • Made all builders more reliable when outputting large items. For some reason even the DLC was missing the necessary pieces of information to properly handle outputting large items. Now the builders will check the LargeItemFormList and output items appropriately. Also added a delay for building large items to prevent items from being thrown.
  • Added better checking in the disassembler code to prevent papyrus errors. Also changed the way the disassemblers disposed of items. Now it is using a much more reliable method of removal and deletion of objects.
  • Took another pass at the Armor FormList to ensure more items are correctly scrapped. With the new Code for the Armor Disassembler it will scrap ANY peice of armor, if the armor is not identified it will provide default scrap.
  • Added Metal, Combat, and Synth helmets to full Armor forge.
  • Modified the response for the cycle turn off to include more information with selected recipes.
  • Added a patch to the installer to fix Soylent Green Issues with new BM organization.
  • Added a patch for Manufacturing Extended Expanded
v.3.0- Large Update with new features and improvements
  • Removed All keywords added to melee weapons and added all Melee weapons through AWKCR keywords meaning there are Absolutely 0 possibilities for weapon conflicts with Better Manufacturing!
  • Reworked the Mod scrapper code to be more adaptable. Now uses similar code structure to Weapon and Armor scrapper. Modified the default scrap output for Weapon/Armor mods from other Nexus Mods.
  • Reworked organization of Machines in build menu. No more long scrolls left or right searching for your machine. Now things are better organized for easier building.
  • Ammo recycler now has a terminal link to change the total amount of bullets scrapped at once. Settings for 25, 50, 75, and 100 bullets at a time.
  • With the new Settings holotape Fat is 100% optional! Just make sure to turn it on if you update!
  • Animal fat is now injected into the Leveled Lists in a Quest script. Removing any compatibility issues with other mods that change Animals Leveled Lists.
  •  Modified fat to appear less often on animals and scale with the extra meat perk.
  • Added a settings holotape: Can be built at Chem Stations and should be added the first time you run the game after install. It has some nice features for manufacturing and the mod.
  • IN HOLOTAPE: You can change the number of output items for builders.Settings for 1, 2, 5, and 10
  • IN HOLOTAPE: There is also a new cycle feature for builders. When "on" the cycle will ignore the selected recipe from the terminal and build anything possible from it's list of recipes in a cycle. 
  • IN HOLOTAPE: Can completely disable the "Fat" feature with build-able items. Effectively removes the "Fat" feature along with the constructable items.
  • IN HOLOTAPE: Added an option to "Power off" the Type Extractor to help with the workbench being locked.
  • IN HOLOTAPE: Added a general help page
  • With this latest update Better Manufacturing is almost Compatibility issue free! Possible Compatability issues: Large Ammo Types, Other DLC Contraptions Overrides, and MISC items for Guns/Armor mods.
v.2.2.3 - Conflict fixes and small scrap tweaks
  • Fixed any issues related to AWKCR and Weaponsmith updates that were not included causing some minor conflicts. Mostly with melee weapons.
  • Changed value to fat to make it so it isn't farmed for caps and used more for crafting.
  • Tweaked Ammo Scrap out to include fertilizer as that is common for explosives and crafting recipes for ammo.
v.2.2.2 - Some small user requested changes
  • Changed the in-game description for the Ammo Scrapper, Weapon Disassembler, Faster-Hopper, Drug Builder, Chem/Utility Builder
  • Ensure more simularity to weaponsmith Extended output for ammo types being scrapped. That means Nukes, Missles and regular ammo will be better to scrap in the ammo scrapper and are closer to what users would want/expect.
  • Added crystals to good weapons, mods, and armor output to balance the scrap out.
  • Added the hack to the Weapon and Armor scrapping scripts that pfarthing6 pointed out to speed up the weapon and armor scrappers. Thanks for the Assist pfarthing6!
v.2.2.1 - Some small user requested changes
  • The weapon and armor scrappers now run on a shorter timer. This change is to speed up the scrapping process (Due to a possible engine error with Papyrus, not as fast as I would like). 
  • The main "Better Manufacturing.esp" is not tagged as an esm file and will operate like a standard esp file.
  • Added back the standard Cutting Fluid recipe.
  • All "Gun" weapons no longer require the BM keyword "IsMachineScrapable", making them far less likely to have any conflict with other mods.
  • Made some small fixes to the type extractor to ensure it operates correctly. Ammo did not work correctly so I removed the ability to add that type altogether.
v.2.2 - Huge Patch. Adds quite a bit.
  • All disassemblers' scrap output has been adjusted to equalize the new armor scrap output. With the great extent of items it was very tedious to make the scrap out for each specific item. What I did instead was create generic scrap recipes and add randomization to them to add variation to scrapping and balance. Before, weapons and armor all scrapped to very close to normal vanilla scrapping on a workbench WITHOUT any randomization. Now they all have a low chance to double up on certain valuable resources, along with other random balances. 
  • The Armor Scrapper is now full functional on ALL items in the ARMOR category, that includes clothing, hats. facemasks, ect. I even got all of the armor from ArmorSmith extended since I'm using AWKCR keywords including the Jetpacks and weapon aesthetics! 
