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Disappointed Bethesda left out weapons, armor, ammo and item crafting from Fallout 4? Tired of using the chemistry station with all your crafting mods?

This mod adds custom workbenches you can craft items at, a balanced crafting system, balanced component and perk requirements, sorted categories and more in optional packs. Uses AWKCR.

Permissions and credits
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I am no longer active as a modder, and this mod is no longer maintained! Instead, I recommend LXYDuckboy's excellent mod Crafting Mastery, a continuation of this mod which is still up to date. Don't forget to endorse it!

The instructions below remain unchanged, and are probably outdated.

Are you disappointed that Bethesda left out weapons, armor, and item crafting from Fallout 4 when they've had it in previous games? Tired of using the chemistry station for all your crafting mods? Or do you just need easy access to said stuff to kit out yourself and your settlers, or perhaps to decorate your settlement? Then this mod is for you!

DOWNLOAD IT AND LEAVE AN ENDORSEMENT HERE: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6091/

This mod adds three workbenches you can place in your settlement from the settlement mode, with models and animations like the vanilla workbenches, that allows crafting instead of weapons or armor customization. At these workbenches, you are able to craft melee and ranged weapons, ammo, armor and power armor of all kinds, clothing, outfits, helmets, glasses, masks as well as bobby pins and other miscellaneous items. Other than that they look and sound like they usual, with settlers interacting with them as well.

The mod is separated into modules, so you can choose which types of items you want to be able to craft. The main file is meant as an immersive and "realistic" crafting alternative, with only post-war weapons and armor available. Optional files are available to enable crafting of all kinds of items, such as pre-war military weapons and power armor parts.

Base mod:
* Workbenches you can craft items at, with custom models. No more chemistry station weapons crafting!
* Immersive crafting system for post-war weapons, armor, and clothing! Give me a tip in the comments for things you miss!
* Extends crafting of grenades and drugs at the chemistry station as well, making previously unavailable ones craftable.
* Balanced and varied component requirements and perk requirements for all items.
* Sorted categories for all craftables, unique to each workbench and area of crafting.
* Uses the AWKCR as a framework, which consolidates keywords and allows mod makers to add items to the workbenches themselves.

Craftable ammunition (optional):
* Adds another workbench where you can craft and disassemble ammunition.
* Three choosable ammunition crafting modes:
1. Basic ammunition crafting lets you craft basic ammo using default in-game components.
2. Ammunition Crafting Extended adds an extra layer of immersion and lets you craft ballistic ammo New Vegas-style, requiring ammo casings, primers, gunpowder etc.
3. Special Ammo Crafting lets you craft any ammunition in the game, such as Mini Nukes, Alien Blaster Rounds etc.

Craftable pre-war and manufactured weapons and armor(optional):
* Adds pre-war, factory produced and military grade weapons, armor and clothing to the list of craftable items.
* Balanced and varied component requirements and perk requirements for all these items as well.

Craftable power armors (optional):
* Adds craftable power armor parts for every type of power armor to the weapons crafting workbench.

Craftable junk (optional):
* Adds another workbench where you can craft your junk items.
* Makes loads of different junk items craftable, which you can use to decorate your settlements.

Faction and Quest Requirements (optional):
* Requires the player to have completed the associated quests and/or joined the corresponding faction before crafting faction- or quest-specific items.

Removed Crafting Workbench Experience (optional):
* Removes experience gain from crafting items at the workbenches added through the mod (not default ones).

Automatron DLC support (optional):
* Adds some new craftable items from the Automatron DLC.

PLANNED FEATURES FOR WHEN THE GECK ARRIVES (features that will require scripting)
* Remove the requirement to use new workbenches, and allow crafting at all workbenches in the game.
* Prevent items from being created with random mods/make it craft the exact version of an item you want.
* Make it possible to create a specific tier of armor (Sturdy, Heavy etc.) instead of that modifier being random.
* Create custom and more explanatory names for items with obscure names. For now, the displayed name isn't possible to change, but they are usually good.

For a full list of all the items that can be made at the workbenches, see the "Craftable items" section below.

A problem you may be familiar with from other crafting mods (or adding items through the console) is that there is currently no way to get exactly the version of some items you want, so you may have to mod your items afterward to your liking. Still much better than the console!

