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Bring forth the next Ice Age with the reworked Cryolator! Now dealing Cryo damage and featuring overhauled performance, give your enemies the cold shoulder as you show them your cool new weapon!

Permissions and credits
Cryolator Weapon Rework
First seen in concept art for Fallout 3, the Cryolator was to be a makeshift weapon capable of freezing enemies. Alas, it wasn't implemented with only textures and meshes hidden within the BSAs showing what the weapon would have looked like. However, with the advent of Fallout 4, the Cryolator finally made its debut... only to be tossed to the side once its shortcomings were made obvious. Utilizing a fairly rare and hard-to-find ammunition type, only sporting 3 mods max (and weighing in 19.7 pounds when outfitted with said mods), and being more or less useless without any ranks in Heavy Gunner, it was no surprise that many opted out of using the weapon or forgetting about it altogether once leaving Vault 111.

However, all that has been fixed and more with the reworked Cryolator.

Coming in at 11.6 pounds, 13.2 max, possessing an unchanging VATS cost of 27 AP, and sporting 20 Cryo damage by default, the Cryolator's might now matches its frost-covered, experimental appearance. Few enemies and equipment protects against Cryo damage, making it highly effective against pretty much everyone and everything in the wasteland. However, that's not all as other aspects have been reworked as well.

Barrels have undergone a significant change. The Initial Barrel doesn't affect performance in any way, the vanilla version doing so, while the Crystallizing Module has been turned into a ice cannon instead of the snowball launcher it previously was. Now dealing 75 Ballistic damange and a meager 5 Cryo, it's freezing potential and crowd-control abilities largely sacrificed for increased range and sheer damage output.

Sights for the weapon have also been similarly altered, the Integrated Sights not changing any stats while the Glow Sights simply adds in Tritium to make it easier to aim in low-light conditions and in general. They don't affect weight, aim-down-sights time, weapon sway, or any other stat.

Stocks have received the same treatment as the Integrated Stock leaves the base stats untouched while the Recoil Compensator increases stability and decreases felt recoil but at the cost of increased weight.

In regards to ammo, Cryo Cells now function like Fusion Cores with each having 25 units available to consume before being exhausted. The amount left can be viewed in the Pipboy but unfortunately, cannot be selected manually when loading the weapon. Proper adjustments for this shift in ammo performance has been accounted for, reducing the amount of Cryo Cells given upon picking up the Cryolator from 200 to 25. This gives you 625 shots in total, though additional Cryo Cells may be found throughout the Vault. An optional file below also adds them as loot to Ice Coolers and Refrigerators as well due to their obvious usage in keeping foodstuffs cold.

A few other adjustments have been made as well. The Crystalizing Module, Glow Sights, and Recoil Compensator can no longer be made at a Weapons Workbench as they are all unique, though they can all be found via exploration of Vault 111. Development entries regarding the Cryolator has been added to the Overseer's Terminal as well to give the weapon a bit more depth than the shallow, frozen puddle it was before.  These may also hint as to where some of the aforementioned mods may be found. 

Optional Files
Cryo Cells as Loot does just what it says on the tin: adds Cryo Cells as loot to certain containers. Ice Coolers can offer up to 3 Cryo Cells due to their size with condition ranging from 100-10%. Refrigerators may have up to 2 Cryo Cells but depends on the type. Broken Refrigerators (indicated by rust, shattered glass, and damage) have charge levels of 30-10% while Pristine Refrigerators (which are intact and clean) can range from 100%-10%. However, it's not a guarantee that Cryo Cells will be found - after all, Merchants have to get theirs from somewhere. 

Cryolator Weapon Rework + Cryo Cells as Loot merges the mod and above optional file into one, freeing up space for other mods. This was done because numerous people have asked for combo files on other reworks due to their sheer number and the amount of optional files they have, though compilations packs will be released in due time once entire weapon groups have been done.

Known Bugs

Upon reaching 1 'shot' left, the Cryolator will automatically subtract a unit despite one still being loaded. Reloading a Cryo Cell with one 'shot' left produces a Cryo Cell with "96/100 Charge". Using the last shot will prevent this, removing the used cell entirely. This seems to be linked the weapon having a charge in the first place. A work-around was made by IDontEvenKnow but due to editing the PlayerRef directly, it may conflict with other mods which do the same - a major issue considering a few of my other reworks use this method too. For the time being, the issue will unfortunately persist.

Future Plans

The implementation of a freeze ray-esque attachment was partially achieved but due to the lack of suitable projectiles and fitting sounds, the closest being lighting arcs that also produced light, it has not been added. Custom/editied projectiles and sound would be necessary for the freeze ray to be satisfactory and thus included in the mod. 

A Vault 111 overhaul that would expand upon the vault and give it more depth, including a development lab for the Cryolator, is also being considered. No promises, however.

Recommended Mods
These are the mods used in the screenshots and/or suggested to enhance your coolness while leaving your enemies frozen with fear. However, they are not included in the mod itself and must be downloaded separately.

Cryo Cell Fix
 - Makes the Cryo Cell a suitable shade of blue and makes sure its inserted the right way into the Cryolator.
Cryolator Projectile and Hit Decal Retexture - Turns the bland, solid-white Crystalizing Module projectiles and impact decals into something that actually resembles ice crystals. 
Pristine Cryolator - A much-needed retexture that also makes the weapon more accurate to its concept art depictions, adding several decals along with removing the strange wear and tear that somehow appeared despite being locked inside an airtight case for decades.

It should be noted that The Pristine Cryolator utilizes the proper texture for the Cryo Cell but still has it inserted wrong while the Cryo Cell Fix retextures the Cryo Cell to be more accurate and has the cell properly inserted. Personally, I suggest installing the Cryo Cell Fix before the Pristine Cryolator for the best results.

This mod is or will be included in Project Phoenix, a complete rework of Fallout 4 from the ground up. The mod can be found here while the dedicated forum is located here.