  • Armor pieces will also scrap without a BM keyword, meaning ANY other Mod that adds armor should be compatible with the Disassembler WITHOUT fo4edits (As long as they are tagged with AWKCR keywords or Vanilla Armor Keywords). 
  • There is now a new Scrapper for Ammo! Due to the complexity of ammo scrapping, I had to add a separate machine. It scraps 25 of ANY ammo at a time, with the exception being large ammo items such as mini nukes. missiles, ect. 
  • Adds a brand new type extractor! Put an object of a certain type in and this pulls all objects of that type out of the local workbench onto a conveyor. MUST READ: This Object required a very heavy operation involving the Workbench Inventory (One of the reasons this thing does not link). Because of that it actually LOCKS the workbench when this thing runs its search. If you attempt to access the inventory while it's processing all items will "Appear" to be missing. They are not, the workbench is just locked. I recommend one per settlement max (trust me, that's all you need)! 
  • Adds the Equipment Sorter by steamcanuck.
  • I also add Left Facing Sorters (All included)! These things are great and allow you to sort left as well. No more weird factory right only setups, or upward lifts everywhere! I also overwrote the scripts to use the BM Faster Hopper Script and tagged them to the Faster Hopper Terminal. That means they are now linked to your faster hopper terminal settings. 
  • I noticed downward lifts were not grabbing items correctly due to the Trigger point being too high. This patch fixes those so they have lower trigger points on ALL lifts. 
  • Combined the Butcher and Robot Disassembler into one machine called the Body Decomposer and added a Large Hopper version as well! You know the one with the Huge Open top to make butchering easier. 
  • Added a bunch of missing items to the LargeItem Form List from the Contraptions DLC . This is aimed at fixing any hopper and builder when outputting large items. I even added Weaponsmith extended Large Items if you get that patch. 
v.2.1.3 - Small Bug fixes. Adds ME Power Armor Kits to the Full Armor Builder
  • BUG_FIX: Fixed the missing component value on Fat Scrap. 
  • This also significantly reduces the weight of fat scrap. From 10 a pound to 100 a pound. 
  • Adds the ME Power Armor Frame Kit to the Full Armor Builder.
v.2.1.2 - The Real 2.1 Release! Adds improvements to the disassemblers and scrappers. New Ammo Component Builder. Small tweaks and fixes.
  • Another fix to the Dissassemblers and Scrapper. This is the best system yet! With the previous version items would disappear well before they were scrapped. Now, items will only disappear right as they are scrapped, this ensures that the machine works as intended. 
  • Ammo Components Builder is added to the Weaponsmith Patch. It creates new Items called "BM Ammo Kits" that on use create casings, primers, and gunpowder. This is a way to automate creating ammo components so you don't have to press "e" a thousand times! ;)
  • Separates the lifts and Hoppers again. Adds the Big Open Top Hopper to the faster vacuum hopper control. Changes the lifts to drop more items per cycle to speed them up. Lifts CANNOT be changed in the terminal.
  • Adds fix for Blood Draw Kit with Valdacil Patch.
v.2.1.1 - Small fixes and some new Addons.
  • Fixes 2.1 broken installer.
  • Adding small fix to armorsmith patch and manufacturing extended patch. There was some unfixed conflicts.
  • Adding explosives to the Weapon Disassembler Machine! Can now scrap Mines and Grenades. 
  • Removes DLC's as an option in the installer. All DLCs are now included.
  • Add a new Constructable Object Adhesive Bottle to the Chem station and the Chem Utility Builder.
v.2.0.7 -Finishes the Weaponsmith Extended Patch for v2.382 (2.4 Beta 35)
  • Now every weapon in the version above will scrap in the machines.
  • Also changes the keywords used for weapon scrapping with Non-Melee weapons. This patch removes all of the weapon scrap keywords for those weapons as they are not needed.
v.2.0.6 - Bug fixes. Added terminal configuration support to the lifts. Weaponsmith Extended Patch.
  • BUG_FIX: Fixes the issue where items could be lost if processed through the disassemblers or mod scrapper. I replicated the issue on my end and with this version it is fixed.
  • Adds terminal support to the lifts to help speed them up. It is combined with the faster hopper terminal. Also adds some changes to the nif models to pick up items better. 
  • Adds a first swing at weaponsmith extended patch. This first patch really just aims to fix any overwrite issues with the two mods. I plan to add full support in the future. That means that for now ALL new (or mod created) weapons are not supported.
  • Tagged "BetterManufacturing.esp" as an esm.
v.2.0.5 - Another update to the Disassemblers and Scrapper scripts.
  • BUG_FIX: Due to the way papyrus handles removing in arrays the queue would slowly shrink. This was a weird find because I expected Array.remove() to just effectively NULL the element but it actually shortens the array. This patch fixes that.
  • Items can now be added directly into the machines and no longer NEED to be belt fed. 
  • In the previous version if the queue was full, any items added afterwards would be added to the machine and pushed out, unscrapped. Now even if the queue fills the items will be processed.
  • Increases the output speed of components to speed up the scrapping process when doing large scrapping jobs. The machines now output 4 components per cycle. 
v.2.0.4 - Update to the Disassemblers and Scrapper scripts. 
  • BUG FIX: Fixes bug with Disassemblers and Scrappers where items could be lost if too many items are processed at once. 