How to use the mod
Any use of this mod is done at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible if you fail to install the mod or if you get stuck in a menu and have to reload the game. The modding possibilities at the moment are limited and bugs may occur. No one knows exactly how the game works in all situations at the moment.

First of all, make sure the mod is installed and the esp is active.

1. Go to one of your settlements and open up the workshop mode. You'll find the workbenches in the Crafting category. 
They are named "Weaponsmith Workbench", "Armorsmith Workbench", "Ammunition Workbench" and "Junk Workbench".
2. Place the workbenches and start crafting!

Make sure you have made all the necessary configurations to enable mods in Fallout 4.
If you haven't, check out this guide to learn how: FALLOUT 4 - Enabling Modding for PC by Gopher.

See ArchiveInvalidation for more information.

Add this row under the [Archive] section of your Fallout4Custom.ini:

Remove everything from sResourceDataDirsFinal so that it's blank, like this: 

I really recommend installing through the Nexus Mod Manager. The installation wizard guides you through the steps, and it minimizes the potential for future errors. Other mod managers, such as the Fallout 4 Mod Manager, are not recommended and will probably give you a "wrong structure"-error.

With Nexus Mod Manager (NMM):
1. Download the mod by clicking "Download with manager".
2. Activate the mod in Nexus Mod Manager and follow the installation guide.

Manual installation:
1. Manually download the .zip file containing the mod.
2. Open the .zip using a file archiver.
3. Extract the required base file CraftingWorkbench.esp, all the folders plus any optional .esp plugins you want.
    You can read what they do in Feature overview above.
4. Extract your chosen files into the Data folder (not in any subfolder) of your Fallout 4 installation.
5. Open plugins.txt (located in C:\Users\-username-\AppData\Fallout4) and add the name of the .esp files you chose to the list.
    The recommended load order is:
    Crafting Workbench.esp (required, this has to be placed before the optional plugins for the game to launch)
    Crafting Workbenches - Ammo.esp (optional)
    Crafting Workbenches - Ammo Expanded.esp (optional, needs Ammo.esp to work and has to be placed after it in the load order)
    Crafting Workbenches - Ammo Special.esp (optional, needs Ammo.esp to work and has to be placed after it in the load order)
    Crafting Workbenches - Pre War and Manufactured.esp (optional)
    Crafting Workbenches - Power Armor.esp (optional)
    Crafting Workbenches - Junk Items.esp (optional)
    Crafting Workbenches - Faction and Quest Requirements.esp (optional)
    Crafting Workbenches - Removed Crafting Experience.esp (optional)

With Nexus Mod Manager (NMM):
1. Deactivate the mod by double-clicking it.
2. Mark the deactivated mod and uninstall or delete it.

Manual uninstallation:
1. Remove all files associated with the mod from your Data folder.
2. Remove the name of the .esp files you used from plugins.txt.

Compatibility patches
COMPATIBILITY PATCHES FOR PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF CRAFTING WORKBENCHES WILL PROBABLY NO LONGER WORK! Although, since we now use the same workbenches for weapons/clothing/armor, patches for Armorsmith Expanded will now work for Crafting Workbenches. There is no need to use patches for both of them! Also, new versions of the patches will be made for AWKCR and uploaded there. You can download them at the AWKCR mod page here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6091/

For people who use an older version of CWB, here are the old patches:
Check out the Personal Patch Emporium by lunarionsilver! It adds loads of compatibility patches for CWB, which provides complete compatibility for loads mods. PPE also includes Crafting Workbenches Collection Extended (CWCE), which provides compatibility between Armorsmith Extended and Crafting Workbenches, merging Armorsmith Extended's workbench and items into CWB's workbenches.

PPE contains optional patches for:
Boston Fatigues
Boston Looter
Fashionable Valentine
Immersive Weapon Names
Simple Chem Tweaks

Other compatibility patches:
Daisy Nukes Patch by EbokianKnight (link to original mod)
Gloves of the Wasteland Patch by Azrael_wtf (link to original mod)
Heavy Weaponry Patch by exShinra (link to original mod)
Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag Patch by thehiddenedge (link to original mod)
Wearable Travel Backpack Patch by Azrael_wtf (link to original mod)

Q: Why can't I add armors of different tiers/variants? Only the first ones are available! I want to craft Sturdy/Heavy versions too!
A: You can, but it's slightly random at the moment. For some reason, Bethesda has tied every tier of an item to the same FormID (the one you write when using the player.additem command). This means that you can't decide which tier to get when you spawn the item. The same limitation exists when crafting the item. It may take a couple of tries before you actually get the tier you want. I'm afraid not much can be done about this until the GECK is released and scripting is possible.

