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Originally reclusive eccentrics, the Bostonian CoA have begun a transition as a new leader transforms them into a dangerous cabal. Adds new weapons! Adds new armors! Adds new consumables! Stronger enemies! All integrated into overhauled leveled lists! PRAISE ATOM! Now also available through South of the Sea!

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Church of Atom: Overhaul -
Book 1: Ashland

An overhaul of the Atomite Faith. Behold the supplicants!
Once creatures of mockery, they now stalk tattered remains of humanity.
This mod was graced by the mighty Acolyte Thirdstorm, blessed be! Blessed be!

XBox version supported through South of the Sea! As it stands this version will not be available through XBox standalone.

Attention PC Users! South of the Sea is NOT compatible with this mod! Use one or the other!


By Acolyte Klonewolf!

Originally reclusive eccentrics, the Bostonian CoA have begun a transition as a new leader transforms them into a dangerous cabal. Adds new weapons! Adds new armors! Adds new consumables! All integrated into overhauled leveled lists!

Even more! You'll find renamed hierarchies, more ranks for the Atomites, and their loot expanded and their combat prowess drastically increased and their stamina in battle magnified! Bold their religious fervor has made them mightier than before! PRAISE ATOM!






[[NOTE: CBBE .osd and .nif files may not install correctly with NMM. Manual installation may be required!]]


= Katattax for providing the VIS Compatability Patch! 

= Friendly Children of Atom by Eskanonen (Utilizes their script and Sigil to turn Atomites friendly!)


Crimsonrider's Body replacer with Immersive Underwear by Crimsomrider (Utilizes Leito86Redux's work)

Barefoot Footsteps by GrozaTerroristow (Mod does NOT include this mod, but has footstep sounds linked to it in the .esp for the barefoot set)

Hunting Hood by FelixTheCrazy (Utilizes his Hunting Hood texture that removes the rope)

=Dave's Poses by DavetheDrunk (Screenshots feature his work!)

Behold! Thank you to the community for such an honor!

Recommended Mods (Optional):

Raider Overhaul
by MadMAX713, Thirdstorm, Joemitchell320, KKthebeast 
Seen Better Days Pip-Boy by Blackblossom
Wasteland Fashion by Ascendia
Wearable Backpacks and Pouches by Aldebaran90 and Stndmunki
Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag (Military texture) by Eferas
Tomb Raider Accessories by Crimsonrider
Half Gas Mask by m

Important Notes:

Welcome beloved faithful! In order to craft these sacred relics, one must note the relevant Sources.

Should you find yourself without AWKCR, your crafting will be done at a Chem station.

IMPORTANT, NEOPHYTE! Future alterations will likely REQUIRE AWKCR!

For the time being, enjoy this morsel. 


A genesis! A rebirth! See now the weapons of yesterday and the armor of yesteryear are here! Take note!

Ashland Item Audit:

- Gamma Repeater

A heavy weapon that fires surges of gamma radiation, blessing the ground with Atom's Glow!

- Gamma Grenade

A relic of the past, this grenade will saturate a given area with the Glow! Enemies behind cover will gain little from it, I assure you!

- Dread Inquisitor Armor

Worn by the most pious of the Inquisitors, this armor is available with and without a blade! Such grace!

- Gammawalker Armor

Guardians of the Sacred Sentinel Site wear this protective gear, bear it well child!

- Crimson Stalker Armor

A light, lithe leather armor for those stalking within Atom's veil! Available without shoes for the ultimate stealth experience!

- Sigil of Atom

This craftable item from Artificer Eskanonen will turn Atomites friendly! Be WARNED, may not function if wearing powered armor!

- ASHLAND Armor (NEW!)

Incursions from the Ashland Homestead upon the shores of the Dead Lakes Wasteland have brought us new faithful with frightening armor! Rejoice as our enemies are scattered before us!


- Holy water: Water blessed with Atom's Glow!
- Gutworms: Boiled from dogmeat in blessed waters, these ravenous parasites will consume addiction causing compounds and other maladies!
- Scourging Purgative: Unblessed may wish to scourge their body, and gain the Glow anew! This chemical cocktail will do just the thing!
- Water Angels: Microscopic fungi crust formations can be ingested, granting a weak long-term, glow consuming blessing. Be warned, if your body can not sustain great amounts of Glow, make use of the Scourging Purgative. Angels should be ingested before seeking Atom's Glow!
- MoThEr's Milk: A derivative of jet, water taken from the holiest of holy sites in Far Harbor will grant its believers substantial power!
- Waster's Delight: A delectable can of proteins and derived insoluble matter! Not for just any tourist, of course.


All armor takes up your 33 slot, and all helmets take up the hair/headband slots. Want to swap out your favorite gas mask? You'll find the myriad helms to your liking!

This will ideally be available for consoles in the future! 


This armor was created for my version of Nora. I'm a writer more than a screen archer and doubly more than a modder. If you are interested in seeing what a Raider-Gone-CoA Nora looks like, and you are not sensitive to violent or adult themes, feel free to see my gallery for more. Due to their macabre nature, reader discretion is advised. You have been warned.

Thirdstorm: Thank you for your help. Seriously. There have been numerous time in which this mod would have collapsed under its own weight. Like Karna5 below, you were patient with my pace of learning. You helped see a small outfit mod turn into a full-fledged overhaul.

Karna5: Nothing about this mod would have been successful without your assistance. Thank you, thank you very much. You turned a writer into an official modder.

Crimsomrider: Crimsonrider, as well as being amazing, is also informative, patient, and skilled. While Karna helped me get the armor mashed together, Crimsonrider threw up the hood and found any missing pieces that could prove detrimental to your armor wearing experience! 

Elianora: Thank you for the video you posted on YouTube. Seeing the crafting in FO4edit done in person was awesome.

Ascendia: Thank you for your kind words, always. You got me into the art of screen archery, and I utilize your mods in the screenshots. 

IheartRunningman: What's a screen archer without their favorite ENB? Shoutout to this guy! 

Avallonkao: Supremely talented, Nora wouldn't look the same without this guy. Check out his textures!

Other Shoutouts in no particular order!

dragonfire3405, Cavalier753, GrendelofSiealvgrund, MissMorose, eufscht, Ruiwen, gmg2dave, Anataron, ThisMalkavian, kabanos1, 7StringSamurai, scooter666, BLAMM, ritchieblackmore, Corfus, AGreatWeight, SteelCore, Wrath3094, Temesia, Hawkscr1mer, Hajoooko, Daftbunny. There are so many others! Thank you all for supporting my writing.

And of course, thank you to Gambit77, valdacil, Caliente, ousnius, Ethreon, TheLich, g2mXagent, joemitchell320, MadMAX713, and so many other talented modders that planted the seeds. 

Oh, and thank you to Bethesda of course! After all, this mod utilizes Bethesda only resources!