  • After updating I suggest storing and replacing the Disassemblers and Mod Scrapper just in case.
  • After some testing I discovered a MAJOR issue in the Disassemblers and Scrapper objects. If you setup a conveyor and started pushing items in eventually the queue could fill up and any items pushed before the queue has space will be lost. 
  • This fix adds a FAIL SAFE to prevent any objects from being lost. That FAIL SAFE is that if the Queue is full any items that are pushed through will just be added to the builder and pushed out through the other side unscrapped. 
  • I also increased the queue size to max (128 is the Max). That means if objects that SHOULD BE scrapped are not scrapping it is because the machine is full. 
  • I observed this behavior after running my own objects through in my Local game. 
  • IF YOU already scrapped all your items it is unlikely you would be able to even observe this behavior and probably thought everything was okay. I apologize for any items lost, I was so busy pushing out changes I did not get a chance to fully test for issues and some slipped through. I suggest you revert saves because you probably lost items. 
v.2.0.3 - Fixes the Drug Builder. Adds some new recipes to the Builders.
  • The Drug builder had a bug where good recipes (such as x-cell, med-x, daddy-o, ect) were completely inaccessible due to bug in the terminal where the perk conditions were incorrect.
  • Added a description to the Blood Draw Kit.
  • Adds Skeeto Spit to the drug builder.
  • Adds the robot repair kit to the Utility Builder in the DLC patch.
  • Changes the terminal for the Chem Utility Builder from "Chem Aid Builder Control" to "Chem Utility Builder Control".
v.2.0.2 - Small bug fixes
  • The Left Floor joiner conveyor animation was incorrect.
  • As of version 1.9.7, the chem utility builder was broken. Will HAVE to update to this version to fix it.
  • Reduced the timer in the disassemblers and mod scrapper to reduce the delay on getting scrap output.
  • Added the DLC Patch as a header to the Valdacil DLC patch to ensure the correct load order.
v.2.0.1 - Version 2.0 Was missing correct keywords on Loose mods for DLCs, this fixes that.
  • All Robot mods were treated as weapon mods in 2.0. This adds more variation to the mod scrapper by adding robot mod specific keywords and scrap out.
  • All standard weapon mods were scrapping too much for DLC weapons because they were not tagged as being standard, this affected the Weapon disassembler as well.
  • DLC Armor mods were not tagged appropriately and were treated as weapon mods.
v.2.0 - Adds Legendary Modification support and full DLC support!
  • Legendary mods are now supported in the disassemblers if the option is selected in the installer. MUST HAVE Legendary Modification mod installed!
  • Adds every weapon and armor piece form the DLC's I could find to the disassemblers. 
v.1.9.8 - Adds the new Conveyor Lifts and Joiners.
  • Adds 8 new conveyor lifts. One for each direction Forward, Backward, Left, and Right, with a set for the floor and an elevated set.
  • Adds 4 new Conveyor "Y" Joiners. One for left and one for right, with a set for the floor and an elevated set.
v.1.9.7 - This is a major update many changes below.
  • WARNING: If updating from ANY previous version you must store and replace any and all BM machines. This update moves ALL scripts to a new location causing any and all existing BM (Better Manufacturing) Machines to be broken. That includes conveyors as well. This ONLY affects BM machines so vanilla and other mods should be fine. 
  • Merges craftables into the main file and removes the option in the installer. Craftables are now just part of BM! 
  • All craftables now added to the Chem Aid builder which was renamed to "Chem Utility Builder". Also adds vegetable starch and Cutting fluid :)!
  • Added Fat support to the Component Extractor and the Manufacturing Extended Component Extractor. 
  • Changed the builders to have a more diverse array of colors. That includes the dissasemblers and mod scrapper. 
  • DLC support is now in one file, no option for separate DLC support. Right now only supports Far Harbor and Nuka World for animal fat.
  • Valdacil now has an option for Weightless or standard version
  • BUG FIX: All loose mods with the nif model "Props\ModsPartBox\ModBox.nif" were changed to "ModCrate.nif" to fix the loose mod bug where some loose mods were not being picked up by contraption machines. NO IDEA WHY that happens but this should fix it.
v.1.9.5 - Hot fix for script overwrite issue. Scripts DLC05WorkshopConveyor.pex and WorkshopBuilderScript.pex 
  • Conveyors and the drug and food builder MUST BE stored and replaced.
  • This replaces any objects that used the overwritten scripts with new custom scripts.
  • This is also the beginning of the project cleanup of script locations. This was the beginning effort of 1.9.6 of moving EVERYTHING to the correct structure.
v.1.9.4 - Dissassembler Backend Overhaul
  • Recombined the Power Armor and Armor Dissassemblers
  • This change makes adding custom weapons and armor to the dissassemblers much easier than before. To make an item scrappable they only need to be tagged with the appropriate keywords.
  • This change also fixes the slow down and blockage problem, by introducing a far more efficient system than before. 
  • It also has small fixes to scraping mods in the machines, where scrap output wasn't behaving as intended. 
  • Because it is more efficient, I was able to add every vanilla armor piece and weapon I could find. I hope I got them all this time :)! The armor machine only scraps objects tagged with ObjectTypeArmor or ObjectTypePowerArmor (this means anything that is considered something other than armor is not included.)
  • Also adds some merged files to the installer to reduce the amount of ESP's on install. 