Until this can be fixed I suggest you use this mod to change the tier into the one you want: Craftable Armor Size

Q: Only one type of pipe gun/laser gun/plasma gun/institute rifle is available to craft. Why not both pistols and rifles?
A: You can craft both, but for the same reasons as with the armors this is slightly random. What type a gun is (pistol, rifle, bolt-action, revolver) isn't determined by its ID, they're all tied to the same one. Just like the armor tiers. I'm afraid not much can be done about this until the GECK is released and scripting is possible.

Q: The weapon I crafted had random mods attached to it! I don't want that, that's cheating!
A: Same issue as with the armor tiers. Mods are sometimes added randomly with the weapons you craft based on your characters level, just like how they drop from enemies in the game. I'm afraid not much can be done about this until the GECK is released and scripting is possible.

Q: I can't/couldn't leave one of the menus!
A: This seems to be because of a bug in the game rather than something that's caused by the mod. In the base game, it is possible to get stuck in the menus for the cooking menu and chemistry station (which the crafting workbenches are basically remodeled versions of), without being able to go back or save and forcing you to reload.

Here are two examples of people who have reported this bug:

Q: This mod conflicts with the workshop menus for another mod!
A: This almost is almost certainly happening because you've reached the keyword limit in your game. It happens when you use to many mods that add new keywords to the game. See this thread for more in-depth information and suggestions on how to solve it: Crafting Mods, Game Limitations, and You

Known issues
* When you create weapons and armor you don't always get the plain item stated in the menu. They may have mods attached or be one of the alternative models for the item (such as Sturdy/Heavy for leather armor). This is because of a limitation in the items FormIDs (made by Bethesda) and probably can't be fixed without the GECK.

* Some items have weird, short names that don't explain the item fully (for example, Pipe Pistols and Pipe Rifles are just named "Pipe"). It isn't yet possible to edit the names shown in the menu, at least not with the tools I've used. This shouldn't be a major problem, however.

* Crafting legendary items or items that give the "special item" pop-up view (such as the Shishkebab sadly) have a tendency to make the game crash when you leave the view. I've removed them until I find a better workaround than creating copies of the items.

* When crafting junk items, the components listed as available sometimes won't decrease even though it looks like you use them to create the item. This is because the crafting process, for some reason, prefers using up junk items stored in your settlement. So instead of using available components, it will use available junk. Sadly, this isn't fixable until the GECK is released and scripting is available.

* Using mods that edit perks that are required for certain items to create may result in crashes. This seems to be specifically true for perks that usually aren't used as crafting requirements (i.e. perks other than Gun Nut, Science!, Blacksmithing and Armorer).

French / Français: http://www.confrerie-des-traducteurs.fr/fallout4/mods/colonies/etablis_de_fabrication
German / Deutsch: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5002/
Portuguese / Português: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6454/
Spanish / Español: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5448
Russian / Русский: http://modgames.net/load/fallout_4/gejmplej/crafting_workbenches_items_craftable_where_they_should/407-1-0-20550

Tools used
FO4Edit 3.1.3: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2737/ (No use of FalloutSnip)
NifSkope 2.0https://github.com/jonwd7/nifskope/releases/tag/v2.0.dev4
Gibbed's Tools: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1124/
Photoshop: http://www.adobe.com/se/products/photoshop.html
JPEXS FFD: https://www.free-decompiler.com/flash/

Other mods by me
Settler Renaming - Rename Settlers and NPCs: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2017/
Vats over there? - Increased V.A.T.S Distance: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2173/
Where Are You Now? - Companion Tracking: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7903/

Thanks to the FO4Edit development team for FO4Edit.
Thanks to the NifSkope development team for NifSkope.
Thanks to MangoTangoFox for his item ID spreadsheet.
Thanks to Gambit77, BigAndFlabby, and LXYDuckboy for your help with keeping the mod up to date.
Thanks to lunarionsilver, Azrael_WTF, EbokianKnight, exShinra, and thehiddenedge for contributing with compatibility patches.