v.1.9.3 - DLC Support for Animal Fat. Small bug fixes.
  • This adds animal fat to fallen creatures in both Far Harbor and Nuka world if the option is selected in the installer
  • Cleaned up the installer a bit
  • Fixed bug with Item Overhaul - Valdacil patch not synced with craftables correctly.
v.1.9.2 - Split the Armor Disassembler into two machines. One for Armor. One for Power armor
  • This fixes the raider power armor bug as well. 
v.1.9.1 - Adds an option to the installer to add new constructable items
- Adds a new component animal fat that can only be obtained from killing animals (and butchery if Manufacturing Extended is selected)
- Adds new recipes to the Chem station and modifies a few.  
  • Blood Draw Kit - Damages and dehydrates user. Gives user a blood pack.
  • Acid Bottle
  • Ballistic Fiber Roll 
  • Antiseptic Bottle
  • Large Oil Can
  • Leather roll
  • Buffout
  • Changes Cutting Fluid to use Fat instead of Acid
  • Adds Psycobuff & psychotats recipes
  • Changes mentats to use the raw components of abraxo cleaner instead of the junk item
- Manufacturing Extended Butchery changes 
  • Adds Mirelurk Queen specfic butchery
  • Adds mirelurk eggs to all mirelurk butchery
  • Adds animal fat to butchery for all animals
v.1.9 - Added the Better Armor Forge Machine
  • Builds full suits of armor at a time, rather than one piece.
  • Builds all vanilla armor and power armor
  • Machine unlocks with perks Science 2 and Armorer 2
  • T-60 unlocks with perks Science 3 and Armorer 3
  • X-01 unlocks with perks Science 4 and Armorer 4 
v.1.8 - Added the Mod Scrapper machine
  • Scraps all loose mods tagged with the LooseModKeyword.
  • Unlocks with perks Armorer & GunNut 3 and scrapper 2
  • Now adds a lot of new keywords to loose mods causing potential compatibility issues with other mods that change the MIsc Item loose mod, such as sorting mods. Do have Valdacil support option in the installer.
v.1.7.2 - Added  compatibility patch for Valdacil's Item Sorting.
  • For all versions 1.6.5 - 1.7.1 you will have a bug related to loose mods, if you have a UI mod that relies on Valdacil's Item sorting or just the sorting mod itself. 
  • One mod will overwrite the other depending on load order. 
v.1.7.1 - Added perks to the Chem Builders.
  • Chemist and Medic perks were uses. Some things are not unlocked until late game with level 4 perks. 
  • Fixed bug in description of the chem builders.
v.1.7 - Added the Chem Machines.
  • Aid Chem Builder: Creates all aid type chems. Stimpaks, glowing blood packs, ect
  • Drug Builder: Creates all vanilla drugs. Day Tripper, Daddy-O, X-Cell, Med-X, ect
  • If there was a recipe for the item, I used it. If not I tried to make something up that seemed reasonable. X-Cell is really good and as such really expensive and you'll probably laugh when you see the recipe. No spoilers ;)
  • Made Dissassembler toggle message shorter.
v.1.6.6 - Added the upwards ramp. Fixes some bugs with the conveyors.  
  • Now has an upwards conveyor belt!
  • Fixes bug where users could go to a terminal and click forward and it would toggle the direction to reverse.
  • Fixes terminal bug with changing conveyor speed., ect
v.1.6.5 - Fixes Bug for 1.6.4 where the ESP was wrong causing the weapon disassembler to output too many resources.
  • This essentially replaces 1.6.4 in functionality
v.1.6.4/v1.6.5 - Disassemblers can now scrap mods or remove them
  • Can now toggle the dissassembling of mods or scrapping of mods using a connected terminal
  • Added some randomization to the scrap output with mods to make for better balance
  • After some testing, scrap output seems fair and balanced, however there are a lot of weapons, armor and exponentially more mods for those items, so I did not test everything. That's where you guys come in. Feel free to make some suggestions on output if you feel something is unbalanced. If you do make a suggestion please be specific. 
v.1.6.3 - Fixed Conveyor Bug
  • Conveyor Terminal did not work correctly. Setting speeds 4, 5, and 6 would set to 10. 
  • Had incorrect value on downward ramp direction, on newly created ramps.
v 1.6.2 - Renaming the Mod from "DLC Contraptions - Expanded " to " Better Manufacturing".
  • WARNING: If you are updating from version 1.6.1 or earlier this will remove all existing built machines in your save. Also, be sure to delete the "DLC Contraptions " version BEFORE installing the new version. I would also suggest backing up a few saves, they can be found at C:\Users\"YourUsername"\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves 
v 1.6.1 - Added appropriate perks to Disassembler machines.
  • Weapon: ArmorSmith 2 and Scrapper 2
  • Armor: GunNut 2 and Scrapper 2
v 1.6 - Added the Armor Disassembler
  • CAUTION: Will eat legendary armor pieces if they are vanilla based! You have been warned :)
  • Armor to be disassembled must be fed through the front of the machine, meaning adding anything to the machine inventory will just be output to the other side. 
  • The machine will DESTROY the armor piece, output all attached mods and output scrap components similar to scrapping the base armor (this seems fair as normally you would have to make base mods sometimes to remove the better mod). 
  • Some items may scrap exactly the same as on a workbench and some will be different. I will not list them out, there's a lot.
  • If you do have a bug or issue please let me know.
v 1.5.1 - Update to the Weapon Disassembler 
  • Added support for most, if not all, of the vanilla weapons (excluding explosives). I believe I got them all but I may have missed one or two. 
  • Now scraps melee weapons including the ripper, baseball bat, pipe wrench ect
  • Before this version it was only guns. 

v 1.5 - Added the ability to change speed and direction of conveyor belts at connected terminals
  • Due to my lack in understanding for animations I was not able to get the animation to play in reverse. The direction does change, the animation will not show it. 
  • If you seem to be having issues with already placed conveyor belts try to store and replace the belt, it should fix any issues.
  • I would expect this speed change to impact performance in large factories USE WITH CARE.
  • If you do have a bug or issue please let me know.
v 1.4 - Added the Weapon Disassembler
  • CAUTION: Will eat legendary weapons if they are vanilla based! You have been warned :)
  • Weapons to be disassembled must be fed through the front of the machine, meaning adding anything to the machine inventory will just be output to the other side. 
  • The machine will DESTROY the weapon, output all attached mods and output scrap components similar to scrapping the base weapon (this seems fair as normally you would have to make base mods sometimes to remove the better mod). E.G. 10mm with standard mods 5 Steel, 2 Screws, 1 Spring from scrapping at a workbench. 
  • Some items may scrap exactly the same as on a workbench and some will be different. I will not list them out, there's a lot.
  • If you do have a bug or issue please let me know.
v 1.3 - Added Dandy Boy Apples and Bubblegum to the Food Builder. 
v 1.2 - Added the Object Extractor Only linked
v 1.1 -Adds the Component Extractor Only Linked and the Faster Vacuum Hopper.

For a deeper explanation of the problem read notes below:

WARNING: If updating you must store and replace ALL machines in an existing save. If you don't it can cause crashes and bugs as the machines are now using different scripts essentially an the ones already placed have no script to point to. This affects ANY and ALL BM machines and conveyors. I realize the hassle this presents and I apologize. These are things I am just now learning. 

If you downloaded any versions 1.5 - 1.9.4 you have a potential for problems with conveyors and builders that had more than 16 recipes. You will probably not see any immediate issues and maybe none at all but it is bad practice to overwrite a Vanilla Script and use that instead of creating your own script. The reason is that it introduces multiple versions  of the same script in your deploy directory. One in the BA2 file and one in Scripts/DLC05. As you can see that is not good, and the only reason it works is because the Scripts/ directory overwrites BA2's. I'm terribly sorry for this mistake, I'm still learning myself and these things happen. I fixed this in 1.9.5, please download the latest version ASAP. Cheers!

Absolute Must Haves:

MUST HAVE All DLC's installed.
MUST HAVE F4SE installed correctly.

Optional Additions (based on selections in the installer):
All of these are strongly recommended as they add cool stuff using these mods.

Manufacturing Extended if selected.
Legendary Modification if selected. 
Crafting Framework if selected
Weaponsmith Extended if selected.  

Compatability Patches:
These are just Compatibility patches for the mod so they play well together 

Valdacil's Item Sorting if selected.
LOADS if selected.
Soylent Green
Manufacturing Extended Expanded


With NMM (highly recommended): 
1. Download the Archive
2. Open Nexus Mod Manager
3. Open the "Mods" tab at the top left corner
4. Click on the green "+" sign near the top left corner.
5. Open the Better Manufacturing archive, after some Loading time it will appear in the mods list under "Better Manufacturing".
6. Right click on the mod and in the list select "Install and Activate"
7. It should pop-up the normal install window. Select the appropriate options and click finish.

Without NMM: 
1. Download the file manually.  
2. Then use your favorite .7z, .zip, .rar program to extract the desired modules from the Data folder in the archive to your Data folder ie: C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\fallout 4\Data.
3. Then in the Fallout 4 launcher select the hidden plugin manager and select the modules to activate them.

With NMM:

1. Deactivate/Uninstall the mod in NMM

Without NMM:
1. Delete any file named "Better Manufacturing-*.esp" from your Fallout 4\Data folder.
1. Delete any file named "Better Manufacturing-*.ba2" from your Fallout 4\Data folder.

Versions 2.1.1 and before:
1. Delete any file named "Better Manufacturing-*.esp" from your Fallout 4\Data folder.
2. Delete any Folder named "Item Overhaul" or "BetterManufacturing" from folders:
  • Fallout 4\Data\Meshes
  • Fallout 4\Data\Materials
  • Fallout 4\Data\Textures
  • Fallout 4\Data\Scripts

Versions 1.6.1 and before:
1. Delete any file named "DLC Contraptions-*.esp" from your Fallout 4\Data folder.

Valdacil's Item Sorting
More Cages
Manufacturing Extended
Higher Settlement Budget 

Crafting Workbenches
Loads Of Ammo
Legendary Modification mod

My Mods